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bethany + pete

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When we post something as “coming soon,” on our Facebook page, it can sometimes mean “in 24 hours,” and sometimes it can mean “in 10 days.”  Life can be so unpredictable.  We’ve had one of those weird stretches lately where all kinds of annoying and unfortunate things happened all at once, and we had no choice but to (as Ben would say) “deal with” them.  I will spare you all the details, but let’s just say that things have been crazy around here.


Fortunately for us, we have the most amazingly patient, kind, and wonderful clients in the world, and Bethany and Pete are no exception.  Thanks for being so patient with us, guys!  We’re unbelievably grateful!  :)

We met up with this gorgeous couple in mid-November to take advantage of the last remaining Fall colors.  I find it so strange that the leaves in the city of Buffalo stay on the trees a good two weeks longer (or more) than our leaves in Hamburg, which is just 20 minutes outside the city….hmmmmm.  Well, anyway, we were happy to take advantage of the beautiful colors that were all around downtown Buffalo, on this bright and sunny Fall day!

Oh, and in other news, we decided to change the watermark on our blog photos from the Ayres graphic to just words, since the cute little graphic is so hard to see.  What do we think, everyone?  Yes?  No?  Maybe so?  I don’t know…I was ready for a change, though.  ;)  Wow.  That was a serious rhyme.

fall themed engagement photo session in downtown buffalo ny
This is such an awesome shot of Ben’s…love it!
We started out in the “Naval Park” area in downtown Buff, which is sort of behind Pearl Street, or well, over in that area somewhere.  I really dig these cobblestones.

black and white modern engagement photography by Jenn and Ben Ayres
Pretty Fall colors, and happy smiles!  :)

This is definitely one of my favorites, but I think Bethany’s hair makes every shot just a little bit more amazing.

Bethany’s going to be a STUNNING bride, and I can’t wait to see it!  ;)

One of the Steps to Success is definitely finding true love.  :)
Lovin’ the focal switch in these next two…

So, as it started to get dark, we did a bunch of fun things with lighting, and slow exposures.
We had our hearts set on using the trains/train tracks, so we did a bunch of cool stuff with those…like this…
…and this.  ;)
Aaaaaaannnnd, more cool lighting stuff!

I know, I know…it’s slightly overzealous of us to post three shots in a row of the moving trains; but, all of them have something unique about them, so I couldn’t choose just one.  Where would be the fun in that?  ;)
slow exposure engagement photos downtown buffalo subway shot

Bethany and Pete – thanks for being such an awesome couple, and for being so easy to work with (as we dragged you around the city to get all of these random cool shots – you were such troopers)!! Your wedding is going to be amazing, and we’re so excited that we get to be a part of it! :)

  • Maureen Daly SAYS...

    Beautiful pictures, Bethany and Pete, gorgeous.

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Thanks so much, Kathy! It always helps to have a gorgeous couple like Bethany and Pete! ;)

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Thanks so much for stopping by to comment, Eden!! Yes, we’re ok…we just had a rough couple of weeks with our animals all getting sick or having some kind of injury all at once…it’s been crazy. Everyone’s ok, though! I didn’t know you worked at that bank – COOL!! :)

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Thank-you Charles and Patty! We looking forward to meeting you at the wedding!! :)

  • Katherine Meyer SAYS...

    Love love love this engagement shoot. Absolutely gorgeous!

  • Eden Robinson SAYS...

    First off I want to say ….Jenn and Ben are you ok? Is everything alright? Second …..what beautiful pictures. Such a gorgeous couple, and you really reflect that in your pictures. I have so many favorites! And so cool you got my bank in one of the shots! haha.

  • Charles and Patty Morrow SAYS...

    Great pictures of a gorgeous couple!

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Bethany – YAY!!!! We’re so glad you like them!! We’re super excited for the wedding, too! ;)

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Patricia – Thank-you so much for taking the time to leave such awesome comments – you totally made our day! To know that your work has inspired someone is the very best feeling an artist can possibly have!! We’re so lucky to be able to work with amazing couples like Bethany and Peter, and to know that we did a good job of capturing the essence of who they are is truly the highest honor. :)

  • Patricia M. Daly SAYS...

    But I also really love the shot of Bethany and Pete on the park bench–the shot where the background is blurred and Bethany and Pete are in focus. I think I love this one even more than the aforementioned train shot.

  • Patricia M. Daly SAYS...

    My fave is the second of the shots with the moving train, though it is very difficult to choose a favorite!

  • Patricia M. Daly SAYS...

    I love these pix. Of course I love the lighting, composition, and luminous intensity of detail, but I love most that you captured the essence of my beautiful niece Bethany and dear Peter: the shots are so modern yet intimate and elegant in a way that is a hybrid of “Sex and the City” and Jane Austen. I am inspired by these beautiful engagement pix–inspired to aspire to achieve greater creativity and artistry in my own work without losing sight of the true artistry of wedding/engagement photography: understanding and revealing the essence of a couple and their relationship. Thank you for doing such wonderful work for Bethany and Peter.

  • Bethany Morrow SAYS...

    Wow, guys- they are gorgeous!!! They were definitely worth the wait! Thanks so much for all of your hard work. You are great to work with as well and we couldn’t be happier that you are our photographers! Now I just can’t wait until the wedding!! :)

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Thanks, Shan!! They are such a fun couple to work with! :)

  • Shannon C. Roberts SAYS...

    Love these photos! Very impressive work!

bride’s choice awards 2011!!

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Just thought you’d all like to read the little press release we received from Wedding Wire today…Mom and Dad will be proud. :)

A HUGE thank-you to all of our amazing clients, who took the time to write a review of our camera-wielding skills!!  This award would not have been possible without you.  We love you all, and are so grateful for your continued support!

We also want to congratulate all of the other wedding professionals who received this award!!  We know how hard you work – FOR REAL.

WeddingWire, the nation’s leading wedding technology company, is thrilled to announce that Ayres Photography has been selected to receive the prestigious annual WeddingWire Bride’s Choice Awards™ 2011 for Photography!

Recognition for the Bride’s Choice Awards™ 2011 is determined by recent reviews and extensive surveys from over 750,000 WeddingWire newlyweds. Our past clients are among those that shared their experiences on WeddingWire, the largest wedding review site in the nation.

Ayres Photography stands among the top five percent of wedding professionals in the WeddingWire community, representing quality and service excellence within the wedding industry. Awards were given to the top wedding professionals across 20 service categories, from wedding venues to wedding photographers, and were based on the overall professional achievements throughout the past year.

“WeddingWire is honored to celebrate the success of the top-rated wedding professionals within the WeddingWire community,” said Timothy Chi, WeddingWire’s Chief Executive Officer. “With the annual Bride’s Choice Awards™ program, WeddingWire has the unique opportunity to recognize the best wedding professionals across the US and Canada. We applaud Ayres Photography for their professionalism and dedication to enhancing the wedding planning experience last year.”

We are happy to announce that Ayres Photography is among the very best Wedding Photographers within the WeddingWire Network, which includes leading wedding planning sites WeddingWire, Martha Stewart Weddings, Project Wedding and Weddingbee.

*For more information on the Bride’s Choice Awards™ 2011, please visit

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Thank-you so much, Stephanie! You are the BEST! :)

  • Stephanie SAYS...

    You guys deserve it!! Congrats!! :)