Monthly Archives: June 2011

jolyne + greg

It will be almost impossible for you to look through these images and NOT fall in love with this couple and their wedding day. They are that cute. ┬áJolyne and Greg were high school sweethearts, which may sound cliche, but if you spend any amount of time with them at all, it’s easy to see...

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jessie + evan

This one is pretty special. ;) Evan is Ben’s little brother (and my brother-in-law), and Jessie is his beautiful wife-to-be. We will have the absolute pleasure of photographing their wedding in September, and we can’t wait!! It’ll be a good time…guaranteed. We were so psyched about this shoot location, too. This is what we commonly...

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miquel + paul

The hardest part of having a photography blog is deciding what to write about each and every couple. Sometimes it takes me forever to find exactly the right words to describe how amazing the day was, and how awesome the people are. Sometimes I get terrible writer’s block, and stare at a blinking cursor for...

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