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michele + daryl

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“One word frees us, of all the weight and pain in life.  That word is Love.” – Socrates

I don’t know what it is about decaying buildings that excites us, but whenever our couples want to shoot at the Buffalo Central Terminal, we are pretty thrilled.  We love shooting there…it’s one of those places that we’ll never get bored of, because we notice something different every time we go back.  I hope that they will eventually start booking receptions there…that would be amazing!

So anyway, when Michele and Daryl told us that they really wanted to have part of their session at the Terminal, we were psyched!  It had been about a year since our last shoot there, so we were ready to give it another go. This first shot is Ben’s, and it’s one of my favorites for sure.  :)

This was actually the first time we’ve ever shot this angle of the Terminal…we couldn’t believe we’d never noticed it before!!  So awesome!
There are a few buildings on the grounds of the Terminal that you can walk around in and admire…this is probably our favorite.  Honestly?  I think we love this side building even more than the main one.  It RULES.
This spot is right outside the above mentioned building, and it’s a crumbly paradise.  I thought the green tint in this shot was super interesting…I made no adjustments to it at all, so it must just be the way the light was hitting the vibrant green moss and reflecting back…pretty rad stuff.
Even though we could have probably spent the entire day shooting in that one little building, we eventually made our way to the back side of the main building, which is just as magical.
The giant train platforms might be my favorite part of the whole place, even though you DO have to walk through a field of extremely high weeds (with god knows what lurking in them) to get there.  Some highlights:  we saw a deer crossing the tracks when we were heading over to the platforms (very cool), aaaaaaaaand we were stopped and questioned by some lovely Buffalo PD regarding our business at the Terminal (very not cool).  I love these shots….just LOVE them.  :)
On our way out, we decided we’d walk up the tracks to find a better/safer way back to our cars, so we had M and D walk ahead of us and grabbed some action shots.  :)
Our next stop was the lift bridge in the Old First Ward.  Definitely another of our favorite city of Buffalo shooting locations.  You can’t beat the view of the old grain factories, the smell of Cheerios, and the lines and angles of the bridge itself – a major win all the way around.
For our last location of the day, we made our way out to Knox Farm for some amazing sunset shots.  There really is no better light than the light that happens right before sunset…everything seems so much more magical. Photographing a gorgeous couple like Michele and Daryl in this kind of magical light, is just beyond amazing. 
I love all the wide open space at Knox Farm…it’s so much fun to shoot there.

I also love how much love is present in these photos…you can really see and feel the connection these two share, and it’s absolutely beautiful.  We’re psyched to capture it again on the wedding day!
More absolute gorgeousness…
And as soon as the sun dropped below the horizon, Ben busted out the colors and started scheming.  Last time I checked, there are no giant purple trees in the wild; but I believe that’s precisely what makes these so fun to look at.  ;)

Michele and Daryl – thanks so much for hanging out with us! We had an awesome time getting to know you guys a little bit! You’re both a ton of fun, and so easy to work with. We can’t wait for the wedding (in just a few weeks)!! See you soon! – J + B :)

  • miquel SAYS...

    omg, i loveeee the last shot!!! its amazing (as are the Ayres team!) love the locations as well!! great shoot!… oh, & can I just tell u that i loveeee the quotes u are using to start each blog. a true english teacher for life ;) lol.

  • Jennifer @QueenCityBride SAYS...

    Three locations and Three Outfit changes! LOVE IT !!! Wouldn’t it be great if they got the Central Terminal restored as an event space??? Beaucoup $$$$

  • Mike SAYS...

    nice shoot guys! such a nice feel to all of the pics.

  • Kate SAYS...

    LOOOVE the colors in those shots at the Terminal!

  • Courtney Smith SAYS...

    yayyy for Central Terminal!! love it :) beautiful pictures, as always.

jackie + nic

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“In dreams and in love, there are no impossibilities.” – Janos Arnay

A few weeks ago, we took a gorgeous ride out to Rushford Lake for Jackie and Nic’s e-shoot.  It was a perfect summer evening, and we enjoyed every minute of the drive out there!  As a side note, I love driving through cute little farm towns, and looking at all the old buildings, barns, houses, and vintage-y storefronts, and secretly planning our permanent escape from Suburbia-land.  Someday, I will have my rustic farm house in the country, with a red barn, some hens to lay delicious brown eggs, a huge vegetable garden, one cow that I will milk by hand (to make my own butter and ice cream, of course), four dogs, and 15 cats (give or take a few)…someday.  For now, though, I will just enjoy my long drives through little farm towns, and my trips home to the farm town in which I grew up.  (More on that topic some other time…)

So anyway, Jackie asked if we would be willing to do their engagement shoot in her family’s cabin on Rushford Lake, and since we had never been there before (and we love seeing new places like crazy), we were all about it!  As soon as we turned onto the wooded street where Jackie’s family cabin was, we were in love.  I looked at the cabin, and out at the lake, and back at the cabin, and I was like, “This is magical.”  It could have been the time of day, or the color of the water, or the overcast sky, but something about the whole scene was pure perfection.  It was so awesome.  :)

We started out on the dock to get some great shots by the lake!  Jackie and Nic’s little pug, Darth, came along, too…he was hilarious…seriously.  I love photographing animals (and am pretty obsessed with them in general), so I always get extra excited when people bring their pets to a shoot.  :)
I couldn’t get over how perfect the color of the water was…heavenly.  The last one in this set is probably my favorite shot of from the whole session.  Jackie – you are as cute as a button!
Nothing says “relaxing photo session at a cabin by a lake” like a hammock.  We had a some fun with it…and with Darth!
Cute enough to squeeeeeeeeze!!  Love him!
There were quite a few little sheds and random buildings around the property, so we hit up a whole bunch of ’em.   That shot with Jackie and Nic holding the sticks is one of my favorites.  The whole magical feeling of the place had me thinking of Gandalf, so I was like, “Ooooo, ooooo, hold those big sticks and pretend you’re casting a spell!”  I know, I know…I’m a bit strange, but it’s in a good way, and I take pretty good photos, so I’m hoping that will excuse me to some extent.  ;)
I saw this red canoe kind of hanging from two trees, and I immediately wanted to take a few shots next to it.  I’m glad we did because I looooooove these, but it wasn’t until a couple of days ago when I started working on these photos that I was like, “Uh, why the crap didn’t I ask them to put the canoe in the water and row it?  Duh, idiot…”  Oh well, they look just as gorgeous next to a canoe on dry land as they would rowing one.
The green wall was super fun.  We did some whipping of the hair, and some huggin’ and a lot of laughing.  ;)
It started to sprinkle a little, so we walked back up to the cabin.  Jackie did a quick outfit change, and we chilled on porch for a few, and waited for the rain to stop.  Then, we walked down to a nice beachy area, and had a bit of fun with sand, water, and sky.  
Jackie requested that we take a shot of Nic’s awesome tee shirt that she bought especially for him…pretty cute, huh?  Game over, bee-otches.  ;)
Ben saw these wooden hearts next to the beach in a place where we had absolutely no business being, but he insisted, so I gave in.  He likes to turn things different colors, and he knows that my favorite is pink so he suckers me in every time with the damned pink gel…these are pretty cool, though…I cannot tell a lie.
After we left the cabin, we headed into the tiny town of Arcade, NY where this adorable little train station was just waiting to be photographed.
We had a whole bunch of fun with these trains, and some sweet off-camera lighting!
And we’ll leave you with one of Ben’s multi-colored beauties!  As I mentioned previously, he likes to turn things different colors, and as you can see, I was again suckered into this shot by the pink gel…damn it, I’m such a girl.  ;)  Love this shot, though!

Jackie and Nic – thanks a million times for having us out to your family’s cabin! We had such a wonderful time shooting you two and getting to know you a little bit as a couple! We are so psyched for your big day in just a few short weeks!! (I won’t ask you to cast any spells at the wedding…I promise.) Much love to you both!! – J + B :)

  • miquel SAYS...

    great pics!! but i think the gorgeous pug took the spotlight, lol. i’ve always wanted one… the love this couple has for one another clearly shines through in their pics! :)

  • Kate SAYS...

    So cute – the canoe shots are lovely! I like that a lot of the train shots are kind of like a game of “find the pug”!

  • Megan SAYS...

    Definitely laughed out loud at the Gandalf reference! Amazing pics yet again! Can’t wait for our session in October!!! :)

  • Kathleen SAYS...

    They are so beautiful-the lake, the hammock, the train just everything! :)

  • katie SAYS...

    The train shots are killer! But I have to say…my favorite is in the beginning with Darth and their feet hanging over the dock. If I was them, I would totally be putting that one on my wall!

  • Jackie SAYS...

    Love Them! So hard to pick a favorite, I love the last one on the hammock of Darth. They are so saturated with color and full of texture, they are beautiful! Thank you so much!