Month: November 2011

karlee + mike

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Karlee and Mike’s e-shoot was one I will never forget. Not because of how insanely adorable they are (as you can easily see), and not because they are so super easy going, fun to work with, and full of laughter (and they totally are), but because I had the great misfortune of receiving the worst photo related injury of my life during their shoot. Have I mentioned that I fall a lot?

Karlee and Mike spend a lot of time hanging out together at Niawanda Park, so they decided it would be the perfect place to start out their shoot! We couldn’t agree more…it’s an awesome park, and we love shooting in places that have sentimental value for our couples.   :)  These two are just so cute together…I love they way they make each other laugh constantly…they were so much fun to be around!

We had fabulous weather that day…a little windy, but fabulous nonetheless.  :)
I love this set!  It sums up Karlee and Mike perfectly – happy, fun, and totally in love!!
See these gorgeous shots by the water?  Well, Ben took them.  I had just slipped on a rock, flew up into the air, and crash landed on my thumb…on a rock…waist deep in the Niagara River.  It happened so quickly that I have no recollection of the actual slip-and-fall, but Ben swears that while I was in the air, I somehow had time to throw my camera and lens bag backwards around my neck to prevent them from getting wet.  He still maintains that it was the most incredible, ninja-like action he’s ever seen.  My thumb instantly swelled up and turned purple, but I managed to ignore the pain (like a boss), and keep shooting (also, like a boss).  Mad props to my good friend Jill Argento, for letting me stop over during the shoot and borrow a dry pair of pants.
After Niawanda Park (and a dry pair of pants), we headed over to the canal area in Tonawanda for a few more shots, and a quick visit with the ducks.  I love that vine-covered arbor!
Then, we took a little stroll around town, and found this super fun antique/junk shop.  I took the shot of the old rotary phone while Ben was busy shooting K and M, and I love it, so I added it in.  ;)  P.S. – Isn’t Karlee gorgeous?!
The sunset we got that evening was one of the most beautiful we’ve ever seen.  We raced back to the waterfront to get these shots…SO worth it.
Another of Karlee and Mike’s requests was to stop by Mighty Taco for a few shots!  This particular Mighty has great sentimental value for them…we definitely had fun shooting these.  :)

Karlee and Mike – thanks so much for spending some time with us and putting up with our craziness!! Hahahaha!! Hope you weren’t too badly traumatized when I crashed into the river…I won’t fall on your wedding day…promise. ;) We had so much fun shooting you guys, and we can’t wait for the wedding!! Talk to you soon! -J + B :)

  • Kate SAYS...

    Holy. Moly. I loved this set already when I saw the ones at Mighty and that just CLINCHED it!

  • Laura SAYS...

    Love the pics of Karlee and Mike! So cute! :)

  • Jaime SAYS...

    Awesome pictures, even Michaels looks cute:).

  • Angela S. SAYS...

    Beautiful! I love the sunset shots :) And I can’t wait to see how all of our e-shoot photos turned out!

  • Christine Lynch SAYS...

    Wow! Awesome!!!

  • Jill SAYS...

    Fantastic!!!!!!!! I love the shot with seagulls each on a post. I love how great you made TNT look. (Not that it isn’t) And you can get in my pants anytime ;)

  • Jamie SAYS...

    Love the Mighty Taco photos!

  • Mike SAYS...

    are you kidding me? these are amazing!

  • Karlee and Mike SAYS...

    Jenn and Ben,
    We absolutely love the pictures! Our favorite is the one of us sitting on the bench facing the water… it captures our time spent at the river so perfectly. Of course we love the Mighty Taco ones too : ] Thank you guys so much for everything… including falling into the river for us Jenn! We cannot wait for the wedding; we know you will capture that beautifully as well.
    Karlee and Mike

  • Katie SAYS...

    Oh man! That black and white of them under the bridge is to-die-for!

kristen + gaurav

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Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Ben and I hosted Thanksgiving dinner this year for his family, so we took a few days off to cook, clean, and prepare to have 30 people for dinner! I won’t say that it was a particularly “relaxing” holiday for us, but we definitely enjoyed ourselves. :)

Today, I’m getting right back into blogging mode with Kristen and Gaurav’s gorgeous wedding at the Botanical Gardens! These two were such an absolute pleasure for us to work with – it was an awesome, awesome day. Kristen and Gaurav decided to both get ready at Kristen’s parents’ house, so it was one of those super rare wedding days that Ben and I got to shoot together before the ceremony. We rarely get to hang out together during that portion of the day, so it was pretty cool to see him in action. Even though they got ready in the same space, they still managed to avoid each other until they were both ready to go, and we did a super cute “first look” in the living room!  Kristen’s wedding jewelry was her “something borrowed,” from Gaurav’s mother.  I had never in my life seen such gorgeous jewels…amazing.

The ceremony was so incredibly gorgeous – perfect time of day, perfect weather, perfect everything.  
I don’t typically include shots of the receiving line in the blog post, but this first one really spoke to me.  Kristen is hugging her mother, while her brother and sister look on…I absolutely love it.
We used the grounds of the Botanical Gardens to grab some beautiful portraits of our stunning bride and groom.
We just adore receptions at the Gardens.  Yes, it can get a little warm in there, but the place just has so much character!  It’s super well run, too, so everything is always flawless from start to finish.  :)
The speeches were wonderful…we enjoyed every minute of them.  Both of these two families are just overflowing with love, and it was so awesome to witness.  Dinner, (catered by Curly’s), was outstanding.  
After dinner, Kristen and Gaurav heated up the dance floor with their adorable first dance!
The Botanical Gardens are even more magical at night…the full moon was a major bonus.  ;)
I love this shot.  I think it’s impossible for these two to look anything less than fabulous in a photo…love it.

Kristen and Gaurav – thank you so very much for choosing us to document your wedding day! We are so, so happy that you found us, and we feel honored to have been a part of such a genuine celebration of love. We hope your wedding in India is absolutely amazing and everything you ever hoped for! Much love to you both! J + B :)

  • Sarah S. SAYS...

    Great photos, Jen and Ben. So glad you were there to document Kris and Gaurav’s day. Also, I have to add that Ben was awesome pre-wedding helping with all the little things that happen pre-wedding from kids that don’t want to get dressed to fixing jewelry! We’ll call you for a family photos soon!

  • Jennifer @QueenCityBride SAYS...

    Love that final shot guys!!

  • Kristen SAYS...

    Jenn & Ben, Thank you so much for these beautiful photos. Gaurav and I couldn’t be happier with how beautifully you documented our wedding day. You guys were truly amazing to work and we are so happy that we found you. Thank you for everything! Best, K & G

  • Melissa SAYS...

    I LOVEEEEE these photos! Like your other Botanical Garden shoots all the green everywhere and the way you both are able to capture it through the cameras is AWESOME… like you said in the post, magical! Makes for perfect photos :)

    Ps. I agree, fantastic jewelry!