Month: December 2011

jillian + ben

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Jillian and Ben’s e-shoot was the first one we ever did at sunrise. Can you believe that? The first one EVER. While I’m admittedly NOT a morning person, I have always wanted to drag my raggedy behind out of bed at the crack of dawn to shoot some fabulous people in that gorgeous early morning light, so I was pretty psyched.  Jill and Ben arrived all bright eyed and ready to roll, so if they’re not morning people, then they definitely had us fooled!  In spite of us not being quite fully awake when we started shooting, these are some of my favorite shots of all time.  The morning light was everything I hoped it would be, and Jill and Ben had us cracking up non-stop!  We definitely had a great time with these two.  :)

Although they are currently livin’ the fast life in NYC, Jill is a Buffalo native, and hanging out at Caz Park was a memorable part of her childhood here.  So, we decided to meet up by the casino and stroll around the park for a while.

There are so many huge old wonderful trees in this park, and a lot of great benches to sit on and be a part of nature.  I lived in South Buffalo for a while, and let me just say that this park is definitely a major highlight of the South Buff.
There’s nothing like a little early morning swinging to get the blood flowing!!  I was excited about how perfectly the light was hitting the swing set.  ;)
While I was shooting J and B on the swings, Ben was setting up the lighting for this shot.  As I’ve previously mention (in other posts), I tend to get annoyed when he wants to bring too many different colors into a shot; but, I’m learning (slowly) to keep my mouth shut and just trust him, because he usually knows what he’s doing.  I have never seen the Caz Park casino look this good.  For real.
After the casino shot, we strolled the grounds a bit more.  We stumbled upon a flock of ducks, broke out into some silliness, and then I climbed down into the creek bed to shoot up into some gorgeous yellow flowers.
Jill wanted a shot with her grandparents’ house in the background, and I seriously LOVE this one.  Honestly?  It might be my favorite shot from the whole session.  :)
After we were done shooting at Caz, we headed over to one of our favorite places to shoot – the Central Terminal.  The light in these buildings at this time of day was just incredible.  This is another one of my favorites…how cute are these two?!
Oh, these doors!!!  We’ve shot in front of them a zillion times now, but they just never get old.
To keep things fresh, we decided to explore a building that we had never been in before, and it was awesome.  Creepy as all hell, but seriously awesome.

Jillian and Ben – thanks so much for spending some time with us!! We really enjoyed getting to know you guys a little bit, and we’re super excited to be a part of your wedding day! Can’t WAIT!!! :)

  • Lauren SAYS...

    Gorgeous! Really stunning shots.

  • Linda SAYS...

    Thanks for the share…am I seeing inside the old Caz Pool Casino…filter room…hmmmm…all looks way too familiar…brilliant to have these shots done there! Congratulations and much happiness to you both.

  • Jillian SAYS...

    Jenn & Ben, we love them!! Thank you so much for the photos, and for being so much to work with :)

    Can’t wait to work with you guys again!

molly + vinny

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And, we’re back after a few MUCH NEEDED days off! We had a wonderful holiday celebration with Ben’s family this past weekend, and we’re off to see my family next weekend for a belated Christmas/New Year’s celebration – can’t wait to see them!  In the meantime, we have a whole bunch of fabulous couples to blog over the next several days, so get ready – lots of awesomeness comin’ atcha!  ;)

Molly and Vinny’s session was a blast! We had so much fun with these two. They made each other laugh constantly, which made us laugh constantly, so the whole shoot was one big happy laughter-fest.  What could be better than that?  We started out at Becker Farms, (which is absolutely one of our favorite wedding venues EVER), and took full advantage of the gorgeous Fall weather, and the lush grape vines.  We just had the pleasure of shooting Molly and Vinny’s amazing winter-themed wedding a couple of weeks ago, and IT. WAS. INCREDIBLE.  I cannot wait to share what we captured from their wedding day!!  :)

It was prime apple picking season while we were there, and the trees were just loaded with fat, juicy apples!  I love these orchard shots so much.  :)
The barn across the street is one of the spots we always make a point of stopping whenever we’re shooting at Becker Farms.  That whole area is stunning, and the light we had that day made it even more stunning than usual.  Don’t these two look ridiculously good together?!  So perfect.

After we had hit all of our favorite spots at Becker Farms, we headed down the road about a mile to another favorite location of ours.  If you’ve been reading our blog for a while now, I’m sure you recognize it…it’s the ruins of an old mill (just the outer shell of it remains), and it loves to be photographed.
This is one of my favorite shots we’ve ever taken at the “old mill.”  GORGEOUS!!
We wrapped up our session with some great shots on the Erie Canal in Lockport.  We love shooting around the locks!  So many cool shapes and colors to work with!

Molly and Vinny – thanks so much for spending some time with us at Becker Farms, and for letting us talk you into visiting our other favorite Lockport locations!! Looking at these images brings back memories of a super fun day spent with an amazing couple. You two ROCK! We are insanely excited to share the gorgeous shots from your wedding day!! Can’t wait!! Much love, J + B :)

  • Vinny Miranda SAYS...

    I attribute your and Ben’s perfectionist tendencies and general skills with making me look somewhat decent in these photos. Not surprisingly, the pictures look incredible. It was also an absolute pleasure working with you and Ben on our wedding day. Ben was hilarious and extremely helpful with all things before the ceremony, and you two made the picture-taking process as smooth as can be throughout the day. Thanks!


  • Fruit Tree Studios SAYS...

    Beautiful work. We did a wedding this year at Becker Farms and had a great time!

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Awww!!! So glad you love them! You guys were so much fun to work with!! We loved every minute of it! :)

  • Molly SAYS...

    We love, love, love the pictures and can’t wait to see more! Vinny and I are still ltaking about how great both of you are and how much fun it was to have you document our big day!