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caitlin + joe

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It’s not even June yet, and we already have at least ten amazing sessions waiting to be blogged! We have been shooting like crazy, and now that the weather is fabulous, we are LOVING it. We knew pretty much immediately upon meeting with Caitlin and Joe, that they were the perfect “Ayres Photography couple” – fun, easy going, hilarious – we had an awesome shoot with them, lots of laughter and good times. :)

Caitlin and Joe are Hamburg residents just like us, so we got to take them to some of our favorite spots around town, starting with our all-time fave, the South Creek trail. I have written about this place many, many times.  We spend quite a bit of time there with Lily, so we know the trails very well.  It’s nothing fancy, but it sure is beautiful.

Our next stop was the old train yard, another favorite spot of ours.  I love that this place is literally less than 5 minutes from our house, and that no one ever seems to mind us being there!  It’s definitely one of the best spots for photos in our cute little Village of Hamburg, and we were psyched that Caitlin and Joe liked it as much as we did!
I love this shot of Caitlin….she’s seriously SO beautiful.  What a gorgeous bride you will be, my dear!!
Could they be any cuter?!  It’s always so funny to me when our couples tell us how non-photogenic they are.  Seriously…almost everyone tells us that!  The truth is that if you are happy together, then there’s absolutely no way that you can possibly not look good in your photos.  Happy is beautiful…being in love is beautiful…laughter is beautiful.  :)
Our next location was a place that we had been dying to shoot for a super long time, but it just never worked out for one reason or another.  It’s another place in Hamburg (along 18 Mile Creek) that we take Lily to run, and it happens to have an incredibly beautiful waterfall, which we believed would make a fabulous backdrop for an e-shoot.  Turns out we were right!!  I adore these!

Caitlin and Joe – you guys are the best! Thank you for being so much fun and so easy to work with! We are beyond excited to be a part of your wedding day…can’t wait to celebrate with you!! Much love, J + B :)

  • Kathleen SAYS...

    sooo jealous of those waterfall shots and I love all the train photos and the pretty lighting in that last shot!

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  • Joe Mendola SAYS...

    I am so impressed with these pictures! Outstanding job, so excited for our wedding pictures!!!!

  • Caitlin SAYS...

    Ahhh! These turned out amazing, as we knew they would, working with you two. We had a great time and cannot wait for the big day. We couldn’t be any happier with these photos and how they turned out. We also, had so much fun that day with you guys. Time flew by! Once again, you guys ROCK!!!!

jackie + paul

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When Jackie and Paul sat down with us, and began to excitedly explain what they had in mind for their sunrise wedding ceremony and overall non-traditional wedding experience, we were all smiles. Even though they wanted to do something very different for their wedding, they still recognized how important it was to have really good photos to document the day, and that made us smile even more. We had a brief moment of non-smiling when we realized that we would have to get up at 4:30am to photograph a sunrise ceremony, but it was totally worth it.  There is something very sacred about those pre-dawn hours, when the world is quiet and still…it seems a very fitting time of day to promise your life and love to someone.  It was truly a beautiful, heartfelt, intimate wedding ceremony.  Jackie and Paul followed their hearts when planning their wedding, and did exactly what they wanted to do, and for that we applaud them.  Wedding “trends” come and go, but making your love for each other the true focus of the day will never go out of style.  :)

We arrived just as dawn was starting to break.  At first, it was just us, Jackie and Paul, and Michelle, the officiant.  Then, other wedding guests started to filter in.  This was the first photo I took upon arriving at Island Park.  I am RARELY up at that hour; the pre-dawn light is absolutely stunning.

Immediately following the ceremony, Jackie and Paul asked all of their guests to follow them down to the creek for an “iced coffee toast,” which was very appropriate for a 6am celebration!  Paul went around and handed out Space Invaders ice cubes, and then he and Jackie said a few words to their guests.   
Next, we were off to The Original Pancake House in Williamsville for a casual post-ceremony brunch!  I grabbed this shot of the newly married couple right before we left.  It’s one of my absolute favorites from the day.  :)
Our next stop after brunch was the Starbucks on Main Street in Williamsville.  Jackie and Paul spend a lot of time here together, and really wanted Starbucks to be part of their wedding day.  (Unfortunately, our cameras were not welcome in Starbucks, but I did manage to grab a few shots on the DL).  We did a few shots out in front of the building, too!
After Starbucks, we headed downtown, and spent the next few hours just walking around, and taking awesome shots to commemorate the day.  We had a great time!  I asked Jackie and Paul to share a little bit about what made them decide to go the non-traditional route with their wedding, and how they came up with ideas.  This is what they had to say:

“Our planning was the culmination of several casual discussions taking turns describing our perfect wedding.  We both agreed that we wanted a small non-denominational ceremony with family and close friends followed by a casual ‘non-reception party’ on a warm night.  At Jenn and Ben’s suggestion, we met with Michelle Snyder to officiate and could not have been happier with her ideas and kind words. We tried to represent our personalities and relationship in every part of the planning process.  Breakfast was Paul’s idea – we frequent the Pancake House a few weekends a month to connect and relax after a long week. We wanted to share that feeling with our families.  Sunrise was a spinoff of that idea; the park was chosen based on the breakfast location.  Sunrise was a wonderful theme of ‘a new beginning’ –  we each experienced personal struggle and loss in the years before our marriage. We started a new chapter that day, not only in our relationship, but also in our individual lives.  Everything else fell into place: orange shirt & cowboy boots – very Paul.  Fun non-traditional dress – very me.  Silly but informational invitations, brightly colored flowers wrapped in the Super Mario Theme Song, poking fun at ourselves with a coffee toast, walking to breakfast, having a small casual party at night, planning a wedding in two months and trying our best to go with the flow and have fun – very us.”

 Jackie was also kind enough to share some wedding planning wisdom.  Here’s what she had to say:

“A close friend gave me this advice and even though it seemed very obvious at the time, it’s something to take to heart during the entire process and on the actual day. It’s YOUR day. It’s not your parents, your best friends, your siblings, grandparents…it is between two people to express their love for each other with people close to them. Planning can be discouraging at times; if you keep in mind why you love each other and why you are planning your wedding a certain way, you won’t be lost or overshadowed by unsupportive or well meaning people. You can’t please everyone, but as long as you know that you and your spouse-to-be are happy, that’s all that matters in the end.”  

Jackie and Paul – thank you so very much for choosing us to document your wedding day! You guys are truly awesome people, and we had an absolute blast working with you! Cheers to a long, happy life together!! Much love, J + B :)

  • Jackie SAYS...

    Hi guys!! It’s been such a whirlwind, I can’t believe it’s been 6 weeks since our wedding day. We were shocked at how quickly your disc arrived! We LOVE these pictures. From the way the colors pop, to the candid pictures capturing the emotions of the day (one of my favs is Paul and his good friend hugging after the ceremony), to some of the more structured pictures coming out beautifully. We really appreciate you guys running around with us and putting up with our shenanigans. We are definitely proud to share these pictures with friends and family and everyone who sees them comments on how beautiful they are.


    Lovin on her dress! Awesome job guys!!!