Month: January 2013

corine + mike + cole + baby

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When Corine emailed me to say that she and Mike were expecting a baby girl, I was so excited! We had a wonderful time working with them on their wedding day, and it means so much to us when we get to photograph more amazing life events for our beautiful couples! Corine and Mike, and their adorable son, Cole, are such a sweet little family. I had a great time capturing these memories for them! I can’t wait to meet your sweet baby girl (and find out what her secret name is)!!!

Thank you so much for having me capture this special time for you guys! See you soon! :)

  • Aunt Nancy SAYS...

    Thought your pictures were beautiful. Your new baby girl is coming into a loving family. All my love to you.

  • Aunt Margaret SAYS...

    How beautiful – Pics made me smile – love is a wonderful thing.

  • Aunt Barbara and Clark SAYS...

    Oh my Corine and Mike, these photos are just beautiful !!
    Cole looks so happy and excited, Corine you look stunning & Mike so in love.
    Thank you for sharing these most wonderful photos.

  • Mike's Aunt Joan SAYS...

    These photos bring tears to my eyes. I’m so happy for you all, and I can’t wait to see Baby Girl Cicchetti!

  • Mom SAYS...

    Love the pictures…so much fun and love!!!

  • Stephanie SAYS...

    Amazing pictures!! Love baby girl’s nursery!!

casey + mike

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I love this whole session so much. It’s the perfect example of how we can take a dreary, cold, rainy day in Buffalo and turn it into pure awesome.  :)  Casey and Mike are getting married this summer at Belhurst Castle, and we are super excited to be a part of their day!  We have an amazing line up of couples for 2013, and I’m anxiously awaiting the start of wedding season.  These two are going to make a stunning bride and groom!!

We met up with Casey and Mike on Elmwood to grab a few shots at some of their favorite spots before the rain really started coming down.  Their sweet little puppy, Zoie, came along, too!  She’s a miniature Golden Doodle.  I have no words for how cute her face is – it’s too much.

I love this one…it’s one of my faves from the day.  I love closeness in photos…and laughter…it’s what I always strive to capture.  :)
Once it started raining harder, we had to get creative.  Ben has had this spot in mind for a while now, so we decided to check it out.  Being under the Skyway has saved many a shoot from getting rained out!!
And then, we crazily decided to go to the waterfront.  I can’t recall whose idea that was, but it was colder than a bleep.  The sky was very cool, though, and the wind (however uninviting in person) looks great in photos!
And, then we got out of that windy mess, and found ourselves a parking garage.  Parking garages have also saved many a rainy day shoot!  
Casey and Mike – thank you so much for spending this rainy day with us! We had such an awesome time with you guys, and you were such troopers for putting up with all of our crazy ideas (like wandering into pitch dark train tunnels)!! We are beyond excited for your wedding day…we already know that it’s going to be an incredible day! Much love, J + B :)