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kristie + chris // becker farms

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It’s not every day that we get to photograph a couple that is technically already married! With excitement and emotions running high all day long you never would have guessed that this was round two for Kristie and Chris. As we often see with military couples, sometimes you don’t get the opportunity to have the wedding you’ve always dreamed of the first time around. These two took their chance at a second go and created a magical day that was truly all their own. They even opted for the traditional route and kept the first glimpse of each other for the aisle and from that moment on they couldn’t take their eyes off each other. We are so grateful to have been the ones who got to capture this amazing couple’s long awaited picture perfect wedding day!

Kristie and Chris shared some beautiful memories with us. Please read along as you get to know this sweet couple just a little better!

Becker Farms Wedding 001
Becker Farms Wedding 005

Kristie: “Chris and I were already married when we had our ceremony in September, but our day on the 6th was more than I could have ever imagined. I spent the morning with my girls. Having them with me before the ceremony and reception was extra special. They have always kept me grounded and that day was no exception. We had a brunch at my parents house and enjoyed some champagne while Jenn took some pictures of my dress and the special details I carried with me throughout the evening.

Becker Farms Wedding 002
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Kristie: “Chris and I were married for almost a year before our ceremony in September. This really allowed me to focus on our day in more casual and less stressful way.

Becker Farms Wedding 009

Kristie: “Our event coordinator (Cassandra McDonald of Becker Farms) kept me hidden while the wedding party prepared to walk down the aisle. I could hear Chris’s voice and I felt the butterflies I experienced on our first date. I was able to sneak one last peek of him before he left to meet me at the end of the aisle. Thankfully he didn’t see me.

Becker Farms Wedding 010

Chris: “Kristie looked absolutely gorgeous all day and seeing her walk towards me gave me a feeling that will never be replicated. It’s truly one of the greatest memories of mine.

Becker Farms Wedding 011

Kristie: “As I walked down the aisle I remember feeling nervous but all I saw was Chris while listening to my dad’s encouraging words. I saw him turn to his best man and say ‘isn’t she gorgeous?’ That is a moment I will forever treasure.

Becker Farms Wedding 012
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Kristie: “Throughout the ceremony I felt like it was just Chris and I.  I heard the cameras and soft sniffles from my mom but there was an overall sense of peace. It was perfection.

Becker Farms Wedding 016
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Kristie: “Our marriage is unique because Chris is in the military and I was spending a year away finishing my Masters. If it wasn’t for our continued support of each other, following our dreams would not be possible. We encourage each other every step of the way. He is and will always be my best friend.

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Chris: “The best moment of the night for me was having our first dance. Sharing that moment was something I think we both couldn’t wait any longer for. There are many feelings that go along with that moment and it’s only fitting that the name of the song was ‘Overjoyed’. That one word itself describes how I feel about our entire relationship together and most definitely how I felt in that moment.

Becker Farms Wedding 040
Becker Farms Wedding 041

Kristie: “My maid of honor has been my best friend for over a decade. There has always been an unspoken knowledge of our love and emotional support for each other. Her speech blew me away and made me truly appreciate our friendship especially on the most important day of my life.

Becker Farms Wedding 042
Becker Farms Wedding 043

Kristie: “My dad suffers from multiple sclerosis and has had trouble walking for years. Being able to dance with him to ‘I Loved Her First’ was a dream come true. He picked this song for us years ago so I couldn’t help but get emotional. It was a special moment that we will forever cherish.

Becker Farms Wedding 044
Becker Farms Wedding 045

Kristie: “During dinner Ben and Jenn asked us to head outside for some more pictures. We walked outside to the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. It was absolutely breathtaking. I immediately thought of our loved ones who were not physically with us that night. It rained all day and this was the answer to our prayers.”

Becker Farms Wedding 046

Chris:  “I can’t express how much our DJ (Eric Volk of Premier Sound) made the night a success. So many weddings have some people dancing and some sitting. I felt like he had almost everyone out of their seats all night and kept the night flowing. Getting to hear the BUFFALO BILLS song (‘Shout’) with all of our local family and friends was awesome. Always being stationed states away it was nice to share that moment with them.

Becker Farms Wedding 047
Becker Farms Wedding 048

Kristie: “At the very end of the night our DJ Eric played a song I had requested, ‘White Dress’. It encompassed the feelings of the day to a T. It was just Chris and I on the dance floor. One last moment to enjoy before the nights end.

Becker Farms Wedding 049
Becker Farms Wedding 050

Some words of advice from Kristie and Chris for those planning and those already married:

I recommend making sure this day is completely about YOU. Chris and I planned every detail of our day and it made it that much more special. The entire evening from the relaxed but romantic venue to the silly photo booth props spoke about us as a couple which is exactly what we wanted. As for long term advice- love each other unconditionally and always support one another other over anyone else. Your spouse is your partner for life. Never forget that and treasure each and every moment.

As for working with the incredible Ben and Jenn, words will never be enough to express our gratitude for how they captured our special day. Having an engagement photo shoot was the perfect way to get to know them before our wedding. Working with the two of them was beyond amazing. Their passion for photography and ability to make us feel comfortable and beautiful made our day so incredibly special. We have pictures that will last us generations. Pictures that captured the beauty of love. A million thank yous would never do it justice, but from the bottom of our hearts,  thank you for being the world’s best photographers. You truly helped to capture our love for one another and we constantly have the pleasure of reliving special moments through your art. You will both forever hold a place in our hearts. Until next time with the future baby Shank!

Wedding Vendors Include

Ceremony and Reception: Becker Farms
Hair: Goodfellas and Gals
Wedding Dress: Allure Bridal
Bridesmaid Dresses: Alfred Angelo
Groom’s Look: Tuxedo Junction
Invitations: Scrapping Good Times
Florist: Summertime Blooms
Cake: Dessert Deli
Cake Topper: CreativeButterflyXOX
Music: Eric Volk of Premier Sound


  • Kristina SAYS...

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful day For a beautiful couple!!!!

  • DeRik SAYS...

    Im verticalLy challenged and ive never Looked so Tall in pictures before! Awesome and very professional company! Would recommend to anyone.

  • Mark SAYS...

    I was one of chris’ groomsmen. Every detail that day was literally from a fairytale. Nothing coUld have been better. What was more was going thRough the Pictures just now brings That day back to us. It couldn’t have been more perfect and thanks ayres photography That day will never fade.

  • Eric SAYS...

    I was the best man at the wedding and everything was incredible. Cassandra (the woman from brcker farms) was very helpful in everything we needed. The photographer was amazing. I just wanted to say the entire day was amazing and glad that I could share in the day with two of my best friends.

  • KIm Shank SAYS...

    Amazing pictures of an amazing day. The moments that were captured by these pictures will always be cherished. As you can see my son is a very lucky man

  • Laura Zimmerman SAYS...

    I am a friend of the mother of the bride and got to hear all about the planning of this beautiful wedding. these pictures are absolutely lovely, the venue with the gorgeous vineyards and that sunset! Congrats to Kristie & Chris!

  • Lynn lavin SAYS...

    This Page aNd thEse photos could not be more Beautiful. I Enjoyed Every minute of that day and these photos capture How special and Perfect it was! You did an amazing job of keeping Those beautiful moments alive forever. Cheers to kristie and chris!

  • Joanne SAYS...

    Beautiful couple…beautiful pictures!

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Thank you for the comment, Julie!! It was absolutely our pleasure to be a part of this day! :)

  • Julie Newman SAYS...

    as the mother of the bride I could not have asked for a more perfect late afternoon outdoor wedding for my daughter and son-in-law. I heard so many compliments about the venue, food and entertainment. ben and jenn perfectly captured the essence of the beautiful evening and wonderful, rustic setting, as well as the love, romance, excitement, fun, and joy of the evening. Many, many thanks ben and jenn for giving us memories that will last a life time, as we celebrated the absolute and pure love of two hearts and souls.

stacey + brad // kleinhans music hall

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We would be hard pressed to find a sweeter couple than these two. I don’t think we could have stopped Stacey and Brad from smiling on their wedding day for anything in the world! In fact, every single guest that attended this beautiful wedding simply could not stop smiling from ear to ear the entire day. What an incredible problem to have! True happiness radiating from every single photograph?? Yes, please!

The ladies spent a fun and relaxing morning being pampered and beautified at Morcelle Salon on Main Street in Williamsville. After Stacey and Brad’s beautiful wedding ceremony at Temple Beth Zion everyone proceeded to the always amazing and historical Kleinhan’s Music Hall just outside Downtown Buffalo, where Twilight (one of our absolute favorite wedding bands ever) kept the dance floor packed at all times!

Stacey and Brad shared their favorite wedding day memories with us to help really bring their photographs to life!

Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 03
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 02
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 04
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 05
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 06
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 07
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 08
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 09

Stacey: “Our first look was both romantic and hilarious.  I remember walking up the stairs with all the anticipation of tapping Brad on the shoulder and him seeing me in my dress for the first time.  When I tapped his shoulder, he turned around and as I looked at his face, the first thing I noticed was that his glasses were completely fogged up. My first thought was that I spent all this time having my hair done, getting my makeup put on, and getting in my dress only to think: ‘Can he even see me right now?’ All I could do was smile and giggle.  I was so happy because regardless how the first-look was ‘supposed’ to go, that moment was so ‘us.’  The other part that was incredibly memorable was that through all 8 and a half years of us dating, he never bought me red roses. He bought me all of the other colors, but never red.  It became a joke between the two of us. But when he turned around holding a single red rose, and with fogged up glasses it completely warmed my heart and made me smile.

Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 10
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 11

Brad: “The first look was definitely one of the most memorable moments of not just the wedding but of my life. There is a certain nervousness that comes along with the first look. In all honesty, I wasn’t too keen on doing a it when we first started the process of wedding planning. I had heard of them before but wasn’t very enthralled by them. I always had this notion that the first time I would see my bride would be when she walked down the aisle. As it turned out, doing a first look was one of the best decisions we made. I knew exactly where she would be coming from but there was so much nervous excitement regardless. When Stacey tapped me on my shoulder and I turned around I was absolutely blown away by how stunning she looked. She’s always beautiful but on that day, in that moment, I’ve never seen someone so beautiful in my life.

We were together for a long time before we got married, and one of our inside jokes was that I gave her numerous flowers over the years, but never gave her red roses. When she tapped me on the shoulder, I turned around holding a single red rose. That is a moment I will never forget. There were definitely some tears which actually turned into one of the funnier parts of the day. Because it was so hot on the stairs where we did the first look the tears caused my glasses to fog up while we embraced. So, you could say, our first look got steamy :)

Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 12
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 13
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 14
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 15
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 16
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 17
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 18
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 19

Brad:  “One of the most vivid memories was taking photos with our wedding party before the ceremony started. There is so much buildup and noise prior to the day actually happening that it was nice to be able to go outside with our wedding party, which included our siblings, and just goof off and have a good time. Stacey and I are very fun-loving, wacky people who don’t take things too seriously when we don’t have to. The picture time took off some of the edge of the day and allowed us to spend a lot of quality time with people who mean so much to us.

Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 20
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 21
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 22
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 23
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 24
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 25
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 26
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 27
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 28
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 29
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 30
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 31
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 32

Stacey:  “I will never forget the Ketubah signing which took place minutes before the actual ceremony.  It was so emotional and meaningful because we were surrounded by family and close friends as we signed our marriage contract.

Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 33
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 34
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 35
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 36
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 37
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 38
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 39
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 40

Brad:  “The ceremony itself was memorable for so many reasons. First, having my family stand up there with me is something that I’ll remember for the rest of my life. My mom was beaming, my sisters looked gorgeous and were in our wedding party, and there was a palpable sense of how proud my dad was standing on the bimah. Second, it wouldn’t be an event for me and Stacey if there wasn’t a little humor. As the Rabbi reminded me previously, I needed to repeat the Hebrew words after him but say them while looking at Stacey. After all – I was marrying Stacey, not the Rabbi. But, to nobody’s surprise, I forgot the Rabbi’s advice and started speaking to him during the ceremony. He gently reminded me (loud enough for everyone to hear) that I should be telling Stacey how much I love her, not telling him. Humor and joking is a huge part of mine and Stacey’s relationship so it seemed perfectly appropriate that it would insert itself into our wedding ceremony.

Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 41
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 42
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 43
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 44

Brad: “One other memory that will stick with me is when Stacey and I arrived at Kleinhans for the reception. The reception was to take place in the Mary Seaton Room, but when we arrived at Kleinhans we were immediately whisked away to the main auditorium. There was a single two-person circular table on the stage at the front of the auditorium with two champagne glasses. When Stacey and I sat down the doors were shut and we just had some time to ourselves to reflect on the ceremony and how incredibly happy we were in that moment. Typical of us, after whispering some sweet nothings, we started talking about how hungry we were and that we were ready to party with all our family and friends. As we sat there our personal waiter, Nicholas, came to greet us. Nicholas was a fantastic guy with a French accent. For the rest of our lives Stacey and I will remember Nicholas’s words of wisdom (in a thick French accent) as he poured us some Champagne: ‘On special occasions we celebrate with bubbles.’ It was the perfect comment at the perfect time. … And then we devoured some appetizers.

Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 45

Stacey: “I remember looking into the reception space and thinking ‘wow.’ It looked amazing- like a dream.  It truly was beyond anything I could have imagined.  My parents and our wedding planner (Bonnie Gersh) did a magnificent job executing our vision beyond our wildest dreams.

Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 46
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 47
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 48
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 49
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 50
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 51

Stacey: “I will never forget the father-daughter dance.  My dad took dance lessons for weeks to prepare, constantly updating me on the phone about what new moves he learned that day. Brad and I came in to Buffalo one weekend and in a single dance session I learned the entire semi-choreographed dance.  We then practiced a few times at my parent’s house on the back porch.  When the time came I was so proud of my dad for having so much fun, performing perfectly, and most of all for not dropping me!

Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 52
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 53
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 54
Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 56

Stacey:  “I had so much fun at the reception.  I danced all night long!  I remember the waiter coming by to ask what we wanted to eat, and telling the waiter to wrap up my food to-go, because I was going to be too busy dancing.  Brad and I ended up sharing one plate of food and taking the other plate for leftovers…which we ate later that night.

Brad: “There’s no way to think about our reception and not immediately recall the hora. Our band (Twilight) was simply amazing. Prior to hiring them we had heard that one of the things they’re known for with Jewish weddings is their extended hora. Well, the morning after the reception I must have had at least 10-15 people come up to me talking about it. I don’t know how long it actually lasted but if it was anything short of 20 minutes I’d be shocked. It was unreal. I have never clapped and danced continuously for so long in my life. I’m pretty sure I sweat more during the hora than during any hockey game I ever played. And that’s a lot of sweat. We went right into the hora at the beginning of the reception and there’s no doubt it set the stage for the rest of the night. People were up dancing and partying from the second it started until the second it ended and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 55

Stacey: “One of the most fun moments of the reception was when our band, Twilight, played the Buffalo version of ‘Shout’ twice. After they finished playing for the evening, they started packing up and announced that the reception was over. The crowd, including all of my Buffalo friends and family, started chanting ‘Shout!’ repeatedly.  The wedding ended in a ‘Shout’ encore – the perfect way to end a Buffalo wedding!

Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding 57

A little advice from Stacey and Brad to everyone out there planning their wedding:

Get a wedding planner if you want the least amount of stress possible. With all the internet websites, Pinterest, magazines, etc… there are so many perspectives and options. Bonnie got to know us and narrowed down our options of vendors that would fit us and our vision. It made everything so much easier. Another piece of advice is to remember that your wedding day goes incredibly fast and there is no stopping it. From getting ready in the morning, to photographs before the ceremony, to the ceremony itself, to the reception, there is hardly any downtime on wedding day. And then it’s over. Take the day slow and soak it all in. This will be the only time you do this and should be one of the most memorable days of your life. Take time to take mental snapshots of moments throughout the day. And above all else – breathe! It’s fun!

And last, but not least, some very sweet and thoughtful words about us:

From the moment we met Jenn and Ben we felt comfortable with them. Allowing someone to photograph the most meaningful moments of your life is not a decision to take lightly. We felt and instant connection with Jenn and Ben and there’s no doubt they were perfect for us. Although the wedding was in Stacey’s hometown of Buffalo, we live in Indianapolis. Never in a million years could we have imagined that our photographers, based in Buffalo, would drive 8 hours to Indianapolis to do our engagement session. But they did, because they’re awesome. We had 2 wonderful days in Indy with Jenn and Ben as we took them to some of our favorite spots including the spot we got engaged. Following that up with our wedding we knew there would be no issues whatsoever. Ben spent some time with the guys the morning of the wedding and Jenn with the girls. While we knew they were there, their style is so unobtrusive that you sometimes just think they’re part of the wedding party. We had a great time with them and couldn’t have imagined anyone else capturing our special day. Thanks Jenn and Ben!!

Wedding Vendors Include

Ceremony: Temple Beth Zion
Reception: Kleinhan’s Music Hall
Hair and Makeup: Morcelle Salon
Wedding Dress: Demetrios
Bridesmaid Dresses: Weddington Way
Grooms Look: Jos A. Bank
Wedding Coordinator: Bonnie Gersh
Florist: Woyshner’s Flower Shop
Cake: Dessert Deli
Band: Twilight Entertainment