Month: March 2016

laura + joe // Pittsburgh, PA and the The Duquesne Incline

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Joe and Laura choose to have their engagement shoot in Pittsburgh because it is the city where they met, fell in love, and began to build a life together. Laura had always dreamed of getting married near her childhood summer cottage, at Chautauqua Lake in New York, so they knew the wedding would be out of town. The City of Pittsburgh was the perfect place to capture the spirit of their relationship!

We loved spending so much time with them in the awesome city of Pittsburgh, PA! They really took us on a bit of a tour of all of their most favorite and meaningful places. We hope you fall in love with this beautiful couple and their incredible city!

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Laura: “Shooting in Mount Washington, on the incline and along the overlook, was the obvious choice – not only for it’s stunning views, but it is also the neighborhood where we purchased our first home together. Including Penny, our adorable Great Dane puppy, was probably the best decision of them all – she absolutely stole the show!”

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Laura: “Joe and I met through a mutual friend/family member who thought we would make the perfect couple. The matchmaker is my cousin and one of Joe’s best friends. When asked about the possibility of a set-up, I responded that I was ‘too busy’ for a boyfriend, and Joe (like a typical man) asked to see a picture. Well he must have liked what he saw because two years later he popped the question!”

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Laura: “A friendly rivalry between the Buffalo Bills and Pittsburgh Steelers divides the house each Sunday – can you guess who Penny roots for!? Go Bills!”

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