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3 Ways You (Yes, YOU!) Can Look Natural in Photos

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If there’s one thing I know for sure about our couples after all these years, it’s that they feel a little bit awkward in front of a camera. 99% of the time, I hear at least one of the following phrases: “We just aren’t photogenic. He blinks in every photo. We’re so awkward in pictures. I never know what to do with my hands.” I think our very relaxed, documentary style of photography tends to attract people who want stunning wedding photos without having to do much “posing,” because let’s face it, “workin’ it” in front of a camera can, in fact, be super awkward, even if you’re not an awkward person.

I mean, I don’t consider myself to be an awkward person. I am an extrovert through and through; but I am SO camera-awkward that it hurts. The first time that Ben and I were photographed as a couple, I was so nervous that I downed an entire pitcher of margs before heading out. Thankfully, we had awesome photographers who made us laugh a ton and look natural despite the fact that I was a basic drunk girl at our shoot. #notrecommended

Over the years, I have really perfected my “posing” skills, and have mastered techniques to make even the most camera-awkward people look and feel like they get photographed for a living (I do love a good challenge). The secret is to work them in and out of “poses” quickly, before they have time to think about feeling awkward. I keep the excitement level high by giving lots of “actions” to carry out, and shooting the moments in between. I will typically run through anywhere from 10-15 “actions” every time I photograph a couple, and they have become such an important part of the process I use to make everyone feel completely relaxed and at ease.  You get constant direction for what to do along with a ton of positive reinforcement, so your brain never has a chance to wonder how you look on camera, and that, my friends, is when the real magic happens.

So, if you’re self-conscious about your camera-awkwardness, you’re in luck, because I’m about to share 3 of my favorite ways to look totally natural when being photographed as a couple!  Ready? Here we go:

  • Mindreading – Stand facing your partner with your arms around each other. Close your eyes and think (to yourself) of a number or a color or whatever you decide. (I usually go with colors!) Then, open your eyes (looking at each other) and take turns trying to guess what your partner thought of! This is a fun exercise because whether you guess correctly or not, it will still make you smile. ;)


  • Whispering – Whisper in your partner’s ear very quietly, “If you were a food, you would be…” or “if you were an animal you would be…” These might sound ridiculous, but they are hilarious, and I have the photos to prove it.


  • Dance – You can slow dance or fast dance or crazy dance or whatever makes you happiest! The important thing is to connect with each other. Make eye contact while dancing. Laugh!! Show off your best moves! I use this one at almost every wedding and every engagement session, because the results are always so, so good.


I hope these were useful to you! No matter who is behind the camera, you can use these 3 strategies to kick your camera-awkwardness to the curb, and make yourselves look natural, relaxed, and completely in love!

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3 reasons why you must have a photo booth at your wedding

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Are you considering having a photo booth at your wedding but you’re just not sure if it’s REALLY that necessary? Maybe you feel like it won’t add much to what you already know will obviously be the best party ever. Maybe you’ve even thought that it might end up being too much of a distraction from all the other important parts of your big night. Well my friend… I’m here to tell you that having a photo booth at your wedding is absolutely, 100% always a great decision. I can think of at least 50 reasons why this is true, but no one wants to read a blog post that long, so here are my top three. ;)

1. A much needed break from the dance floor. Of course your DJ is killing it and the dance floor is PACKED but sometimes your guests need a break between the Cupid Shuffle and the Cha-Cha-Slide. A photo booth gives them just that! Instead of simply slumping into a nearby chair for a breath and watching the party go on without them, a photo booth will give them a little something to do while keeping their energy and excitement levels up! And don’t forget, not everyone loves to get their groove on, but give them a prop in front of a camera and all of a sudden they’re transformed into a crazy party animal! Having a photo booth at your wedding ensures that there is something for everyone, not just the guests who live for the dance floor. It’s also great for kids!! (What kid doesn’t love to put on a huge Sombrero and cheese it up for the camera??)

2. Capture super unique moments! Sure, your amazing photographers will be discretely documenting every perfect moment of your night from the cake cut, to the laughter and tears during your Maid of Honor’s slightly embarrassing yet incredible speech, to your Uncle Bill ripping it up on the dance floor. But what about those magic moments that can happen when your inner child is brought out by a pair of moose antlers and giant hulk hands?? A photo booth can really inspire your group of college friends to relive those past memories of your long and crazy nights together. It can help your dear old Aunt Marge, who you never thought would even leave her chair all night, to let a little loose in a money boa and a sailor cap. And don’t you want to be 100% sure that dear old Aunt Marge channeling her inner super model gets permanently frozen in time?! With a photo booth each and every unexpected, unimaginable, inconceivable moment is captured forever!

3. Souvenirs! Give your guests something instant to take home with them to remember (or to HELP them remember… no judgments here) what a blast they had at your amazing wedding! When they wake up the next morning, possibly a little foggy headed and desperately needing a glass of water and an aspirin, they’ll be able to remember exactly what happened the night before. It’ll keep your guests talking about your super fun party for weeks! Not to mention, you get to keep EVERY photo for yourself!! That’s a heck of a perk to being the bride and groom. You won’t miss a second of the party while you’re living it up on the dance floor, grabbing a much needed snack, or taking a “quick” bathroom break. Each and every photo taken in that booth is yours to keep forever and ever. Put them in a hilarious photo album, use them for future blackmail, or reminisce one day with your kids about that time at your wedding when their Pop Pop draped himself in a feather boa and channeled his inner Madonna, with the photo to prove it!

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