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featured {bethany + pete}

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We’re so very excited to have Bethany and Pete’s absolutely stunning wedding featured on Glamour & Grace today!  This is one of my favorite wedding blogs out there simply for the fact that the editor, Megan, has a photography background and is very selective with the photos she decides to feature.  Obviously, I love weddings with my whole heart, but as a photographer, I value good photography immensely, and that’s all you will find on the Glamour & Grace blog!  If you’re currently in the planning stages, be sure to bookmark Glamour & Grace for inspiration!

Click the screenshot image to check out the whole post, and read about Bethany and Pete’s wedding!

We’d like to give a huge shout-out to our friends at The Tuscarora Inn for providing such a gorgeous backdrop, to my girl, Heather, at Glam on Location for styling all of the ladies with her fabulous hair and make-up artistry, to the lovely ladies at Flourish, who did an amazing job on the flowers, and of course, to Bethany and Pete for allowing us to be a part of such an incredible day!

featured {jolyne + greg}

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Today, we have Jolyne and Greg’s gorgeous Tonawanda wedding featured on one of my favorite wedding blogs, One Stylish Bride! How exciting! The One Stylish Bride blog is based in Australia, but they feature real weddings from all over the world. Their philosophy is that “the key to a stylish wedding lies in the personal touches and expressions of personal style.” How true that is, and Jolyne and Greg’s hometown castle wedding totally fits their description of a “stylish wedding.” We are so psyched to have our photos featured! Click on the screen shot to check out the feature, and feel free to leave a comment at One Stylish Bride to let the editor, Marcela, know that you love it! ;)