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sabrina + aaron // The Mansion on Delaware

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We first met Sabrina and Aaron over Skype and instantly loved them! We knew they were going to be a great fit for us. When we finally got to meet them in person on their wedding day everything fell seamlessly into place just like we all knew it would. They did a fantastic job with their long distance planning (they live in Oklahoma!) and pulled off a stunning day filled to the brim with glamour, sophistication and tons of wide smiles and genuine laughter! We had such a fun time getting to know this wonderful duo and wish them a lifetime of silly, beautiful love.

Sabrina and Aaron were kind enough to share some very sweet memories with us. Read along as your scroll through their beautiful day!

Mansion on Delaware Buffalo Wedding 01
Mansion on Delaware Buffalo Wedding 02
Mansion on Delaware Buffalo Wedding 03
Mansion on Delaware Buffalo Wedding 04
Mansion on Delaware Buffalo Wedding 05
Mansion on Delaware Buffalo Wedding 08
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Mansion on Delaware Buffalo Wedding 10

Aaron: “I was a bit torn over the whole First Look business since it’s not necessarily traditional. Sabrina was really pushing for it so I conceded.  I think I was actually a bit speechless when I saw her.  It definitely took the edge off and put me at ease before we got into the ceremony. It reminded me that it was just us, nothing else, other than some fancy clothes.

Mansion on Delaware Buffalo Wedding 11
Mansion on Delaware Buffalo Wedding 12
Mansion on Delaware Buffalo Wedding 13

Aaron: “A tip- Don’t feed your fiancé under-cooked food three days before the wedding. I thought I was doing her a favor making her a turkey burger with vegetables, keeping myself trim, but the nonstop illness for the next 24 hours makes me think she wasn’t so thankful. Sabrina really struggled during the rehearsal dinner and wedding day, but she fought through with a smile the whole time.  Unless you’re one of the thousand people she’s informed since, you would have never guessed she was sick! She still mentions my getting her sick to anyone that’ll listen. ‘I only had one french fry,’ she recalls. I’m still paying the price.

Mansion on Delaware Buffalo Wedding 14
Mansion on Delaware Buffalo Wedding 15
Mansion on Delaware Buffalo Wedding 16

Sabrina: “Growing up, people often asked me who would walk me down the aisle.  There was never a question…the answer was always my mom.  Having my Mom give me away was a truly special moment that I won’t ever forget.”

Mansion on Delaware Buffalo Wedding 17
Mansion on Delaware Buffalo Wedding 18
Mansion on Delaware Buffalo Wedding 19
Mansion on Delaware Buffalo Wedding 22

Sabrina: “I learned something about myself this day. I’ve always known that I am that person who always cries at weddings, but apparently when it is my own wedding…I straight up sob.  Catholic wedding ceremonies are long…that is a lot of sobbing, people.  Luckily my Maid of Honor was sick of hearing the sniffles and wasn’t scared to rescue me with tissues.  In all seriousness, though, the ceremony was gorgeous. Words can’t describe walking down the aisle and seeing your future husband (in all his handsomeness) waiting at the end of the aisle.  Every time I felt nervous (or that I might really lose it and start emitting audible sobs) I would look at Aaron and he would make one of his goofy faces and squeeze my hand and it would hit me that I was truly marrying my best friend.  There is something really special about that feeling.  Those glances between us during that long (and happily-weepy) ceremony are what I remember most fondly.

Mansion on Delaware Buffalo Wedding 20
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Mansion on Delaware Buffalo Wedding 25
Mansion on Delaware Buffalo Wedding 26
Mansion on Delaware Buffalo Wedding 27
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Mansion on Delaware Buffalo Wedding 28

Aaron: “We were worried that having such a ridiculously large group would affect the ease of the day, but I wouldn’t do it any other way.  We had a bunch of family and friends that we needed to have involved to make the day right.  It was a hassle getting everyone moving for pictures and group things, but all of them being involved made the day better.

Mansion on Delaware Buffalo Wedding 29
Mansion on Delaware Buffalo Wedding 30

Aaron: “Working with Jenn and Ben was great.  Ben fit in with the guys and helped make everything feel comfortable.  They were very accommodating throughout the day, letting us decide where we wanted pictures done.  But they knew when to point us in the right direction; they are the professionals after all.  They convinced us to take a set of pictures of just the two of us in front of an industrial spot downtown with just a gray brick back drop.  It seemed a bit artsy for my liking, but when we got the pictures back they were some of our favorites.  They were awesome to work with and the day would not have been the same without them!

Mansion on Delaware Buffalo Wedding 31
Mansion on Delaware Buffalo Wedding 32

Sabrina: “Autumn is both mine and Aaron’s favorite season, so obviously we always wanted a fall wedding.  October in Buffalo did not disappoint.  Not only did we get fall, but we got several other seasons that day as well. We had rain, sunshine, rainbows, oh…and let us not forget the hail.  Honestly, in all the excitement we just ran with it.  Our bus driver offered us an umbrella (thank goodness) and we had fun with it!  People seriously do not believe us when we say that it rained and hailed on our wedding day.  Jenn and Ben captured our day in a way that made it look like we had nothing but sunshine all day.  We barely even noticed that it was hailing when we ran through the line of sparklers that evening.  Luckily our friends and family were all champs about it!

Mansion on Delaware Buffalo Wedding 33
Mansion on Delaware Buffalo Wedding 34

Sabrina: “One of my favorite memories of our wedding day was going around and taking pictures with Aaron.  Wedding days are seriously rushed, busy, and stressful.  These moments just taking pictures gave us an opportunity to unwind, recharge, and catch up just the two of us.  Not to mention, it gave Aaron a chance to be his goofy-self and make me laugh like he always does.

Mansion on Delaware Buffalo Wedding 35
Mansion on Delaware Buffalo Wedding 37
Mansion on Delaware Buffalo Wedding 38

Aaron: “One of my favorite parts of the day was our stop at the Blue Monk on Elmwood Ave. It gave us a moment to ourselves between the ceremony and before things were about to get crazy at the reception.  We’d never actually been, but my nickname growing up was Monk (and still is with my brothers) and it looked right up our alley.  The limo dropped us off and the bartender was super friendly and served us quickly knowing we didn’t have much time.  Jenn and Ben got some great shots of us sharing our first few moments to ourselves on the day.  I surprised Sabrina with a giant framed print of one of the shots, she loved it just as much as I did.

Mansion on Delaware Buffalo Wedding 39

Sabrina: “The Mansion on Delaware was absolutely breathtaking.  Besides the very obvious history, architecture, and all around gorgeousness, they took such great care of us and did so much of the planning that it took a lot of the stress of the details off our shoulders so that we could just relax and enjoy our reception.”

Mansion on Delaware Buffalo Wedding 40
Mansion on Delaware Buffalo Wedding 41
Mansion on Delaware Buffalo Wedding 43
Mansion on Delaware Buffalo Wedding 42
Mansion on Delaware Buffalo Wedding 44
Mansion on Delaware Buffalo Wedding 45
Mansion on Delaware Buffalo Wedding 46
Mansion on Delaware Buffalo Wedding 47

Sabrina: “The whole day went by so fast.  Literally we would blink and an hour had gone by and it was time for dinner.  Another blink and we were running outside to do sparklers.  Before we knew it, the day was over and we were left looking back on all of our amazing memories from our wedding day, just soaking it all in.

Mansion on Delaware Buffalo Wedding 48
Mansion on Delaware Buffalo Wedding 49
Mansion on Delaware Buffalo Wedding 50

Sabrina: “It was so important to us that we book Jenn and Ben to photograph our wedding day.  During the planning process I stalked (I know you think I’m kidding, but I legitimately stalked) their blog to scout venues, churches, and spots for photos.  Throughout the planning process I continually found myself back on their blog looking at their beautiful work.  When we finally booked them and had our Skype date, I rattled off all the couples’ beautiful weddings that they had shared on their website.  Jenn was so patient with me trying to plan photography spots in Buffalo all the way from Oklahoma.  In the end, Jenn and Ben were so wonderful to work with and I’m so thankful they were a part of our wedding day.  Thanks, Jenn and Ben, for making our crazy, chaotic, awesome wedding day look like it went off without a hitch!  You guys are absolutely wonderful and your photos are always gorgeous (still stalking your blog)!

A bit of wedding advice: “For the soon-to-be-married folks…honestly it sounds so cheesy, but just enjoy yourself.  Of course, everyone told us this going in, but it. is. so. true.  It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the details and everything being perfect.  The truth is, the sooner you realize that it won’t be perfect, the more enjoyable it will be.  Things will go wrong but it won’t make your day any less perfect!  Keep focused on what is important, your new husband/wife, marrying your best friend, and celebrating it with your family and friends that traveled to party with you.  Just go with it!  Who cares if you get rained (or hailed) on, that the bride and bridal party were 2 songs late for the ceremony, or that you couldn’t eat for 72 hours leading up to and including the wedding day due to food poisoning.  At the end of the day, if you focus on what’s important, you’ll laugh about all those details that went disastrously wrong.  They just add to all the wonderful memories!!

Wedding Vendors Include

Ceremony: Alumni Chapel at Niagara University
Reception: The Mansion on Delaware
Hair and Makeup: Glam on Location
Wedding Dress: Stella York
Bridesmaid Dresses: Mori Lee
Groom’s Look: Marty’s Formal Wear
Florist: Flowers by Johnny
Cake: Vin-Chet’s Gluten Free Bakery
DJ: Signature Entertainment



  • Sarah Lambaria SAYS...

    Beautiful photos of a gorgeous wedding!! Thank yOu for sharing these moments from saBrina and Aaron’s big day…The pictures are breathtaking!!

chris + matt // Avanti Mansion

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We had so fun much with Chris and Matt on their wedding day at the Avanti Mansion in Buffalo, New York! These two made it easy as pie from their sweet smiles to their adorable first look- we knew we were going to come home with some great shots!! Their color scheme of greens, blues and white gave the day a colorful, fresh feel and the mismatched bridesmaid dresses were absolute perfection. They also may have had some of our favorite place card holders of all time!!

Chris and Matt passed along some wedding day memories and were more than happy to allow us to share them with all of you!

Chris: “Matt and I got engaged during his 4th year of medical school. Matt was traveling around the east coast for residency interviews and clinical rotations while I was working in Boston.  Matt’s family graciously offered to scope out wedding venues for us while we were out of state and when we heard of their experience at the Avanti Mansion we were hooked.  The first and only time we saw the venue with our own eyes before the wedding was a few days before Christmas.  It had recently snowed and was pouring rain at the time of our visit making it nearly impossible to imagine what it might look like when the pond wasn’t overflowing and the grass wasn’t covered in muddy snow.  But after an unseasonably cool summer we were blessed with the most beautiful day of the year and a truly stunning venue on September 26th.

Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 01
Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 02

Chris: “Planning a wedding can feel really daunting, especially when doing so at a distance.  But by making checklists and doing a little bit every day the process felt completely manageable.  People tease me for my compulsive list-making – but it always pays off!  On the Tuesday before the wedding I tore up my lists.  Anything that hadn’t happened by that time wasn’t going to happen and it was a relief to be able to give myself a break, have a glass of wine, and accept that things were going to play out well because I had planned for them to do so.  Like everyone always says, the only person who notices the little things that don’t go right are the bride!  Everyone else is just happy to be there.

Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 03
Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 04

Chris: “Anyone who knows me well knows that I cry at absolutely anything and everything.  When we arrived at the Avanti for our rehearsal, I turned to Angie, our bridal consultant, to ask if it was normal for people to cry during the rehearsal.  When she said, ‘Absolutely, though everyone who cries during the rehearsal rarely cries during the actual ceremony.’ It felt like permission to let it out!  After that I was overcome by utter calmness for much of the wedding day, until about 10 minutes before Matt and I saw each other for the first time.  The walk to our first look felt like the longest walk of my life, but all of my nerves dissolved once Matt turned around and our eyes met for the first time that day.  He always knows how to make me laugh and he kept me more tear-free than I could have imagined!

Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 05
Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 07
Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 06
Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 08
Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 09
Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 10
Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 11
Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 12
Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 13
Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 14
Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 15
Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 16

Matt: “One of my favorite memories was seeing all of the hard work and countless hours that my wife put into planning the wedding pay off in spectacular fashion.

Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 17
Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 18
Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 19
Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 20
Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 21
Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 22
Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 25
Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 24

Matt: “Seeing my soon-to-be wife walking down the aisle was a special moment by itself.  But when she surprised me by walking down to one of my favorite songs, it left me speechless.

Chris: “Music was such an important of the day for us.  We spent hours upon hours putting together our playlists and wanted to get the ceremony started off properly with songs that had personal meanings for the both of us.  I’d always wanted the wedding party to walk down the aisle to ‘This Must Be the Place’ (Naïve Melody) because it was such a light and sweet love song, and one of my favorites from the past.  But I knew that I’d wanted to surprise Matt by walking down the aisle to ‘Halo’ by Beyonce.  His facial expression when the first notes played was priceless!  In pictures, it looks like abject horror, but it’s sweet knowing that he was genuinely surprised (and concerned that I might be furious about a mistake in the program!)

Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 26

Chris: “There were what felt like 300 stairs leading down to the area where the ceremony was to take place.  Completely calm and unfazed, as per usual, my dad took my arm and gracefully led me down the aisle.  Yes, I may have stumbled once, but it was comforting to have my dad’s support, as in so many times in the past.

Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 27
Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 28
Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 29
Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 30
Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 31
Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 32
Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 33

Chris: “I can’t describe the pure elation I felt when we first turned around after the ceremony to see the most important people of our lives standing before us in support of our union.  Their cheers and smiling faces are things I will never forget.

Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 34
Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 35

Chris: “I loved seeing how all of the details came together at the ceremony and reception.  All of the afternoons spent crafting totally paid off in the end.  The little gold animal escort card holders were the first detail I knew I’d wanted.  They were an absolute labor of love, but so worth it.  I love hearing about how people are using them now!

Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 37
Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 38
Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 39
Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 40
Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 41
Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 42
Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 43
Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 44

Chris: “Matt is in his absolute element on the dance floor.  I love watching him tear it up and get people to dance with him!

Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 45

Matt: “In my opinion, a wedding isn’t complete without the party.  Celebrating with everyone on the dance floor was definitely a high point of our day!

Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 46
Buffalo Avanti Mansion Wedding 47

Chris: “With all of the craziness and uncertainty ahead of us for the coming year we were desperate to keep the wedding as relaxed and low-key as possible.  Jenn and Ben made us feel at ease from the first time we met at their home.  Their ability to listen and orchestrate our vision was incredible and we wish they could be around to document our everyday life.  Somehow they perfectly captured every moment of the day without ever making their presence felt.  We can’t say enough positive things about them and hope to be able to work with them again someday in the future!

Wedding Vendors Include

Venue: Avanti Mansion
Makeup: Tony Walker
Hair: Chez Ann Salon
Wedding Dress: J. Crew
Groom’s Look: Jos. A. Bank
Florist: Blossoms N Treasures
Cake: Avanti Mansion
Invitations: Minted