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Why First Looks with Dads are Awesome

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The “first look” is a newer wedding tradition that is becoming more and more popular with our couples because it allows for a much more flexible wedding day timeline, and maximizes the time you can spend together as a couple on your big day!  Another trend that’s on the rise is setting up a “first look” for the bride and her dad. I say it’s “on the rise” because it’s definitely something our couples are requesting more often, and something we’re suggesting to them when we prepare their timelines. With this being Father’s Day weekend, I thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite photos from a few recent father/daughter “first looks,” and tell you a little bit more about why I love them SO much!!

One of the most memorable parts of your wedding day is the moment when dad finally gets to see his little girl all dressed up for the the day she’s been waiting for (and he’s possibly been dreading) for her entire life. Father/daughter relationships are so special and unique, it’s no wonder that dad just might turn into a puddle when he witnesses his baby girl all dressed in white and looking like a picture perfect bride. This once in a lifetime moment can bring tears, smiles, laughter and long lasting, unbreakable hugs that you and dad will not soon forget. It only makes sense that a moment so priceless as this should be arranged and captured!

If your timeline allows for it, I strongly suggest you build in time for a moment like this with your dad (or step-dad or even your mom!) After all, your soon-to-be husband isn’t the only one who will lose their breath the first time they see you in your wedding dress, and we want to be there to document every tear, every smile and every embrace of this beautiful moment.

Did you do a “first look” with your dad (or step-dad or both parents)?? If you did, tell us about it in the comments!!  If you’re still in the planning phase, is this something you think you’d like to do? Why or why not? We’d love to hear from you!

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  • Lauren Houston SAYS...

    Thank you so much for everything! i knew the minute i first saw one of your wedding blogs (accidentally while i was searching for images of the church my oldest daughter was considering for her wedding) I knew you were right for our family. We love the emotion and beauty you capture and the art you create via photos!

paige + trevor // The Strathallan Rochester, NY

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We met Paige and Trevor back in 2015 when we photographed Paige’s sister’s wedding (Ashley + Ethan!!), and we loved them instantly. They are sweet and genuine souls with wide-open hearts, and their families are equally wonderful. I’ve gotten to know Paige’s family pretty well just through being a part of both weddings, so I already knew what incredible people they were, but getting to know Trevor’s family a little bit this time around was wonderful, too. Both of their families are made up of warm, supportive people who love authentically. It’s no surprise at all that they are perfect for each other.

This wedding happened in February, but weirdly, it was like 65 degrees that day, so it totally looks like a beautiful spring day! #nocomplaintshere It was our first time at The Strathallan, and we absolutely loved it. That rooftop!!! You can see so much of Rochester from up there; the view is totally impressive.  My favorite part of the day (aside from the rooftop portraits at sunset, of course) was the ceremony, because the absolute joy on Paige and Trevor’s faces was a truly special thing to witness. There’s no doubt about it, friends; we live in a crazy world. Having a front row seat to the most genuine love stories week after week is a constant reminder that life is a beautiful journey, and I’m pretty grateful for that.

Paige and Trevor were kind enough to share a little bit about their love story, their wedding day, and even some advice for those of you still in the planning phase, so be sure to read their comments!

Paige: “I met Trevor in high school! Later in life Trevor reached out to me on Facebook, and I mentioned it to my sister. He happened to be the tennis partner of my sisters boyfriend at the time, and my sister decided it was time for Trevor and I to meet up, so they scheduled a surprise visit!