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“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein

Hi there. I know I’ve been a bad, bad blogger for the past week, but I’m back now, so prepare to be flooded with new posts. My mother came to visit us last week (for the whole week), and despite my best efforts to keep her entertained so I could get some work done, she was quite demanding of my time. So, because I love her to pieces, and never get to see her, I gave up trying to blog and just spent some time with my mommy. It was awesome. :)

Back in August, we made plans to take a family trip to the Adirondacks – Ben and I, my sister and niece, my mom, and my brother and his girlfriend. When we were growing up, we went to the Adirondacks every summer. It only takes an hour to get there from where I grew up, so we spent a lot of time up there, and because of that, the whole place just reeks of nostalgia for us. Our lives as adults have become so busy, though, and our schedules all so different, that we hadn’t been able to coordinate a family trip in years. My sister and I had been talking about an Adirondack trip for several summers, but being a wedding photographer pretty much prohibits me from making any summer plans that don’t involve weddings. This year, we had one wedding-free weekend in August, so we decided to just go for it! We found a cabin with a private dock, and booked it! We were so, so psyched to be able to hang out together for a week in one of our favorite places on the planet. We took a ton of pictures (of course) to document our trip, and I’m hoping that I’ll get around to sharing those sometime over the winter when things wind down a little bit; but, it really was a great trip, and it was so wonderful to spend time with my family. I don’t get to do that nearly enough.

Amanda and Chad are one of our fabulous couples who are getting married in my hometown of Utica, NY next July, and we are so thrilled that we get to be a part of their wedding day!! As soon as I found out that we would be making the trip to the Adirondacks in August, I got in touch with Amanda and Chad and asked if they would like to do their e-shoot up there. They were all about it, and I was ecstatic about getting to shoot in a place that holds so much sentimental value for me! We had a ridiculous amount of fun driving around Old Forge, finding all sorts of fun places to shoot, and Amanda and Chad were such troopers!  Thanks so much, guys, for putting up with all of our craziness!!

The cabin we were staying at had this great winding wooden staircase, so we headed there first and grabbed a few quick shots on the steps.  Then, we hopped in our cars and headed out to do some trespassing…ahem…I mean, exploring. There is this old, abandoned mill along the Big Moose River that was begging to be photographed, and thankfully, A and C were up for the challenge. My sister, Andrea, came along as our lighting assistant for this shoot, and she did a hell of a job considering the 10 minutes of training we gave her, so a big shout out and a huge thank you to her for her mad light holding skills!! ;)

This place was so awesome to shoot…we had a blast running around in there.  Nothing gets us more pumped to shoot than a dilapidated, decaying building!  True story.  And these two were just so cute and happy to be together – we couldn’t have asked for anything better.  :)
Our next stop was the Adirondack Scenic Railroad.  We had a good time walking around the trains and checking things out.  The conductors definitely thought we were weird for wanting to shoot around the trains…it must not happen too often, which doesn’t really seem possible considering how cute this train station is.  ;)
After the trains, we headed down the road a bit to Mountain Man Outdoor Supply Company, and they were super cool about letting us shoot on their docks and around their rental kayaks, which was awesome.  :)
Our last stop was one of our favorite hiking trails, Moss Lake.  It’s so gorgeous there, and so peaceful.  This is also the spot where I fell in quicksand up to my thigh (just one thigh, naturally) which you may remember from the photo I immediately uploaded to our Facebook page when it happened.  My sister was laughing to the point of tears, and Ben just shook his head at me, and said, “oh…there she goes again.”  My accidents are a regular occurrence…he hardly even notices anymore.  I was able to get completely genuine smiles out of Amanda and Chad, however, so there’s always a silver lining.  :) 
This spot is in front of the entrance to Moss Lake, and I love it…a lot.  There is an AWESOME restaurant on Big Moose Road, called The Big Moose Inn (literally, I can’t say enough about how good their food is), and word on the street is that the bus boys and summer season workers throw their shoes up there as a tradition of sorts.  I’ve been saying for years that this spot would make a cool photo, and I finally got to take one (despite Ben thinking that I am out of my mind, and despite the rain that I was trying desperately to ignore).
The massive pine trees are one of the best parts of the Adirondack Park, so it seemed only fitting to incorporate them into the shoot.  There is so much beauty there, everywhere you look.  It was the perfect place for an e-session with one of the most adorable couples EVER.  :)

Amanda and Chad – thanks SO much for making the trip up to the ADKs to hang with us!! We had such an awesome time shooting you guys and getting to know you a little bit. We’re so, so excited that we get to be a part of your wedding day! Can’t wait!! Talk to you soon! – J + B :)

  • Patty SAYS...

    I love Old Forge and these photos are breathtaking!


    hey guys! rocked the bleep outta this one! hope you guys have a killer thanksgiving!!! give harold a hug for rain :)

  • Amanda SAYS...

    LOVE them! We had such a great time exploring Old Forge with you! Can’t wait for the wedding this summer! :)

  • Katie SAYS...

    Ahhh love this entire shoot! My favorites are the first black and white inside the mill and the first canoe shot. These are fantastic!