breanne + shawn (and aiden, too!)

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Breanne and Shawn are getting married in September, and like many of our wedding clients who have children, they wanted their adorable son, Aiden, to be a part of their engagement session. So, we just gave them a family session instead! :)

To start out, we grabbed a few shots in front of the Carousel Museum in North Tonawanda – definitely one of our favorite spots for photos!

two young parents and their young child stand in front of the Carousel Museum in North Tonawanda for a portrait

the Carousel Museum in North Tonawanda is a great place for family portraits

a cute young family poses for a photo in front of a red wooden building in North Tonawanda
Aiden happens to be at a very “wiggly” age, so it was pretty tough to get a portrait with everyone looking directly at the camera, but I really liked this shot of Ben’s, anyway.  :)
black and white family portrait taken by the river in Tonawanda
After the Carousel Museum, we headed over to the canal area in NT, where Aiden did some table dancing for us!  Just kidding, just kidding….we bribed him with chocolate to get that handsome smile.
cute young couple watches their young son carefully as he stands on the table in front of them

a young family of three sits at a picnic table by the river in North Tonawanda
What’s that in your mouth, Aiden?  An M&M, perhaps?  ;)
a unique family portrait taken with a fish eye lens in North Tonawanda
I LOVE this one!!  So cute!
a close up family portrait of a little boy with his parents in the background
We walked around the park a little, and took some fun “playing around with Mom” shots!
a young mother plays with her son as the father looks on lovingly

more upside down fun during a family photo session with Ayres Photography

a young family poses for a picture in a Tonawanda park
LOOK AT THAT FACE!!  Is that a happy kid, or what?!
black and white close up of little boy holding his parents' hands

low angle shot of a little boy with his young parents in the background
This is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.  We asked Breanne and Shawn if they’d like to do a more “engagement session-y” shot, and they did, so we set one up, and then Aiden popped into the shot, looking up curiously at what was going on!  Isn’t that just the cutest thing?  I love it.
engaged couple kisses by the river in Tonawanda while their young son looks on curiously

Breanne and Shawn (and Aiden, too, of course) – thanks so much for hangin’ out with us by the water! We had a great time chasing you around with our cameras! :) Looking forward to the wedding!

To view more images or to order prints from Breanne, Shawn, and Aiden’s family session, click here! (Shoot us a quick email if you need the password!)


    beautiful family photos!

  • Jamie SAYS...

    I love the shots you took at the picnic table. These are photos that will be treasured for the moments you captured and the expressions of love for each other that I saw in them.

  • chris SAYS...

    I fear that Aiden has outshown his parents, although they are a very close second. Fine shots of a beautiful family.

  • Breanne Wienke SAYS...

    Jenn and Ben,
    Thank you so much for all of your patience and persistence during our family session! It really payed off! We love the pictures and can’t wait to see you again in September. You both are truly wonderful people and photographers!