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I’m not yet willing to admit that I’m a full blown work-a-holic, but I will admit that I have the potential to be. I hope I can change my ways before I have to admit it, but I think that would require working less, which I can say with complete confidence, is NOT going to happen in the near future.

However, even for those of us who end up working 14 hours a day, there are times when that still isn’t enough to tackle everything on the ol’ to-do list. Courtney and Dimetrius were supposed to have been blogged a week ago, before we left for our week long shoot-a-thon; but, life got in the way, and I wasn’t able to get it posted before we left. Thankfully, we have the kindest, most amazing clients in the WORLD, who patiently wait for their blog previews, and are super understanding of how insanely busy we truly are. You have no idea how much we appreciate that….seriously, we would not be where we are right now without all of you!!

So, last Sunday we left Buffalo and drove to the Finger Lakes area for the first of our five shoots. After that, we drove to Utica to spend the night with my family, and the next morning we drove the rest of the way to Boston, where we did three more sessions (in the most unbelievable heat of our lives). Thursday, we drove to Rhode Island to meet up with Ben’s family for a couple of days, and then we wrapped up the week o’ craziness back in the Finger Lakes with a fabulous wedding on Sunday. It’s been fun, and we have so many awesome sessions and stories to share, but it is so nice to finally be home!

Today, we’re getting back in the swing of things ASAP by blogging the amazing Courtney and Dimetrius!! These two were so much fun to work with…we had a blast with them, and as you can see, they’re super photogenic. ;) We met up with them on the grounds of The Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society for the first few sets.  The first shot is one of my favorites from the whole session!!  Love those red-ish leaves!

Love this one!!  Gorgeous smile, Courtney!  :)
We hung out at the little stone building next door to the Historical Society for a while, too.  I have no clue what this building’s purpose is, but I love it…the stone wall/railing around the garden, the wrought iron gates, the trailing ivy…love all of it.
Yes, I threw in a hilarious “blooper” shot of Dimetrius acting silly, because it makes me smile.  I love this set…it really shows how awesome these two are together.  They can make each other laugh almost instantaneously, and are clearly SO in love…they were truly a pleasure to photograph.  :)
When we were done shooting around the Historical Society, we headed over to the Albright Knox for a few shots.  Don’t they look amazing together?  What a gorgeous couple!!
Our final location was supposed to be the Erie Basin Marina for some sunset shots, but when we got there, it was so unbelievably crowded, that we turned right around and left.  We didn’t even try to shoot in that mess.  It’s hard enough to be super affectionate in front of two strangers with huge cameras, but add in 1,000 other strangers gawking at you, and it becomes nearly impossible.  So instead, we took C and D to our secret waterfront spot, which is always empty and always beautiful.  We’ve used this spot quite a few times so far this season, so you can expect to see it again soon…it’s just perfect. 
And, we definitely got some fantastic sunset shots.  :)

Courtney and Dimetrius – thank you so much for choosing us to capture these moments for you!! You were such a fun couple to work with, and we really enjoyed hanging out with you! Thanks for your patience, and for being so easy to work with! – J + B :)