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If you live in Buffalo, you probably know about the Buffalo Central Terminal. It seems like everyone I talk to (who grew up here) has a story about this place (including Ben, who loves to reminisce about his Central Terminal exploration missions during high school – according to him, there used to be a pack of wild dogs living there…hmmmm). Well, if you’ve been there recently, you know that this breathtaking historical Buffalo landmark has been taken over by the CTRC (Central Terminal Restoration Corporation), an organization with many volunteers who are all doing their best to restore and preserve what’s left of the structure. They are all doing an awesome job trying to keep it clean and safe from vandalism, and in it’s current state, the Central Terminal is an amazing location for engagement or wedding photography! We’ve been scoping out the place for ages, just waiting for the right couple to come along, and Courtney and Joe did not disappoint – they are the perfect couple we’ve been waiting for!! :)

The CTRC gave us two hours to shoot inside the building, which seems like it should be enough, but honestly, we could have stayed there all day, and not run out of ideas.  We were like two kids in a candy store (or two contestants on Supermarket Sweep), running around from room to room, trying to make sure we got everything we wanted to get within our time frame.  One of the things I love most about this building is the old lettering used in the signs, so we started by incorporating some of that cool-ness.

engagement photography at the Buffalo Central Terminal

Buffalo Central Terminal is a unique location for wedding and engagement photography
Such a gorgeous couple!
using a window pane to creatively frame an engaged couple during their engagement photo session
Random patio heaters stowed away in a side room make excellent props…
anything can be used as a creative background for wedding photography, even patio heaters
We were IN LOVE with the wide variety of textures around the building.  I mean, really, who doesn’t love giant square bricks with big blobs of mortar?
standing around in the Buffalo Central Terminal with an awesome brick backdrop during an engagement photo session
The famous Union News Company kiosk…LOVE it!
engaged couple poses in front of the famous Union News Company stand at the Buffalo Central Terminal
This is definitely one of my favorite shots from the session…
dramatic black and white portrait of engaged couple courtney and joe

using creative off camera flash to make your portraits pop and get unique results
The famous Central Terminal clock…
using the famous Buffalo Central Terminal clock as a background during an engagement photo session

the mezzanine at the Buffalo Central Terminal is the perfect spot for wedding photography in Buffalo
Another favorite of mine…
a dramatic angle of an engaged couple taken at the Central Terminal
I love this shot of Ben’s; the outside of the building is just as cool as the inside.
a happy and fun pose in front of the Buffalo Central Terminal during an engagement photography session

engaged couple laying down on the sidewalk in front of the Central Terminal in Buffalo
We took a walk down the train tracks, and found a TON more amazing things to use.  Cool shot, Ben…very unique perspective!
a unique view of the Buffalo Central Terminal from the old conductor building in the back
The inside of what I think used to be some kind of baggage building…just a guess, though.
an engagement photo taken in the old baggage building at the Buffalo Central Terminal
I’ve started bringing our “posing guide” on shoots to let our couples choose different things they want to try, and Courtney and Joe (being the fun-loving people that they are) definitely nailed this one!  AWESOME!
awesome photo using a unique pose taken during an engagement photo session in Buffalo NY
No photo shoot at the Central Terminal would be complete without a shot under the Presidential Platform…
engagement photo of couple standing under the Presidential Platform at the Buffalo Central Terminal
More amazing-ness…
engaged couple in front of a beautiful run down building on the grounds of the Buffalo Central Terminal
Ok, this one is definitely my number one favorite.  They both look PERFECT and completely in-love.
gorgeous photo of bride and groom to be in a field at sunset in Buffalo NY
Joe informed us during the shoot, that he had been perfecting his vertical leap for the perfect engagement photo “jump shot.”  I’m gonna go ahead and say that this jump shot made its way into our top three all-time favorites – you guys ROCK!!
a sweet jump shot by the railroad tracks in downtown Buffalo by Ayres Photography

Courtney and Joe – thanks so much for being such a great couple to work with!! You guys are so much fun, so easy going, and so obviously great together – we can’t wait for the wedding! Talk to you soon! :)

  • Kat Crowley SAYS...

    The pictures are so incredible! They really captured what a fun and amazing couple Joe and Courtney are!

  • Eileen LeMar SAYS...

    Such beautiful pictures! You guys look wonderful! :)

  • Alison Rodbourn SAYS...

    I absolutely LOVE the pictures! Courtney, you look beautiful as usual!

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Thanks so much, Courtney! It was completely our pleasure to work with you two. We’re honored to be the wedding photographers for such a perfect couple! :)

  • Courtney LeMar SAYS...

    Ahhhh I love them! Jenn and Ben – thank you so much! Joe and I had a great time and we can’t wait for the wedding :) You guys are amazing.