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We met up with Doneshia and Ramon on a very, very cold and wintery day in downtown Buffalo. We knew that the weather was going to be a challenge to work around, but we were determined to shoot an awesome e-session for them, so we dug deep and got creative! This was our first time meeting them, as they don’t currently live in Buffalo, and they were just so sweet and adorable, and open to whatever ideas we came up with. They are exactly the kind of couple that we always hope to work with, and we had a wonderful time shooting them! :)

Our thoughts as we drove into the city that day were fretful. It was way too cold to shoot outside, and far too windy for our lights, but we really needed a different indoor location. There really aren’t too many “photographer-friendly” indoor locations in Buffalo, so we tend to stick to the same old places where we know we’ll be welcomed. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with our usual indoor locations – they are some of the most gorgeous buildings in all of Buffalo! But, it was time for a new location. We had asked Doneshia and Ramon to meet us at Pearl Street Grill & Brewery, since that is a pretty central and easy to find downtown location, but shooting there had never crossed our minds until we were already there and trying to find a downtown parking spot.  As we drove around the block several times to find parking, it dawned on us.  “We shoot here all the time.  I’m sure someone will let us shoot on the upper floors today.  Why wouldn’t they?”  And, of course, all we had to do was ask, and we were granted access to the upper floors.  It was different, it was warm, and it was out of the whipping winds – win, win!!!  Pearl Street is amazing, and we thank them bunches and bunches.

Now…aren’t these two adorable?!  ;)

A quick trip out into the cold for some balcony shots!  These are super cute!
Then, it was time to move on to our next location.  D + R were cool with being cold for a little bit, but none of us wanted to be out in that vicious wind.  So what did we do?  We took them to our favorite parking garage, of course!!
After braving the cold for a while, it was time for another indoor shoot spot!!  So, we took our fabulous couple to one of our all time favorite places to shoot – the Ellicott Square Building.  They are always so kind about letting us use their space!
Doneshia and Ramon had one special request that day – to have us take a few shots at Cecelia’s Ristorante, the martini bar on Elmwood Ave where they spent a lot of time together while they were dating.  We love it when our couples want to have some shots done at a place that is special to them!!  It’s such an awesome idea to document the parts of your relationship that led you to where you are right now, the things and places that helped you bond and become closer and closer.  We were more than happy to take these shots for them!!  :)

Doneshia and Ramon – thank you so much for being so flexible and open to all of our ideas!! You guys really made this shoot amazing! We loved working with you both, and can’t wait for your wedding day!! It’s going to be absolutely fantastic!! Much love, J + B :)

  • Kathleen SAYS...

    That one on the stairs with the yellow and green lighting is really cool! Love all the brick and the concrete in the parking garage and the one of them sitting on the stairs. What a beautiful couple.

  • Shelly Johnson SAYS...

    I love the pictures!! Can’t wait till this wonderful couple ties the knot!!

  • Jennifer @QueenCityBride SAYS...

    Wow, you two make Ellicott Square Building look AMAZING!!

  • Traci lewis SAYS...

    Omg i love them
    ..Im so happy foryou both

  • shannon SAYS...

    I love love these pictures! Amazing!