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Most of you know by now how much we are in love with Becker Farms as a wedding venue; but, were you aware that we are also just as smitten with it as an engagement shoot spot? I know I’ve said it before, but Becker Farms is a gorgeous, gorgeous place…if you like farms, which I do, of course. ;)

We met up with Eden and Rob riiiiiight before Halloween, on a lovely Fall day, complete with sunshine, and a nice blue sky with puffy clouds (well, blue sky for some of the time, anyway). We love these two crazy kids…they are just one of those super-nice, super-laid back couples, who are so easy to work with, and are naturally photogenic. Who could ask for anything more?

engagement photos with vintage truck

black and white engagement photography by Jenn and Ben Ayres
Soooooooo….this jungle gym thing was a major WIN.  We shot several different perspectives of it, and loved all of them.

YAY!!  This one’s a winner, for sure.
engagement photo session at Becker Farms in Gasport NY
This shot of Ben’s turned out amazing…LOVE.
This is Eden and Rob pretending to be serious…
…and this is the real Eden and Rob.
I have been admiring this collection of hay wagons at Becker Farms for quite some time.  
engagement photo session at Becker Farms

As I mentioned previously, this shoot took place right before Halloween, so naturally, there was a corn maze to stroll through.
couple walks through corn maze at Becker Farms for engagement photos
By the time we made our way over to the vineyard, the sun was in full effect…so, so pretty.
black and white engagement photo of couple in the vineyard at Becker Farms and Vizcarra Vineyards
The next stop was the Becker Farms apple orchard (probably our favorite spot at BF)!  I guess these are all somewhat similar shots, but I totally love all of them  – too hard to choose!!

engagement photos taken in the Becker Farms apple orchard

I’ve had my eye on these pallets for a while, too…Eden and Rob scored major points for indulging our crazy ideas.  ;)

It just wouldn’t be Halloween without a skull and skeleton hand in at least one frame.  I actually LOVE this one a lot…another great snag by my oh so talented husband.
Ben loves the double yellow line middle-of-the-road shots…they never get old for him.
Gotta love the dark, dramatic barn shot!
Would you believe that this was the ONLY shoot during the entire Fall season where pumpkins were used??  True story.
Fall themed engagement photos couple holding pumpkins

Just down the road a piece from BF, is this amazing, old, broken-down, perfect stone skeleton that used to be a mill.  We’ve used the outside of the structure before, but never the inside (because you’re really not supposed to go inside due to the dangers of falling rock…hmph…try telling that to Ben).  Fortunately, Eden and Rob are totally amazing people, and were willing to risk it all to venture into the stone skeleton and let us work our magic.  We’re definitely proud of this one.  Eden and Rob – hope you guys love it, too!!
engagement photos taken at The Old Mill in Gasport NY

Eden and Rob – Thanks so much for hanging out with us at Becker Farms! It was a ton ‘o fun, and you guys are so fabulous!! Wedding day images are coming soon…can’t wait to post them!! :)

  • Laura SAYS...

    WOW!!! What absolutely stunning pictures. Each one looks spontaneous and perfect. I am so excited to see your wedding pictures next!

  • Eden SAYS...

    YAY!!!! We absolutely LOVE the pictures! They were so worth waiting for. The vineyard, the apple orchard, the mill…..too many great shots! You guys Rock! We can’t wait for the wedding shots! :)

  • Breanne Reed SAYS...

    The pictures are great! Eden and Rob definitely are photogenic! Love the jungle gym shots. I must say… I’m a little jealous of the mill shot! It’s gorgeous!

  • Wendy SAYS...

    I love that first one! Perspective, color, everything.