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A few weeks ago, Ben and I took our first ever trip to Chicago for Elana and Seth’s e-shoot, and we had such an awesome experience! It was a very cool city to explore, and Elana and Seth were fabulous tour guides while they were with us, and gave us great ideas for what to do when we were exploring on our own. When we weren’t shooting, we did some sight-seeing – The Wrigley Building, The Chicago Tribune building, an architectural boat tour, and Navy Pier (just to name a few places of note). We also did some shopping (yay!), and had the most delicious breakfast on the planet TWO days in a row. Those omelets were straight from heaven. All other omelets since then have been hugely disappointing.  It was a super fun time overall, and we can’t wait to visit Chicago again!  :)

Saturday turned out to be kind of rainy and cold, which was a bummer, but through breaks in the weather, we were able to grab some fun shots.  We started out at Elana and Seth’s house, and took some shots on their front steps with their good buddy, Mac the dog.  Then, we set out to explore their neighborhood a little bit, and found all sorts of great places for photos!

We stopped back at Elana and Seth’s place so they could do a quick outfit change, and I grabbed this fun shot while we were there.  I was looking at the photos hanging on their walls, and I noticed Ben’s reflection in one of these mirrors, which gave me the idea.  :)
Then, we headed down to the waterfront/museum area.  I wish I knew exactly what this area was called, but I don’t.  All I know is that there were museums there, and you could see the Chicago skyline in the background.  It’s a pretty gorgeous spot!
After that, we headed downtown to explore some of Chicago’s incredible (and very famous) architecture.
I had never seen (or even heard of) these cool buildings before, but I just fell in love with the design.  They are SO cool looking!  According to Elana and Seth, these buildings are affectionately known as “the corncobs.”  I loved them so much, they are currently the background on my iPhone.
Ben noticed the light pattern on the front of this building, so we made our way across the street for this shot.  It’s definitely one of my favorites!
Once it got dark, the lights came out and we made all kinds of magic.  This next shot is in between the two towers of the Wrigley Building.  The Chicago skyline at night is spectacular!

Elana and Seth – thank you SO MUCH for having us visit your wonderful city! We had such a great time with you guys, and we enjoyed Chicago immensely! Thank you for the insanely delicious popcorn, too…you are both too kind! That stuff is no joke…I don’t think Ben even got to try any, as I sucked down the entire tin, Hoover style, in about 2 days. You guys are the best, and we can’t wait to see you again in October!! Much love, J + B :)


    love it guys! lovin on the shot in front of the concrete wall!

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Hahahahahahaha!!! J is right MOST of the time. ;)

  • Seth SAYS...

    Oh, and one more thing. B didn’t think that the mirror shot was going to work out…looks like J was right!

  • Seth SAYS...

    J+B you guys did great work and we are looking forward to the shoot at the wedding. Both of our Mothers are ecstatic at how awesome these pictures look and are looking forward to what you will do for the wedding. The “corncobs” are officially called Marina City. I know Elana and I look forward to having you back to Chicago for a visit and a chance to get some more of that popcorn!

  • Kathleen SAYS...

    I love the one through the leaves-Jen were you in the tree?! I also love the one with the city where they are in the bottom-gorgeous! :) They are amazing photos.

  • Elana SAYS...

    Thanks so much J+B- these are awesome! We were so nervous for our first “shoot” but you made us feel totally at ease, and I really love these pictures! It was so fun “hanging out” with you guys in Chicago and we can’t wait until October!!!