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A few weeks ago, we had the unbelievable opportunity to shoot Hege and Mike’s engagement session in New York City’s Central Park! Although we have both visited NYC many times, neither Ben nor I had ever seen Central Park before, so it was kind of a surreal experience for us. Literally, I walked around that park with my eyeballs bugging out the entire day – it was unlike anything I had ever seen before. It was an absolute dream-come-true for engagement photography, cool shtuff around every corner; thankfully, Hege and Mike are the most awesome couple currently living. They were amazingly patient, letting us shlep them all around the whole park (which is HUGE), and stuff them into every cool-looking nook and cranny we deemed photo-worthy (which was basically everything)!!

NYC is quite a place – not terribly convenient for photographers with loads of gear to carry, but nonetheless awe striking. Our fabulously thoughtful couple gave us detailed directions on how to take the subway to Central Park from where we were staying, so it was a lot easier than it could have been (I shudder to think of the possibilities). We must have been a hilarious site that day: each of us with three large, heavy, and oddly-shaped bags strapped to our bodies, heads down, walking at lightening speeds to make sure we didn’t miss our trains, getting stuck in the turnstiles and having major panic attacks…by the time we got home that night, we were EX-hausted, but completely and totally happy with the day’s events. :)

It was a day that won’t soon be forgotten.

We were lucky enough to be there when the cherry blossoms were in full bloom…they are just breathtaking!

a couple poses for engagement photos under the cherry blossoms in central park

beautiful couple pose for engagement photo under a canopy of cherry blossoms at central park

engaged couple poses in front of rustic wooden fence in central park

adorable couple rest on wooden bench in Central Park NYC

couple shares a loving moment under a cherry blossom tree
There’s no other park I can think of where you can just be walking along, admiring nature, and out of nowhere the Metropolitan Museum of Art appears!
a couple poses for engagement photos in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
These next three I LOVE…there’s something so magical and “fairy-tale-like” about them…
beautiful couple poses for engagement photography under a lilac tree

handsome groom leans on post while his bride rests her head on his chest

soon to be married couple share a magical kiss in the middle of central park
The stonework throughout the park was mind-boggling, and we couldn’t resist working it into some of our shots…
happy couple leans against ornate stonework in new york city's central park

gorgeous couple looks up at camera for engagement photo

After a while, we found ourselves on the most quaint and perfect bridge that just happened to have the NYC skyline in the background…LOVE it  :)

photo of kissing couple through nyc bridge

new york city couple shares a moment on a bridge in central park

stylish couple poses for engagement photo on the upper west side of manhattan

engaged couple standing on a rock with all of NYC in the background
This is one of my absolute favorites from the whole day…it’s just their reflection in a dirty puddle, but it makes me smile…
image of an engaged couple's reflection from a puddle in nyc
Hege is from Norway, and has me pretty well convinced that being Norwegian=looking like a supermodel…isn’t she stunning?
bride to be lays on her grooms lap while looking up at the camera
The end of our journey…we didn’t see the sun all day, but it decided to grace us with its presence at the very end, and we were not about to complain.  :)
engaged couple holds each other in Central Park at sunset

engagement photography in new york city's central park

a beautiful couple sits on a park bench in new york city to pose for a photo

Hege and Mike, we can’t thank you enough for making our trip to the big apple so incredible! You guys are so much fun! Thanks for being so patient with us, and for being such excellent tour guides. We can’t wait for the wedding! See you soon! :)

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  • shannon SAYS...

    I am speechless; these are STUNNING photos.

  • Jamie Allen SAYS...

    I love the black and white shot through the fence and the scene with them on the bench surrounded by tranquility in their own world the way couples should be…you couldn’t have had more beautiful subjects if you had models posing.

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Hege – We should be the ones thanking YOU guys! You were such wonderful hosts, and we had a blast!! :) So glad you like them!

    Jessica and Lynn – Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! :)

  • Lynn SAYS...

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple! Can’t wait to see more!

  • Jessica U SAYS...

    Mike & Hege~

    Wow! These are beautiful pictures. You two are so photogenic and could easily be models for a J.Crew catalog! LOVE these. Totally captures your personality. Love you guys!


  • Hege SAYS...

    We love the photos! Especially the cherry blossom ones and the ones on the bridge:-) Thank you so much for coming down here to shoot us!

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Thanks SOOOOO much for stopping by to comment, Stephanie!! We’re looking forward to June, too! ;)

  • Stephanie SAYS...

    Gorgeous!! I love the cherry blossom one where they are out in the distance. Cant wait til June!!