heidi + brent {part II}

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We shot Heidi and Brent’s first engagement session back in the very early Spring, when it was still super cold and yucky, and we actually had to cut it kind of short because we were all freezing!! So, we offered to do a part II session for them, and we’re so glad we did – it was definitely a good time. :)

This next set of photos will join ranks of “favorite photos we’ve ever taken for all eternity.” (Well, they will for me anyway…I’m not sure I can say the same for Ben. He loves cats, but not to the extent that I do…not many folks can match my love of cats.) So, one day, not so long ago, Heidi popped up in my Twitter feed, asking if anyone knew where she could get bride and groom costumes for her cats. When it comes to costumes for cats, I absolutely do not need to be asked twice. I immediately looked around in all of my usual cat costume places online (yes, you read that correctly), and replied to her query with some fabulous options for feline bridal attire. Then, she asked if I wanted to photograph the cats in their outfits, and well….I was more than a little excited.

Meet Peachie and Ed!!  (If you love this as much as I do, then we can definitely be friends.)

Ed had no problem with modeling his fabulous tuxedo…he was well aware that he looked ravishing.  Peachie, on the other hand, was less than enthused about being a bride; but still, she made an effort to cooperate.  ;)
After the cats were sure that they’d had enough of us, we headed outside to do a few shots of Heidi and Brent in and around their awesome yard!
Walking around here made me want to sell our house and move out to the country immediately…it’s just so beautiful!
Also, right behind their house….amazing.  :)  I love this set so, so much.
I also love how much these two laugh together.  Many couples claim to be best friends, and they probably are, but it’s especially awesome when it’s obvious to the world.  :)
We stopped for a few shots next to these gorgeous white flowers behind their house, and a beautiful butterfly landed pretty close by, so I took his picture, too.  I’m kind of afraid of butterflies due to a traumatizing childhood experience (I’ll tell you the story if you ask), but it always amazes me that I’m able to almost forget about the phobia when I have a camera in my hand…odd.  The first two in this set are my absolute faves.
Then, we decided to head down the road a little bit to some neighboring woods…a middle of the road shot seemed only fitting.  ;)
There’s something so magical about shooting in the woods at dusk…
See what I mean?  Pure magic!  I want this shot hanging on the wall of our meeting space – that’s how much I love it.
This was the last shot we took before we had to call it a night due to being eaten alive by mosquitoes!!  But, it was totally worth it for the end result.  Fun, fun, fun.  :)

Heidi and Brent – thanks for having us out to your house for part II!! We had a great time, and please know that photographing those cats in costume was absolutely one of the highlights of my whole life. Can’t wait for the wedding!! See you soon! – J + B :)

  • miquel SAYS...

    loveee the kitty pics. adorable!!

  • Kate SAYS...

    Beautiful shots and HILARIOUS kitties :-D

  • Jennifer @QueenCityBride SAYS...

    Love these!

  • Heidi SAYS...

    P.S. I adore the one of Brent giving me a kiss on the cheek. It’s so us! <3

  • Heidi SAYS...

    OMG! LOVE LOVE LOVE! These are amazing. Just like with the first session, you guys have an extreme talent for capturing emotion. Cannot wait to see the rest :) Thank you a hundred times over :)