jamie + andrew (and benjamin, too!)

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We are straight up IN LOVE with springtime right now. Loving the sunshine, the colors, the flowers…and, definitely the spring engagement sessions!! Jamie and Andrew’s session was particularly awesome, because the location was unbelievably beautiful, and the weather was super-cooperative. They chose Letchworth State Park as their location because it has a special significance to them, and we, of course, happily agreed, as it is (hands down) the most breathtaking park around these parts. Jamie explained to me that all major life events throughout their relationship have been marked by a visit to Letchworth (first date, proposal, pregnancy, new house, etc.), so it only made sense to have it be the backdrop for the pictures that will mark another major life event for them!

Jamie and Drew have the most adorable son, Benjamin, (which is a great name, by the way) and naturally, they wanted him to take part in their session; so we met up with the three of them on a sunny April afternoon for a little bit ‘o fun!

I love how much Benjamin looks like his Mama in this first one…seriously, they have the exact same smile  :)

adorable family portraits taken at sunset

mother looks lovingly at her young son in family photo

the perfect family portrait at Letchworth State Park

black and white portrait of little boy looking away from camera

family of three takes photo on plaid blanket
I love, love, LOVE this shot of Ben’s – family fun with leaves!!!
photo of young parents swinging son between them as they walk through leaves

little boy plays on a slide at Letchworth State Park
By this point, the little man is warmed up, and starts HAMMING it up for the camera!!  Soooo cute!  :)
little boy and parents unique pose for family portraits

camera focused on young boy with parents in background

family portrait shot from ground level

family portrait using Yankee hats as props

dad holds son up in the air and both are laughing
A few “engagement session-y” shots of our bride-and-groom to be…
bride to be rests head on her groom while he looks at the sunset

black and white photo of bride to be hugging future groom

bride and groom looking off into the distance together

black and white close up of bride and groom at Letchworth State Park

Jamie and Drew, thanks SO much for hanging out with us at Letchworth! You were all so great to work with, and we’re so glad we got to meet Benjamin before the wedding – what a cutie!! Can’t wait to do this again with you guys in just a couple months!

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  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Awww, Jamie, you are so welcome! It was completely our pleasure to spend some time with you guys. We’re soooo happy to hear that you love your photos – that makes our whole day, week, and month! See you guys at the wedding! :)

  • Jamie SAYS...

    Jenn & Ben, thank you so much!! We love them. I especially love the photos of my Benny. :) He looks as handsome as I knew he would! You captured his personality perfectly! You two rock, thanks again! See you soon!!