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In preparation for all of the awesome e-sessions that we will be shooting this coming Spring and Summer, we have already started compiling a list of new places to shoot. One of the most exciting things for us as photographers is getting to shoot in a place we’ve never been before, and e-shoots give us the freedom to do that, since most of our couples rely on our location suggestions.  We are so psyched about this list, and all of the new places we will get to explore!  You may be wondering why I’m babbling on about nothing related to this gorgeous couple, but the list came to mind because this session was our first time shooting in the adorable town of Canandaigua, NY, and we loved it.  Jamie and JC live in the Rochester area, and asked if we had any suggestions for shoot locations around there, so we suggested Sonnenberg Gardens – a place we had been wanting to shoot for a while.  They were all about it, so that’s where we met up to start their session!  Jamielyn and JC are one of our fabulous couples who are getting married in 2012.  Their wedding is in April, and we can’t wait to be a part of it!  These two are so super cute, so easy to work with, and so in love – exactly the kind of couple that makes us LOVE what we do.

Sonnenberg Gardens is breathtaking, and we would definitely shoot there again, but hopefully, the next time will be a bit different.  The only downside we experienced with shooting there was having to be followed around the grounds by two chaperones, who closely monitored our every movement.  Obviously, we weren’t doing anything wrong, but it’s hard enough to be physically affectionate in front of two photographers.  Having two additional gawkers staring at you as you try to look completely natural while making out next to a rose bush with a huge camera in your face, does not foster a comfortable situation.  Jamie and JC were natural regardless, and didn’t seem to care about the onlookers, but we were highly, highly annoyed.  Just being honest.  Having said all that, I’m still eager to shoot there again.  It really is incredible.  I was excited to learn that Sonnenberg does weddings!  I can only imagine the gorgeousness.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed…maybe someday.  :) 
This is one of my favorites from our time at Sonnenberg.  These two are just ridiculously photogenic.
After we were done at the Gardens, we headed over to this really cool little “boathouse” area, just a short drive away.  It was our first time visiting Canandaigua, but apparently, these little boathouses are a local landmark.  It’s definitely a very cool area to shoot, and we lucked out with some amazing pre-sunset light.
This is another favorite of mine…the reflection of all the boathouses in the water is just stunning!
From the boathouse area, we found a cute little waterfront park to hang out in.  :)
I know I don’t even have to say it, but Jamie is going to be a GORGEOUS bride…seriously.
For our last shot of the evening, I let Ben go all out with the circus pony lighting, and create this other-worldly magical tree.  This look was created with 4 strobes and 3 different colored filters, and this is pretty much exactly how it looked right out of the camera.  I added a tiny bit of fill light, but that’s it.  No, it’s not very “natural-looking,” but isn’t it an eye-grabber?  ;)  LOVE.

Jamie and JC – thank you so very much for giving us the opportunity to shoot in an awesome new location! We had so much fun getting to know you guys a little bit, and can’t WAIT for the wedding in April! WOO HOO!! Looking forward to seeing you both again soon! Much love! -J + B :)

  • Ashley SAYS...

    These photos are absolutely amazing!! Can’t wait for April :)

  • Jamielyn SAYS...

    YAY! you guys are the best :) we absolutely love all the photos, couldn’t be happier!! thanks for being so talented, we can’t wait to see the masterpieces you’ll create at our wedding! but we’ll always cherish these pics… especially to remember the shirtless old man that riding by us on his bike LOL