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What a fun session this was!! The weather was in no mood for our cheerfulness that day, but no one seemed to care. We used to always try and reschedule shoots whenever it was the least bit rainy or yucky out, but over the years we’ve learned how to work both with and around crappy weather, and still get awesome shots. This was one of those days when the rain, wind, and cold kept trying to get in our way, but we weren’t having it. Instead, we had a blast hanging out with Jill and Bob! They were such troopers…their willingness to put up with all of our crazy ideas was really what made this shoot so great. We are so, so excited to be a part of their wedding day! We already know that it’s going to be an awesome time (rain or shine!!). ;)

Jill and Bob really wanted some shots on the walkway that goes under the Peace Bridge. They have spent time there together, walking and running, and it’s also where they got engaged! It’s holds very special meaning to them, so in spite of the weather, we were determined to make it work. I have never figured out exactly what the proper name for it is. Break wall running path? Lake Erie walk way? I don’t know, but it was COLD out there, and windy. SUPER windy. But, two people who are as much in love as these two are, wouldn’t even notice. Just look at those happy, freezing faces!!  I love these so much.

Our next stop was the Historical Society to grab some shots with the fabulous pillars.  Luckily, it wasn’t raining here, and the wind wasn’t nearly as crazy as it was on the lake!
I love this one…definitely one of my favorites!
These two are just adorable!!
When you’re working in the rain, you have to get creative, so you tend to look at underpasses in a whole new light.  :)  I actually really love the way these turned out!
Random breaks in the rain allowed us to grab some uncovered shots, which made us very happy.
But, then it started POURING, and we needed an indoor location on super short notice.  Did you know that there are pretty awesome subway stations in Buffalo?  Neither did I.  But, Ben insisted that we could shoot in one of these stations while waiting for the rain to let up, and what a great idea that was.  These are such fun shots (florescent lighting and all…eeeeeeekkk!!!)!!
Another break in the rain took us to Allentown for these fun shots.  (Can you see me in the third one down?)  And, then, we headed over to the Theatre District to make use of the covered alleyway!  Jill had an idea for their Save the Date, and came prepared with a giant box of sidewalk chalk.  Ben had fun coloring, too!  ;)

Jill and Bob – you guys are the best! It’s so awesome that you didn’t let a little wind and rain bring you down…you look so happy in these photos!! Thanks for being such amazing troopers, and running all around the city with us! We had such a great time, and we really are SO excited for the wedding!! WOO HOOOOO!!! Can’t wait!! See you soon! Much love, J + B :)

  • whitney SAYS...

    Great photos. That walkway is called the Bird Island Pier :)

  • Joy SAYS...

    I just love all your “crazy ideas”! What a beautiful couple and what a beautiful photo shoot. I don’t know where to start complimenting the awesome photos, the subway, the records/CDs, the brick wall, all of them are so cool. Great work!

  • Jill and Bob SAYS...

    Jenn and Ben, we can’t say thank you enough for taking these photos for us. They are better than we could have ever dreamed of having. We truly feel that we found the best of the best, and our perfect match when we found you guys! Thanks again, SO much, and we can’t wait for the wedding!

  • Irina SAYS...

    Beautiful job!! What a cute couple :)