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Julie and Pete have the honor of being our last blog post of 2010!!

Over the years, we’ve shot sooooo many different sessions at Chestnut Ridge, but it never gets boring or repetitive to shoot there. The stone work throughout the park is amazing, and there are so many unique features. It will always be one of our “go-to” spots for amazing photos. Julie and Pete flew in from North Carolina back in October to take care of some wedding-related biz, which included an e-shoot with Jenn and Ben Ayres!  We met up with these two lovebirds on an indecisively rainy day (you know, the kind of day where the weather can’t make up its mind), and although it did pour a few times, we worked around the rain, and had an AWESOME session!  The foliage in the park was at its peak that weekend, and the colors were just spectacular.  Oh, and people in love are spectacular, too.  ;)

This is one of those unique features of the park.  There are random little playgrounds all over, some of them hidden from immediate view, which is super cool.  In all of the sessions we’ve shot here, this was the first time we used this particular little playground area.  Vintage-y playground equipment = AWESOME.

LOVE this shot of Ben’s!  :)
After the swings, we wandered over to this gorgeous little spot, and played around with some different lighting styles.
This is one of my faves…
This shot of Ben’s is GORGEOUS.  As you can see, it was just starting to sprinkle…and then, it started to pour like a motha’ and we had to run for cover.
We headed on over to the Casino area for a while to escape the rain and play around with some of the cool features of the building…like this awesome window, for example.  :)
The rain kept stopping and starting, which gave us some pretty amazing sky here and there.  Oh, and how gorgeous is Julie, by the way??  Isn’t she stunning?  Wow, wow, wow.
I cannot express how much I LOVE couples who are willing to stand in the rain (and it was really coming down in this shot)!!  You guys ROCK!  I love these next two shots – the first one is mine, and the black and white shot is Ben’s.  I look at these two similar yet WAY different shots, and I think about how much I love shooting with Ben.  We can both be looking in the exact same direction, but somehow, we manage to see things so differently, and I love that.  :)

A little dramatic lighting inside the Casino…LOVE these.

You guys are just adorable.  :)

The toboggan runs are a Chestnut Ridge “must-have” shot.

Stormy skies are so lovely.  :)

So, for something different that we’ve never done before at Chestnut Ridge, we headed over to what we like to call the grate bridge, to try out some crazy lighting.  We lit the underside of the bridge to create some cool-looking patterns, and moved the front and back lights around to switch up the look of things a bit.  We’re totally in love with these turned out.  The last one in this set is begging to be printed on a large canvas wrap, and hung on a wall for all to see…it’s stunning.  :)

Julie and Pete – you guys are AWESOME!! Thanks so much for putting up with our craziness, and letting us run all around you like lunatics with all kinds of lights and stuff.  You two were so much fun to work with, you’re going to be such a gorgeous bride and groom, and we can’t wait!!  :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!!  I’m about to go get ready for the super-cheesy “ball-drop” in our own little Village of Hamburg.  See you all in 2011!!

  • Julie + Pete SAYS...

    We love them! I especially liked playing “find Ben” in the pictures. I found him in the background of one of the casino shots, and found one of you in the reflection in my eye! I can’t wait to see the rest! Thanks again for working with us in the not so wonderful weather!!