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“Love is friendship set on fire.” – Jeremy Taylor

We met up with Kait and TJ at the Erie Basin Marina for a super fun e-session full of smiles, laughter, and more laughter. Spend any amount of time with these two, and prepare to smile…a LOT. They are so darned cute together that you won’t be able to help yourself – I swear.

What I love most about this adorable couple is how obvious their friendship is to the rest of the world. Yes, of course they’re in love (unquestionably in love), as all couples who are about to get married generally are, but it’s the friendship piece that really stands the test of time, and keeps your hearts tightly bound together.  Ben and I have been together for nearly five years (married for nearly three of those five), and I can tell you that without the close friendship that we have had since day one, this ship would have sank long ago.  It’s that close friendship that actually makes me fall in love with him over and over again, day after day, year after year.  Life is crazy, people…that’s a fact; but, going through all of it with your very best friend by your side makes the whole ride more enjoyable and just a little bit easier.  Kait and TJ can make each other laugh with just a look, they smile at each other constantly, and they have a crazy amount of fun just being together, sitting on the same rock – clearly, they are the best of buds, and I love it.  :)

Also, Kaitlyn is absolutely gorgeous.  ;)
We had a ton of fun shooting around the Marina…the tree shadows were killer, and the view of the city from where we were is pretty incredible!
I love this shot of Ben’s.  We were SOOOOO not supposed to be standing on that dock, but Ben doesn’t give a flying fig about rules/signs/most laws – if it looks like an awesome shot, he’s going to take it, and I typically stand off to the side saying, “Ummmm….hurry up, BEN, we’re not supposed to be here…are you sure it’s okay, are you sure?!”  He’s never sure, and it’s never okay, but his philosophy has always been, “just act like you’re supposed to be there, and no one will bother you.”  God only knows what situation we’ll be in when that flawed philosophy finally backfires…ah well…all of that to say, I think these shots by the boats RULE (even though we were not allowed to stand there…technically).
No one actually shooed us away this time (it’s happened before in this same spot), but I often wonder how far Ben would take the whole “I’m supposed to be here” ruse if actually confronted.  “Yes, yes, I’m a slip holder…that’s my boat down at the end…it’s the little invisible one.”  
Another shot of Ben’s that I love…taken in a place that we WERE supposed to be.  ;)
The lookout tower/lighthouse thingy at the Marina is architecturally awesome to shoot.  The idiot kids who were dropping huge lougies on us from the top of the tower?  Not so awesome.  Love these first three shots a TON, though!!  After these, we had to shuffle off or risk being spat upon…lovely Buffalonian youths…they were lucky they were all the way on the top floor, and that I was carrying heavy crap.
After the Marina, we headed over to our other favorite spot by the water that I mentioned a couple of posts ago.  Love this spot!
We lucked out with an absolutely amazing sunset…breathtaking.  :)
Just after the sun sank behind the horizon, we wandered up to this beauty, who was busy grazing the fields.  
After the sun was down completely, we set up some off camera lights and got straight to magic-making!
Ok, this is one of Ben’s creations, and my jury is still deliberating, but you have to admit, there’s something about it that catches your eye!  Wowza!  ;)

Kait and TJ – thanks so much for spending some time with us and our cameras! We had a blast getting to know you guys a little bit – you’re an awesome couple! Can’t wait until October!! Much love! – J + B ;)

  • Melissa SAYS...

    Beautiful pictures Kait – you look gorgeous :) Best wishes to you both!

  • Mike SAYS...

    I love the composition of the one in color on this group https://www.ayresphoto.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/buffaloengagementphotography022.jpg

    great set as always!

  • Kate SAYS...

    WOWZAH! What a gorgeous shoot – it’s always a fun post when I keep scrolling and saying “that’s my favorite… no, THAT’s my favorite, wait, no THAT one!” Lovely lovely lovely!

  • Jennifer @QueenCityBride SAYS...

    The last three shots kill!!!!

  • Stephanie SAYS...

    I LOVE the sunset shots… something about a buffalo sunset that makes everything that much more beautiful. Beautiful words in your blog too. You guys are awesome.

  • Debbie Wichrowski SAYS...

    I am still speechless. I am clearly moved by these beautiful pics. I love them all. And I love the people in them.

  • Kathleen SAYS...

    Love that last shot (and all the others), but come on it is purple and romantic :)! How can you not love it? :)

  • Katie SAYS...

    Ok…that third to last photo…the flash silhouette is AMAZING!!!! OMG! And I literally awwwwed out loud at the deer photo. This was an amazing shoot!

  • Kait SAYS...

    YAY!!!! We loooooove them! Thank you so much! They’re beautiful photos and we couldn’t be happier.

  • Wendy SAYS...

    I love the black & white of them on the rocks, just looking at each other, and the closeup of him kissing her and she’s smiling/laughing. Beautiful. I like her dress too! Great coordination on the outfits. :)