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“Write on your heart that every day is the best day of the year.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Kate and Afton’s e-shoot was the second of our three shoots in Boston, MA, and we had an absolutely amazing time exploring the city with them.  The heat during this shoot was literally the most intense thing we’ve ever experienced, and although it’s true that these two are definitely smokin’ hot, I am referring to the 100+ degree temperatures (with 99.9% humidity) that we were working in.  Sweet-mother-of-god was it ever HOT.  I think we were actually delirious at a few points during the shoot (heatstroke?).  The fact that we managed to have a ridiculously fun time is a true testament to what an incredible couple Kate and Afton are, and we are beyond excited to hang with them again at their wedding next June.  :)

We met up with this adorable couple at their apartment in Brighton, and grabbed a few quick shots there before we ventured out into the big city.  I love these so much!  What a great way to remember the first chapter of their lives together…so adorable!

Kate and Afton met while attending Tufts University, so they wanted some shots around campus.  We absolutely LOVE getting to shoot in new places; especially amazing ones like this with so much to offer, so needless to say, we had ourselves a great time at Tufts. 
This is Jumbo the Elephant, the official Tufts mascot.  I googled him…he has quite a history.  ;)
This is one of my favorites of Kate rocking her supermodel look.  ;)
We fell in love instantly with this giant old tree…so beautiful!
I am completely smitten with the last shot in this set…awesome lines!
There’s a fabulous view of the city from the roof garden area….just fabulous.
How cute are these two together?  Seriously….aren’t they just adorable??  They look perfect together, and if you know them, then you know that they actually are perfect together in every way.
So after we were done shooting around the Tufts campus, we headed further into the city for some awesome night shots.  At this point in the shoot, the heat had severely wilted our brains, so I don’t exactly remember where we were here…somewhere in the North End, I think…somewhere beautiful, obviously.  I’m pretty sure we were officially delirious during this segment of the shoot, but we had so much fun with our new buddies, Kate and Afton.  :)

I love all of the night shots so insanely much…they remind me of the fun we had and the crazy adventures we shared that night, but mostly, they remind me of how freaking amazing summer nights are… stifling heat and all. 

Kate got us up onto her friend’s rooftop, which was an adventure in itself, but WELL worth the craziness…
…clearly.  :)

Kate and Afton – thank you so much for hanging out with us in that ridiculous heat! It was truly a night to remember. We had an amazing time with you guys, and we’re so psyched to see you again! Can’t wait for the wedding!! Much love to you both! – J + B :)

  • miquel SAYS...

    the rooftop pics are amazing!!!

  • Katie SAYS...

    The first and last night shots are my fav….what a gorgeous couple:)

  • Kate SAYS...

    Oh. My. Goodness. Gracious!

    Jenn and Ben, thank you so much for braving the Boston heat with us! It makes me want to crank the A/C just thinking about it, and yet these shots somehow look effortless and don’t betray the buckets of sweat we all experienced that day!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these, thank you!!!

  • Mike SAYS...

    These are amazing. I love the night time shots. Really nice work again!