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Kate and Dan had every good intention of having a beautiful winter e-session, and technically they did, but sadly, due to the temperature that day (it was BARELY in the double digits!!), none of us lasted very long outside. Instead of romping through the beautiful white, fluffy snow, our eyes were watering uncontrollably, our fingers and toes lost all sensation, and we had trouble forming words with our frozen faces! Because of these unusual circumstances, we decided to reconvene in the spring for another quick session, and I am SOOOOOO glad we did. I love winter sessions just as much as everyone else, but if my shutter finger is frozen solid, I cannot do my job to the best of my ability! So, the second time around, we met at one of my favorite locations in the world, Tifft Nature Preserve, for a lovely springtime photo session, and this time, I did a much better job at forming words. ;) Another bonus to the two part session was that we got to spend even more time getting to know these two fantastic people!

Part one of Kate and Dan’s session took place at the Niagara Falls Aquarium, which is definitely a fun little place…and it was warm inside, which was a little slice of heaven on a 12 degree day.  Also, the blue tile wall on the outside of the building was perfect!

Then, we attempted to go to Niagara Falls, which was absolutely beautiful, but NOT something I would recommend unless it’s at LEAST 30 degrees out.  My ears hurt just thinking about it.  So pretty, though, right?!
Then, we have part two – the springtime session.  :)  
I love this shot so much.  Actually, I love this hill so much.  It’s truly one of my favorite spots to shoot in all of Buffalo.
Kate and Dan – you guys are AWESOME. We had a blast and a half photographing you…..twice!! Can’t wait for lucky number three in just a few short weeks! Hooray!!!