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This shoot ROCKED. Amazing location + an amazing couple = pure brilliance. We loved every minute of it. :)

We met up with Kim and Josh for their engagement session in Brockport, NY, which sounds kind of random, but it’s really not. They met while attending SUNY Brockport, so when they suggested the campus as a potential location for their shoot, we were all about it! If the location of the photos is meaningful, it makes them that much more special in the long run. Neither of us had really gotten to explore this campus before, but after having seen it, I can honestly say that it’s one of the nicest SUNY campuses I’ve seen to date. There were just too many different “usable” areas for engagement photos…we had a tough time restraining ourselves from stopping to take a shot every three feet! So, Kim and Josh will end up with about a zillion different backgrounds in their photos…hopefully, they don’t mind too much. ;)

We started out in this absolutely stunning and serene park. There was literally no one else there, which is always helpful, but what the photos do not reveal are the swarms of gross little bugs that were non stop attacking us – they sucked big time. Of course, Kim and Josh are so awesome, that you’d never even know we were being swarmed if I hadn’t told…they were excellent subjects!!

couple poses against a tree in a scenic park

a couple sits on a log in the middle of the peaceful woods

couple poses for engagement photo against a tree surrounded by nature
Yes, I took off my shoes to wade out into this creek for the perfect angle, and I am oh so glad I did.  The whole time I was out there, I was thinking, “Please no water snakes, please no water snakes…”  Ever since Ben saw a rather LARGE snake (I am not exaggerating – it looks like it escaped from the zoo) in the creek across the street from us, I have been totally freaked out about walking barefoot in rivers and streams.
a couple dangles their legs over the water while sitting on a fallen log

a couple stands barefoot in a creek holding each other romantically

engaged couple looks loving into each others eyes while standing barefoot in the river
Awesome train tracks that run through the campus…
engaged couple walks along the train tracks behind SUNY Brockport
My FAVORITE of Ben’s from this shoot…LOVE
groom holds bride up in the air on train track behind SUNY Brockport

engaged couple looks into each others eyes under a gorgeous flowering tree
And then, we happened upon this amazing-ness…an awesome circle of GIANT statues with a cool carved-looking ball thing-y in the center of it all – who could ask for anything more?
amazing statues at SUNY Brockport campus lit with the setting sun

storyboard of engaged couple posing amongst the statues at SUNY Brockport

engaged couple sits on the ground opposite each other on the Brockport campus

powerful pose for engagement photos of Brockport couple

kim and josh met while attending SUNY Brockport and are now having their engagement photos taken there
Couldn’t resist…
photographer uses natural framing to capture engaged couple kissing for photo
Kim gets the Ayres Photography award for “most perfect jump while continuing to look like you’re having your picture taken” – she’s a freakin’ PRO-fessional jumper!!!

kim jumps for joy at the thought of getting to marry josh

bride and groom lay on grass and look up at camera for engagement photo
engaged couple poses with retro looking pinwheels in front of their faces
We were having so much fun hanging out with these guys, that it managed to get dark without any of us realizing it!

Ben is the master of back lighting.  He can back light the crap out of anything, and make it look SWEET.  You totally made these next two shots awesome, Ben…(I love you)!

dramatic black and white photo of couple posing back to back against a back lit brick wall

black and white close up of engaged couple just about to kiss

Kim and Josh – we had so much fun hanging out with you guys! Thanks for “workin’ it” hard in front of our cameras – you have awesome photos to show for it! We can’t WAIT for the wedding…Basilica here we come!!

  • shannon SAYS...

    love love these pictures! especially the close up kiss one (very last one); truly a magical moment captured, once again :) phenomenal!

  • Josh M SAYS...

    The pictures are awesome! Had so much fun at the session you guys did a great job. Can’t wait for the rest. See you at the wedding!

  • Davud Burtonbush SAYS...

    I was Kim and Josh’s roommate all through college and these pictures practically made me Cry Amazing Job Amazing Location Amazing Pictures and of course an Amazing location

  • Josh Stefanides SAYS...

    The pictures look great! You folks did a wonderful job. What a jump Kim!

  • Yvonne M. SAYS...

    What a neat location for the shoot! Loved the variety of black and white vs. color ones and the different angles…Nice job Josh and Kim! Can’t wait to see the amazing shots at the wedding!

  • Kim SAYS...

    I love the pictures! You guys did an awesome job! Josh and had so much fun!

  • Jackie O SAYS...

    Really great job guys! The location looks great and these two seemed like naturals!

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Awwww!! You are too cute, Stephanie! Thank you so SO much for commenting! We truly appreciate your support. ;)

  • Stephanie SAYS...

    this is all kim and i have been talking about at work… we love you guys!! my favorite engagement photo session yet!!