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We met up with Kim and Sean a couple weeks ago, for a short ‘n’ sweet engagement session at Glen Falls Park in Williamsville. It had been raining that whole day, and we thought for sure that it wasn’t going to stop for us; but amazingly, as soon as they showed up, the sun came out and it turned into a gorgeous day! We have been so lucky with weather lately. :)

Glen Falls is such a gorgeous park, and pretty much the perfect place for a photo session of any kind.  There are tons of flowering trees in the Spring, graceful weeping willow trees (my favorite), and of course, the old, rickety-looking, red mill, which is an excellent contrast to the natural beauty surrounding it.

We decided to start out at the HUGE weeping willow near the park’s entrance, where we took this very classic shot…

engaged couple sits on a plaid blanket under a weeping willow tree
I love this sequence, and I love it even more in black and white!  :)
two black and white photos of an engaged couple being affectionate in front of a rock wall
The flowering trees in this park are pure PERFECTION (not quite as perfect as this adorable couple, however)…
bride to be shows off her stunning ring under a fuchsia flowering tree

black and white engagement photography of couple sitting under tree

engaged couple lovingly looks into each others eyes during engagement photo session

unique shot of bride and groom standing on a rock during their engagement session
See what I mean about this old mill?  It adds something so striking to the landscape of the park.  I absolutely LOVE these next two…
couple faces each other in front of old red mill in williamsville NY

striking a pose at a high fashion engagement session in glen falls park

photo of couple sitting on a park bench using leaves and branches as a natural frame
A couple more perspectives on the old red mill…we both really LOVED the shadows in these next two.
the old red mill in glen falls park in williamsville is a great place for engagement photos

stunning black and white photo of an engaged couple standing under a deck with natural light shadows
Even though we could have shot around the mill all day long (not an exaggeration), it would have been completely insane to not get a few shots in front of these falls.  There’s something so romantic about waterfalls…I have no idea what, but there’s definitely something.  ;)
bride and groom share a passionate hug while standing on a bench in front of glen falls
I’ve been holding on to this antique, wooden picture frame for a while…waiting for the perfect adorable couple to “frame” with it.  These two met my requirements for adorable-ness all the way!!
using props in engagement photos can sometimes be a very good thing

Kim and Sean – Thanks so much for spending some time with us at Glen Falls Park! You guys are such a great couple, and we can’t wait for the wedding!! See you soon! :)

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Yay!! We’re so glad you like them!! You guys are such a cute couple. :)

  • Kim SAYS...

    Thanks Jenn and Ben! The photos look awesome! I love the photo with the frame. :-)