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A couple weeks ago, we got to spend the day with our fabulous couple, Krista and Matt, touring wineries in Niagara on the Lake, sampling delicious wines, hanging out and having a blast, laughing a LOT, and taking some awesome photos. It was definitely a fun-filled day to remember!

We started out at Konzelmann Estate Winery, which is an absolutely gorgeous location.  We got super lucky with the weather – this blue sky was incredible!!  The construction going on behind the main building made for some pretty sweet shots, too.

niagara on the lake engagement photo session
The inside of Konzelmann was pretty cool, too…lots of fun places to shoot.  :)
winery engagement photos
We did a little bit of wine tasting!  The staff at Konzelmann were all super friendly, and made some great recommendations as to what we should sample.  They were all super delicious!  When Krista shared that they were there to have engagement photos taken, they were quick to congratulate her and whip out this glass stiletto filled with some type of delicious nectar.  It was only then that I learned from Krista what the term “shoot the boot” meant.  Apparently, I’ve been living a very sheltered life!
After we left Konzelmann, we drove along the beautiful, winding roads to head to the next winery; but, we definitely stopped for a few shots along the way!  There was this perfect clump of trees, with perfect sunlight filtering through them that forced us to pull over.  LOVE these!!
The next winery we hit up was Colaneri Estate Winery, which was a whole different kind of awesome.  Concrete everything?  Yes, please.
The “oak barrel” room was a real treat for all of us, thanks to our wonderful tour guide, Betty!!  Seriously?  How gorgeous is this couple?

The stainless steel barrels were pretty cool, too.  (Oh, and the wine that comes out of these barrels?  Let’s just say that you should plan a trip to Colaneri in the very near future…ummmmm, DELISH.)

Our next stop was a delicious dinner at Shaw Cafe and Wine Bar (best falafel sandwich EVER),  and then on to the waterfront for more good times.  :)
Our last stop of the day was the village of Niagara on the Lake for a few night shots.  This is one of my favorites – LOVE it!

Krista and Matt – what a fun session this was!!! We had a such a great time hanging out with you guys, and can’t wait to do it again in August – you two are the biz-omb!! See you soon! ;)

  • Mike SAYS...

    Love this shoot! Like what you are doing with the colored lights :)

  • Matt Lehde SAYS...

    These are awesome! Thank you again, we had a great time…can’t wait for the wedding.