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One of the best parts of this job is getting to continually discover new places around Buffalo that we never even knew existed. Kristan and Dan put a lot of thought into choosing a location for their engagement session; they knew they wanted a cool backdrop for the photos, and they definitely wanted to include their adorable dog. About two weeks before their scheduled photo session, Kristan sent us an email to let us know that they had found the perfect location – a sweet “island-park” in Tonawanda that would be an awesome backdrop for photos, and was completely dog friendly! We had never heard of the place, so we were pretty excited to see it. As soon as we got out of our car and walked over to the “island” bridge, we were like, “Uh…yes. This will definitely do.” It is an absolutely gorgeous place.

The first place we sat them down was under this beautiful tree in front of the creek, and we got some fantastic shots there.

Jenn’s version…

island-park in Tonawanda engagement

and Ben’s version.
black and white photography

As soon as we saw this swing, we were all about using it.
shot of the swing

and in full color

This park had the most unique stone pavilions and random stonework – even more unique than Chestnut Ridge (and I am obsessed with Chestnut Ridge). Needless to say, we couldn’t resist popping Kristan and Dan into a few of these spots…well, maybe more than a few. Ok, ok…we may have had them moving from one super-cool spot to the next like they were hot potatoes; but, they were totally laid back about it, which was awesome.

Chestnut Ridge photo

engagement couple

romantic hideout

autumn shot

So there we were, strolling around the park, when we happened upon what is only the MOST PERFECT ABANDONED, BROKEN-DOWN CASTLE-LIKE FORTRESS in the whole entire UNIVERSE!!!!

FORTRESS b&w version

shot from another perspective

couple's detail

a kiss

more kisses

Seriously, amazing…
amazing photo

more amazing photos

not done with amazing :)

And just when we thought things couldn’t possibly be more perfect, we headed over to UB North for the second part of the shoot. Kristan and Dan both went to UB, and originally wanted to do part of their session at UB South, but we kinda tried to convince them that North Campus would be better for photos. We’re pretty happy with the results. Here are some of our favorites that “made the cut” for blog display:
North Campus

North Campus - colorless

North Campus - colorfull

jumping joy

professional photography

engagement photography

We had quite a disagreement about this next one. I didn’t think it should make the “cut,” but Ben was insistent that it be posted; so, I gave in. I guess we’ll have to rely on public opinion to settle the dispute – feel free to comment…
amazing colors

We’ll end with what was probably my favorite shot of the day. Yes, we really did haul all of our camera gear into the UB Law Library as if nothing unusual were occurring, but I am so in love with this shot of Ben’s… ?
fish eye kiss

Kristan and Dan, thank-you so much for being so easy to work with! You guys are awesome, and we can’t wait until your wedding!