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Last weekend, we met up with Kristen and Brian for their engagement session at the Utica Train Station. We were both really looking forward to this shoot, but I was particularly excited, due to the fact that good ol’ Utica, NY is my hometown, and no matter what people have to say about the city of Utica, I will always love it. It has stunning architecture, amazingly delicious food, and most importantly, it is overflowing with kind, generous, warm people. Kristen and Brian are a perfect example of the type of people that make Utica such a great city; and, the Utica Train Station is a location that would make any photographer swoon with delight. It’s very similar to the Buffalo Central Terminal in its design and splendor, except for the minor detail of it still being a well-maintained, fully functional train station. It is an architectural gem; the kind of place that makes me proud to say that Utica, NY is my hometown.

So, needless to say, we had a great shoot with Kristen and Brian; and, we’re super psyched to be shooting their wedding this coming July! Can’t wait!! :)

It was bitterly cold that day (no big surprise there), so we did the majority of their session inside the station, which is quite obviously an AWESOME place for engagement photography. Ben grabbed this shot at the entrance to the train platform…LOVE it!

utica ny train station
Everything inside the station is covered with marble: floors, walls, SWEET wooden benches…
utica train station engagement photos

train station engagement session

kristen and brian - engagement photos
Vintage-y ticket counter? CHECK!
utica wedding photographers
Then, we popped outside for a few quick shots on the platform. I could not have been more thrilled about the big, fluffy snowflakes that lightly drifted down into our shots…LOVE!
beautiful couple

romantic couple

utica ny wedding photography

happy photographers :)
Beautiful couple + perfect snowflakes = 2 very happy photographers
color photo

color photo

b&w photo

color photo

b&w photo
Kristen and Brian’s ridiculously adorable daughter, Abby, arrived at the train station just in time to pose for some photos!
adorable daughter
Part of our goal for this session was to take some shots that would resemble “old-time photo booth” pictures for Kristen and Brian’s “Save the Date” cards. We found the most perfect curtains EVER to use as a backdrop, pretended it was actually a photo booth, and took a whole bunch of great shots! This is a rough draft of the “photo booth strip” that we’ll be using in the design of the card…looks pretty authentic, no? :)
old-time photo booth

Kristen and Brian, we can’t thank you enough for being so much fun and so easy to work with. We’re so, so excited about your upcoming wedding, and feel incredibly honored to get to be a part of it! See you soon!

  • Doug SAYS...

    Best wishes to the happy couple. And yes, Kristen is a real doll. It’s great to see what a popular photo venue Union Station has become since it was cleaned up and restored: engagement and wedding photos, student photography, commercial work, and of course the railfan photographers.

  • Jess SAYS...

    I love the pics!!! They’re beautiful, you got some great shots!

  • Jamie SAYS...

    What a beautiful couple. What an artistic way to capture them. I love the one where she is posing on the marble window sill and where you are looking thrugh the metal hoops at the couple. They are both extremely photogenic.

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Thanks, Maggie! :)

  • Maggie SAYS...

    Hard to pick a favorite…. Bri and Kristen look great in all the pictures and I agree the “magic” is captured here as well.
    Very well done!

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Thanks, Mary! If there were a magical supermodel lens out there, we would definitely own it…lol!! Kristen is just ridiculously stunning! ;)

  • Mary Collea Manna SAYS...

    Wow…. very nice. I think the one with the snowflakes is my favorite too. Is there a lens out there that could make us all look as great as KJ????

  • Lou P SAYS...

    Nice job guys!! I like to color one of you two under the tracks with the suitcase in front. Of corse, your princess’ one is the BEST!

  • Raul Valdez, Jr. SAYS...

    Hey…she’s purrrrty! I like him too!

  • Michelle Warner SAYS...

    Amazing location and gorgeous photos that really capture the love and beauty of the couple. I have many favorites of the session!!!!!! Fun, playful, candid-a really nice variety of poses and shots!!!

  • Lea SAYS...

    Gorgeous pics! I love the setting & the happy couple looks amazing (ofcourse!) The ticket counter & platform pics are my fave!

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Thanks so much for your support! We’re looking forward to the wedding! :)

  • Marilyn SAYS...

    What a great bunch of pictures and an equally great place to take them. Pretty hard to pick the best, they are all so good.

    Great photography. Can’t wait to see your ideas at the wedding.

  • Sheila Tracy SAYS...

    Awesome pictures! you captured Brian and Kristen perfectly (and Abby too!) love them!!

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Awww, Kristen, we are SO happy that you love them! You guys are such an awesome couple, and truly a pleasure to work with. :)

  • Kristen SAYS...

    Love, Love, LOVE ’em!!! We had so much fun! Your artistic creative eye is Amazing!

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Thanks, Val! We totally got lucky with the snow! :)

  • Valarie SAYS...

    These look beautiful! The unexpected snowflakes were a great touch!!