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Lauren and Axel were our first e-session of 2012!! Every time I look at the images the four of us created during this session, I get so ridiculously excited for all that is to come this year.  :)

We had such an awesome time with these two, wandering around Buffalo and visiting some of our absolute favorite spots to shoot! It can be difficult to do an e-shoot in the Winter, because – let’s face it – it’s not always easy to be photographed outside in 28 degree weather and look like you’re having the time of your life; but, Lauren and Axel were amazing to work with, and didn’t complain even once about the bitter cold! Aren’t they just adorable?!

We started out at Delaware Park, which is always lovely in any season.  Lauren’s red coat was picture perfect!

When we all had our fill of the cold weather, we headed on over to Sweetness 7 to warm up for a little bit!!  What a cute place!  This was our first time visiting Sweetness 7 on Grant Street, and we were super impressed.  It’s so, so exciting to see Grant Street making a come back!  If you haven’t been there yet, you MUST go check it out!!  We hung out for a while, drank some delicious cocoa, and grabbed some shots of L and A enjoying their cocoa, which are some of my favorites from the whole day.  <3
Lauren made a little wooden sign for their Save the Date cards, so we played around with that for a while.  Super cute!!  Then, a few shots on the steps of City Hall.  
We’ve been really lucky this past year with being able to shoot in the Guaranty Building.  It is absolutely one of Buffalo’s most incredible buildings, and we are so thankful to the sweet security guard who allows us to come in and use the space on weekends.  He is amazing!!  We did a bunch of fun shots with creative lighting, and really had an awesome time shooting in there.
This is one of my favorites…I just love it.
The ceiling in the Guaranty Building is one of it’s best features, so we definitely had to incorporate that into our shots.  The soft, orange-yellow back light that Ben added was gorgeous, too.  :)
Our next indoor location was the Ellicott Square Building.  They have always been really nice about letting us shoot in there, too, which is fortunate, because it’s a fabulous building!
Our last stop was the other side of Delaware Park for a couple of quick night shots.  (It was freeeeeeezing!!!)

Lauren and Axel – you guys are so much fun!! Thank you for spending some time with us, for braving the freezing temps, and for introducing us to the deliciousness that is Sweetness 7! We’re so happy that you found us!! Much love, J + B :)

  • Jennifer @QueenCityBride SAYS...

    Love how many places you guys go! Also, there is something so great about a red coat in the snow!

  • Lauren Opsahl / Axel Heimer SAYS...

    We cannot thank Jenn and Ben enough for spending the day with us and taking such beautiful pictures. You both are phenomenal photographers, and just such genuinely good people. The fact that there was a little snow, yummy hot chocolate, and beautiful architecture didn’t hurt matters either. All and all, it was the perfect e-session and we could not be more thrilled!! xoxo Lauren and Axel

  • Kathleen SAYS...

    Oh my gosh! The lighting and the tree and they are adorable! What amazing photos! The black and white shots in the coffee shop are really awesome especially with her striped sweater. Super cute! That lighting thing in the black and white one toward the end is really cool too! Great job Jenn & Ben as always :)

  • Irina SAYS...

    haha I know I’ve said this a lot but really can’t say it enough.. you guys take such amazingly beautiful and creative photos!! Awesome job, as always :)