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“Few delights can equal the presence of someone we utterly trust.” – George MacDonald

Whenever we meet with a couple, we ask them a whole bunch of questions about them. How did they meet? Where did they meet? What’s their engagement story? What’s their favorite thing about each other? When did they realize they were with “the one?” The list of questions goes on and on, but you get the idea…we like to get to know our couples on a personal level so we can tell the story of their love through photos in the best and most accurate way possible. Every couple we work with has amazing things to say about each other and about their relationships. We’ve never met a couple who didn’t have awesome stories to share! But, my favorite stories are always the ones where one or the other will say, “well, we started out as friends.” I don’t know why I’m so moved by this phrase, but it gets me every time. I think it’s partly because that’s how we started out – as good friends and colleagues – so, I know what a solid foundation that is for a relationship, and it makes me happy whenever I hear that other people started out the same way. So, when I asked Lindsey how she and Chris met, and she said, “we were best friends for a long time before we started dating,” I was super happy. Getting to know these two has been absolutely awesome! We had a ridiculously fun time shooting their e-session, and can’t wait for their wedding in October! :)

Chris’s parents have the most amazing house and gardens, that they kindly allowed us use for the shoot.  There were adorable little garden-y things everywhere we looked, and we were loving it!  This next shot is one of my absolute favorites.  :)
The pond and canoe were especially fun.  ;)
We hung out and did a bunch of cool lit shots at just about every little archway and arbor that we saw (and there were many).
Then, when it got dark, we had some serious fun with lighting!  I love this shot…definitely another favorite of mine!
Of these next three shots, I can’t choose a favorite.  We had so much fun experimenting with light and running around like crazy people (well, to be fair, it was mostly Ben who was running around…and crazy), and we were so psyched that Lindsey and Chris let us just do our thing.  :)

Lindsey and Chris – thanks for being so awesome to work with! We truly had a great time shooting you guys, and getting to know you a little better. Thanks for trusting us with all that crazy lighting – we had a blast creating those shots! You guys ROCK, and we cannot wait for October!! See you soon! – J + B :)

  • Miquel SAYS...

    night shots are my FAVORITE!! … i love the quote at the start of the blog. you can tell this couple is best friends! great pics :)

  • Jennifer @QueenCityBride SAYS...

    Canoes and Trains are cool ;-)

  • Lindsey SAYS...

    I have no words….you captured the true essence of our relationship and the happiness we share together. These pictures are priceless and we are so blessed to have ever known the two of you. Thank you for creating new memories with us. We love you both.

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Thank you, Katie!! I loved the ones with the birdbath, too…a rocking chair and perfectly positioned birdbath in the woods is not something you stumble upon everyday, so I was excited. ;)

  • Katie SAYS...

    OOOO I love all the light shots! I love the intimacy of the 4th to last shot and I adore the ones in the woods with the bird bath! Gorgeous:)