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I’m starting to really dig the sports-related engagement sessions. I think it’s pretty cool when a couple can go to games together, and watch their favorite teams win together…that’s just adorable. :)

I wish I could be (and believe me, I have tried to be) one of those girls who is an actual sports fan. Not an “I’ll-pretend-to-like-sports-until-he-marries-me” kind of girl, but an actual sports fan. The kind of girl who pays attention enough to know who’s being traded to where, or which sport is played in which season, or even the kind of girl who loves football so much that she would sit in the nosebleed section at Ralph Wilson Stadium in the freezing cold, while the semi-incoherent drunk men behind her scream in her ear and spill beer on her head, just because she loves the game that much. Those girls are impressive, and I applaud them. Unfortunately, that’s just never going to be me sitting up there in those bleachers, all half-deaf and beer-soaked. I would rather spend my time elsewhere, I suppose. Is that wrong? Hopefully, no one will judge me.

Lindsey and Joe happen to be huge Sabres fans, (and I’m 100% positive that Lindsey is the actual kind of awesome sports fan I mentioned above), so they wanted to start off their session in front of the good ‘ol HSBC arena!

engaged couple poses for a picture on a hockey player bench outside of the HlSBC Arena
Love and Sabres jerseys…ADORABLE!
soon to be married couple holds each other for a photo during their engagement photo session at HSBC Arena

engagement photos taken of a couple of Sabres fans in downtown Buffalo
Standing on tiptoes is also ridiculously adorable…
bride to be stands on her tiptoes to kiss her very tall husband to be in front of the HSBC Arena
an engaged couple who loves the Buffalo Sabres jumps for joy for a photo during their engagement photo session
Shortly after the super fun jump shot, they changed out of their jerseys and we took a few more cool shots around the arena.
the HSBC Arena in downtown Buffalo has a very nice courtyard for engagement photos

engaged couple sitting on some rocks for a photo in front of the HSBC Arena parking garage

a unique close up of the bride to be's engagement ring during a photo shoot in downtown Buffalo
From the top of the parking garage next to the arena…gotta love the Buffalo News trucks in the background!!
engagement photo session on the roof of the HSBC Arena parking garage with the city in the background
Then, we went inside the parking garage, and played around with all the cool stuff in there for a while.  Awesome stairs…
sitting on some stairs in downtown Buffalo for an engagement photo session

an engaged couple poses for a photo during a photo session in downtown buffalo
Awesome circle thing-y…
using a circle in the HSBC parking garage as a natural frame during an engagement photo session

adorable engaged couple hangs out in a circle during their engagement photo session in downtown Buffalo
…awesome cables, and an AWESOME COUPLE!!!
sometimes it's ok to separate people in engagement photos as it creates good symmetry
The rain tried to crash our party, but we pressed on throughout the sprinkles to grab this sweet shot.  We were both loving the “Queen City” signage.
engagement photos being taken in downtown buffalo the queen city in the pouring rain

cute engaged couple poses for a photo in the rain with a green umbrella on the brick street near the HSBC Arena in downtown buffalo ny
I love this one of Ben’s!!  It started to rain a lot harder at this point, but Lindsey and Joe didn’t even care!  How great is that??  They are HARD CORE.
groom to be kisses his bride to be on the cheek during an engagement photo session in downtown buffalo
Raining, raining, raining…but, I love this shot (and I love the man who let us use his building)!!
awesome shot of engaged couple standing to the left of a classic car in its workshop in downtown buffalo ny
The sprinkles turned into monsoon like conditions, but we still decided to go check out the newer, more modern-looking lighthouse at the Marina.  We climbed up a billion flights of stairs to get there…no, I kid.  It was about 5 flights, but it felt like a billion.  :)
an engaged couple stands next to each other in the newer lighthouse at the downtown buffalo waterfront
It may have been a wild, wet, and windy storm outside, but these two hardly even noticed.  Now that’s TRUE LOVE!!  :)
gorgeous black and white close up of a soon to be married couple looking into each other's eyes

a couple cuddles during their stormy night engagement session in downtown Buffalo

gorgeous black and white engagement photo of a couple embracing in front of City Hall at night in Buffalo NY

Lindsey and Joe – thanks so much for being such a fabulous, easy-to-work-with couple!! We had a blast with you two, (in spite of the crazy weather), and look forward to seeing you both again in October! :)

  • Wendy SAYS...

    That shot of them in front of the building with the doors open & the car is a big-time winner!

  • chris SAYS...

    Success again!

  • Colleen SAYS...

    Awesome pictures!! There were so many I liked that I couldn’t pick a favorite!! The jumping one was pretty nice and LOVED the one in front of that man’s workshop!! Well done!!

  • Lindsey and Joe SAYS...

    Amazing pictures! Thanks for capturing “us” :) Great job-can’t wait until October!