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Of course it’s always great when our couples have a specific location in mind for their engagement session, but we love, love, love taking them to our favorite spots whenever we get the chance. The spot we suggested to Mallory and Andrew is definitely close to the top of our list for “favorite engagement session locations,” and we know it well, since it’s right near our house – the Eternal Flame. We have spent a lot of time at this gorgeous, natural wonder mainly because it’s a great place to take our dog for a run (and she has to run daily or she does very bad things), but also because it’s a beautiful spot for us to bring our cameras for some nature photography. Since we have taken zillions of photos along these trails and have a pretty good idea of where to find the best…everything, we thought it would be the perfect spot to suggest. So, Mallory and Andrew are getting married on a tropical island, those lucky ducks! But, we are the lucky ducks who get to take their engagement photos. They wanted a Fall engagement session, and a winter session, so there will be more of them to come soon enough!!

Before heading over to the Flame trail, we took a few shots in and around the Chestnut Ridge Casino (another one of our fave places).

Chestnut Ridge Casino

mallory + andrew

Then, we hopped in our cars and headed over to the trail! The first thing we saw was this beautifully lit area in the woods off the trail a bit, so we had to stop there.

in the woods

off the trail

A few more stops on the way down to the Flame…
I heart this one of Ben’s!
beautiful couple photo

romance is in the air
Mallory is beyond stunning…
beyond stunning

Aaaaannd…we made it to the Flame! This place is seriously magical – if you haven’t been down there, it’s worth the trip.

Ben’s version…

the Flame photo

and Jenn’s version.
another photo