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Our initial meeting with Megan and Ian was both a doggy play date and a wedding photography consultation!  They live in Syracuse, NY, and happened to be visiting Buffalo with their dog, Gerbe, on the weekend of their appointment with us.  Megan wasn’t sure what to do with Gerbe while we were meeting, so, of course, I said, “Oh!  You should just bring him with you!  We have a great fenced in yard, and Lily loves to play with other dogs!!”  So, we had our first ever consultation meeting in our backyard, with two dogs running around, having a great time.  I also made fresh squeezed lemonade for the occasion.  ;)  It’s always nice to meet other people who love animals as much as we do.  Megan and Ian are exactly the kind of people that always hope we get to work with!  We are so excited to be a part of their wedding day!

Meg and Ian wanted to include Gerbe in at least part of their shoot, so we met up with them at their home in Syracuse to grab some shots of the three of them as a family.  I love it when our couples want to include their pets!  Lily is so much a part of our family, that I couldn’t even imagine taking a family photo without her in it.

After we got some great family shots, we followed Megan and Ian over to Clark Reservation, which is a really cool park/nature preserve in Syracuse.  It’s always fun for us to explore a totally new place!
We had a lot of fun playing with light and shadow that day.  There were so many awesome light spots in the woods.  :)
This tree is just incredible!  I love this shot!
At first, I was not interested in making the long trek down these 100 stairs to get to the bottom, because I knew I would have to climb all the way back up; but, I did it, and like always, I’m so very glad I did.
This gorgeous spot was at the bottom of the stairs!  This might be my favorite from the whole day.  My quads were burning on the climb back up, though!!  It was rough!  
After Clark Reservation, we went into downtown Syracuse to see what we could see.  We loved this spot!  It’s gorgeous!  I didn’t even notice the moon in the frame when I shot this.  :)
Then, after a bit of walking, we stumbled upon this tree, and I became a woman obsessed.  It’s not every day that you come across the perfect tree.  It was low enough to the ground for climbing with minimal effort, and massive enough for creating an epic photo!!  We took quite a few shots here…Megan and Ian will probably never look at this tree the same way again!  I love the way these turned out, though, so hopefully, they think it was worth the effort.  ;)

Megan and Ian – thank you so much for showing us some fabulous new places! We had such a great time, and you were both so much fun to work with!! We are so, so psyched to be a part of your wedding day! It’ll be here before we know it! Much love, J + B :)

  • Kathleen SAYS...

    I love Syracuse :) great photos and I love that they have their doggie in the first few shots! Jenn-I know you got a workout, but those shots from above are amazing!

  • Megan & Ian SAYS...

    We couldn’t possibly thank you enough for the downright PERFECT pictures!! I think we have looked at them at least 27 times already haha. You guys are truly amazing and we can’t wait to see what awesome shots you get at the wedding!!!

  • Jill SAYS...

    LOVE the doggy photos! I know it absolutely makes my day when we get a great family portrait with Keane and Noni. Those are priceless! I also absolutely love the fountain shot and downtown Syracuse. Simply beautiful, you guys! :)

  • Angela S. SAYS...

    I’m wildly obsessed with those tree shots. And the one by the fountain. Yet another amazing shoot <3