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Keeping things hoppin’ on the good ‘ol blog with an absolutely STUNNING e-session featuring the fabulous Melissa and Jon!!

Fall is definitely my favorite season, and one of the best parts of living in Buffalo.  I love Fall colors, Fall clothes, Fall sunsets…all things which contribute to amazing Fall photo sessions. So, when you have all of those things, PLUS an incredible couple to work with, you end up with phenomenal images like these.  We’re so happy with this set – it was an awesome shoot – and even though I try to live in the moment as much as possible, looking at these makes me miss Fall and long for Spring all at the same time.  ;)

We met up with Melissa and Jon at Tift Nature Preserve, which is definitely one of Buffalo’s greatest treasures.  It’s a breathtaking spot.

Engaged couple at Tift Nature preserve

Ayres photojournalistic style brings out engaged couple's colors

engagement shoot in Tift Farms woods

Natural, unrehearsed black and white photojournalistic style of Ayres photo

On a park bench at Tift Farm in Buffalo, NY
These sticks are just baby tree protectors, but I love the lines they add to this shot.  I saw them and I was like, “hmmmmm, I have to do something with these since they’re here…”  Love the way it turned out!
Engaged couple at Tift Farm with Ayres Photography
Ok, so after we wandered around Tift for a while, Melissa and Jon did a quick wardrobe change, and we ventured out into the neighborhood that surrounds it.  We happened upon these (very talented) skaters, and we were all pretty excited about the possibilities.  Melissa was like, “Yes, I love skateboarding!!”

I definitely dig these shots.  Fun, fun, fun!!  ;)

Engaged couple in the Old First Ward in Buffalo New York with a skateboarder in the background

Extreme skateboarding engagement shoot in Buffalo, NY

Ayres Photo natural photjournalistic style with engaged couple at a skate park
The next thing I saw were these old abandoned tractor-trailers, and I decided that they would make smokin’ hot images.  I’m pretty sure everyone thought I was nuts at the time, but as you can see, I was clearly right.


In the Old First Ward in Buffalo, NY

Couple poses for engagement phot in the Old First Ward in Buffalo, NY with a semi-truck in the background
LOVE this one.  :)
Ayres photography natural photjournalistic style with couple in Buffalo NY
Yes, I know these next two are similar, but they are both GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS.
Ayres photography with engaged couple on a clear blue sky day in Buffalo, New York

Engaged couple smiling into one another's eyes with a clear blue sky - happiness
Once the sun started to set and give us amazing colors, we hurried back over to Tift to grab some sunset shots at the top of the pretty amazing hill that’s there.  We had to wait a little bit for the sunset to do its thing, so in the meantime, we shot the following AWESOME-NESS.
Engaged couple takes a walk through the grass

Kiss at the engagement shoot with Ayres Photo's natural photojournalistic style

Kissing at the Tift Farm Nature Preserve in Buffalo, NY

Holding hands in Buffalo, New York - photojournalistic photography

Couple - her hand in his at an engagement shoot black and white still photography
Un-posed engaged couple at sunset at the Tift Farm Nature Preserve in Buffalo New York with photojournalists Ben and Jenn Ayres

Engaged couple at sunset at the Tift Farm Nature Preserve in Buffalo New York with photojournalists Ben and Jenn Ayres

Un-posed engaged couple at sunset at the Tift Farm Nature Preserve in Buffalo New York with photojournalists Ben and Jenn Ayres

Engaged couple jumping silhouette with the sunset in the background at Tift Nature Preserve

Melissa and Jon – have I used the word “amazing” enough?? You guys ROCK. SO. HARD. This was a super-fun session, you two killed it, and we can’t WAIT for the wedding!! :)

  • Jennifer SAYS...

    Too many great ones to pick a favorite, but I do love all the black & white ones! Beautiful!

  • Stephanie F SAYS...

    What a beautiful place to take pictures. I LOVE the one where they are in the trees with the sunlight shining through. What a beautiful couple!!

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Melissa – you guys may have felt like you didn’t know what you were doing, but you definitely look like you’ve been workin’ it in front of a camera for your whole lives…LOL!! You both look amazing…and yes, you totally kicked Jon’s butt in the jump shot!! ;)

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, Miquel…it means a lot to us!! There are soooo many shots I LOVE from this set – Tift is GORGEOUS!! :)

  • alissa evans SAYS...

    These are great- I love the last one

  • Melissa SAYS...

    oh, and I also noticed that since we were so “special” and pretty much didn’t know what we were doing that we decided to smooch in almost every picture. and I love it :)

  • Melissa SAYS...

    We = obsessed. You + Ben = AMAZING!! And I totally kicked Jon’s butt in the action jumping shot.

  • miquel SAYS...

    loveeee the Tift shots with them in the trees! amazing! i’m with you jenn, i loveee fall!