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Our favorite part about engagement sessions is getting to shoot in places we’ve never seen before. It’s weird…if you live in Buffalo, I guess you don’t always think about it as being a “big city,” but it must be, because there are so many locations we stumble upon in our travels that make us say, “huh…where did this come from?” I’ve lived here for almost ten years, and Ben for approximately 25 years, which you would think would be enough time to see everything, but it totally isn’t. Even better than stumbling upon things, though, is when one of our fabulous couples is like, “we wanted to take you guys over to _____________ (insert amazingly cool shooting location here). We just know you’ll love it.” How awesome is it that we have clients who know what kind of locations we love to shoot, and take us there? BEST JOB EVER. That was pretty much exactly what happened with Melissa and Matt’s session. We got to use, not one, not two, but THREE amazing locations!!

We met up with Melissa and Matt at the Carousel Museum to get things rolling. We’ve seen the outside of this place a few times before (and have been dying to shoot it), but had never been on the inside, where all the magic is. It’s SO cute inside, and full of historical memorabilia…and, who doesn’t love a good, old fashioned carousel horse? Seriously.

engaged couple sits in front of vintage equipment for their photo session at the Carousel Museum in North Tonawanda

black and white engagement photo of a happy couple in front of the Carousel Museum

engaged couple poses for photo during photo session at the Carousel Museum
This was the “workshop” room in the museum, and I’m guessing that they use this chair area for presentations/Q&A sessions, but we thought it was the perfect spot to stick an adorable couple…how cute are these two?
the inside of the Carousel Museum in North Tonawanda is a great location for engagement photos

bride and groom to be pose for engagement photo in the workshop of the Carousel Museum
Having your engagement photos taken while sitting on vintage carousel horses and kissing = RIDICULOUS CUTENESS!!
engagement photo session on a merry go round

engagement photo session using carousel horses

engagement photo session at the Carousel Museum using creative lighting
Ok, so this was the place that Melissa and Matt wanted to take us, and boy did they EVER know what kind of locations we love.  This perfectly grungy, hasn’t-been-cleaned-in-a-dog’s-age hallway is in the Wurlitzer Building, which is undoubtedly worth checking out.  If you are a photographer of any kind, or even just a person who likes to explore random creepy locations around Buffalo, then you need to get there and check this place out like yesterday.  I’m not sure “creepy” really relays the full message of the vibe this place has going…I don’t know how to explain it exactly, but the following terms come to mind: Twilight Zone, alternate universe, wormhole, paranormal activity.  Sound creep-tastic?  Well, it was.  It was fantastically creepy; and no matter what, it will forever remain close to the top of my “favorite shoot locations” list.  Just look at this place…I simply could not love it anymore than I already do.
a couple poses for an engagement photo in an abandoned hallway of the Wurlitzer Building

the old wurlitzer building in north tonawanda is an amazing location for engagement or wedding photos
Perhaps my favorite of the day?  Well, one of my favorites, anyway…LOVE the red light!
engaged couple looks up at the camera in the old wurlitzer building

Me:  “Ok guys, just climb up that rusty little ladder there, and sit up on that ledge.  Yeah, don’t worry, it’ll hold you.  Oh, and ummmmm, try to look comfortable.”

Melissa and Matt, have we told you how much we love you for being so fearless, and so “down-for-whatever?” Well, we do.

photos of the abandoned factory behind the main wurlitzer building

using natural frames to create interest in engagement photos
FREE YOUR MIND.  love it.
a new way to use graffiti in engagement photos

awesome engagement portrait of a couple holding each other behind a chain link fence
Our third awesome location was the Riviera Theater in North Tonawanda.
engaged couple posing in front of the Riviera Theater in North Tonawanda with their names on the marquee
This is what happens when you inadvertently put your faithful, old DX fisheye lens on your relatively new-ish full frame camera.  Oops!  I kinda like it, though, so I added a vintage-y tint to complete the look.
this is what happens when you use a dx fisheye lens on a full frame sensor cool special effect
Ben told Matt and Melissa to copy the people in the mural above them…he cracks me up regularly.  :)
hilarious engagement photo taken behind the Riviera Theater in North Tonawanda
We quickly shifted gears from “fun and silly” to “seriously in-love” to take this last set of shots, and I am SO glad we did.  I love this!
dramatic and beautiful engagement photos taken in Buffalo NY by the best wedding photographers in Buffalo

Matt and Melissa – what more can we say besides thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for taking us to these AMAZING locations!! You guys (and your sense of adventure) are inspiring! We are truly looking forward to being a part of your wedding day! :)

  • Patti Murphy SAYS...

    love the last picture!

  • Cory Jackson SAYS...

    Great pictures!!! Sweet locations, i like the one where your posing like the cop on the riviera.

  • Melissa SAYS...

    Matt and I can’t thank either of you enough! We had so much fun that day and felt so comfortable too. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the photos. Using these few photos as an indicator of wedding pictures to come… the sky is the limit!

  • Matthew A. SAYS...

    Great stuff!!Can’t wait to see the rest.We had a blast with you guys.The Wurlitzer shots look awesome!!They are so “us”.