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Meet Miquel and Paul, one of our adorable 2011 wedding couples!! They decided on Niagara-On-The-Lake as their shoot location, which was really exciting for us since it is (by far) one of the most quaint little towns within driving distance, and has a TON of great buildings and such to work with. Oh, and a gorgeous lake, of course, hence it’s name. So, we all crossed the border into Canada, and had a blast just walking around town to find different spots to shoot. These two are so laid back, and so much fun to hang out with, that we hardly even noticed we were working (although the 97 degree weather was an unfortunate reminder)!

Before we headed up to Canada, we stopped at a park near Miquel and Paul’s house to grab some pictures of them with “the girls.”  This was my favorite.  :)

engaged couple poses for a photo with their dogs at the Niagara Falls rose garden
So, like I said, Niagara-On-The-Lake has a ton of cool stuff to shoot around.  Like this triangle-shaped bike rack, for example…FUN!!
engagement photo session at Niagara On the Lake
The Prince of Wales Hotel is always a winner.
engagement photo taken in front of the Prince of Whales Hotel in Niagara on the Lake

fun black and white wide angle engagement photo in front of the Prince of Wales Hotel
I love this shot of Ben’s!  It’s totally perfect.  :)
engaged couple leans against a wall to pose for an engagement photo in Niagara on the Lake

a couple laughs together for engagement photos taken in Niagara on the Lake

an engaged couple kissing in a beautiful garden in the Niagara wine region

a couple leans against an ivy covered brick wall for an engagement photo

a beautiful portrait of a bride to be seated in front of her groom to be surrounded by lush greenery
Miquel is an English teacher, so we thought some book shots would be completely appropriate.  These are super cute!!
using books as props for an engagement photo session in front of the Old Niagara Bookstore

a modern yellow and grey wall makes a great backdrop for an engagement photo

bright orange marigolds really make this engagement photo pop
There was a wine shop on the main strip in NOTL that had its front windows stuffed with corks, and we thought it would make a sweet backdrop.  LOVE the way this turned out!!  (Of course, being as gorgeous as Miquel is definitely helps!)
black and white engagement photo with wine corks as a background

this engagement photo features the happy couple framed by a trellis with bright colored flowers in the foreground and background

engagement photo taken on a swing set in Niagara on the Lake

beautiful black and white engagement photo taken at sunset
Toward the end of our shoot, we drove down to the lake in the hope of catching an amazing sunset (and hoping to cool off!!).
engaged couple poses for a photo at sunset
I am IN LOVE with this one.  Are those lashes for real???  Seriously…GORGEOUS.
gorgeous black and white engagement photo with the focus on the bride to be
Taking in the sunset!
a couple sits on a park bench at sunset watching the sun go down over Lake Ontario

beautiful bride to be looks at the camera for an engagement photo while the groom watches the sunset

Miquel and Paul – Thanks so much for spending some time with us up in NOTL!! We had such a great time just hanging out with you guys, and we’re totally looking forward to the wedding! It’ll be here before you know it. :)

  • Patti Murphy SAYS...

    Jenn/Ben…EVERY picture was soooo amazing…..can’t wait till you shoot our wedding! Beautiful couple…beautiful pictures

  • Stephanie SAYS...

    OMG these pictures turned out sooo good. I’m jealous. What a beautiful couple.

  • chris SAYS...

    You guys are the best! Fine work. Reminding me that I haven’t visited Niagara on the Lake in some time; gotta go. Lovely couple, lovely photos.

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Oh, we’re SOOOOO happy you like them! YAY!!! :) You guys are too cute, and we really had fun hanging out with you! Thanks so much!

  • miquel SAYS...

    OMG!!! I’ve never been stricken to tears by looking at pics of us before!! My FAV is the one w/ “the girls”, it’s such a good one of Sadie (& we both know how scared she was!). AMAZINGGGG!!! I’m shocked at how great they turned out, considering it was the Hotest day of the year!!! You guys truly are the best :)