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In Fall of 2008, I asked my dad if he had thought about what to get his girlfriend (they had been dating approximately 4 years at the time) for Christmas. It went something like this (although, if you don’t know my father, this conversation won’t be nearly as amusing as it will be for those who do have the pleasure of knowing him)…

me: “So, uh, do you know what you’re getting Patti for Christmas yet?”
my dad: “Ehhh, I have a few ideas, but I don’t know yet. Why? You got any ideas?”
me: “Dad…(in an are-you-kidding-me-right-now tone, followed by a long-ish pause)…how about a diamond ring??”
my dad: “What kind of diamond ring?”
me: “An ENGAGEMENT ring, Dad (same are-you-kidding-me-right-now tone)…you’ve been together long enough. It’s OK.”
my dad: “So, you’re ok with it then? What about the other kids (my sister and brother)? Are they ok with it?”
me: “Dad, (same overused tone) we’re all ok with it. We all love Patti; she’s part of our family…and she’s a really good person.”
my dad: “She’s a very good person. I wasn’t going to say anything until one of you kids brought it up.”
me: “Well, consider it brought up. It’s time. Have you looked at rings?”
my dad: “A little…why? You know what she wants?”
me: (sigh) “White gold or platinum, a classic setting with a round stone, and nothing smaller than 1 carat…she’s going to be so excited!!”
my dad: “It’s the last thing she’s expecting.”

Fast-forward one year (and a few months), and here we are.  All of the wedding arrangements have been made for their fabulous October wedding.  Naturally, Ben and I will be the photographers at this event, so as we do with all of our wedding couples, an engagement session was scheduled.  My dad (hilariously) decided that he would like their photos to have a sophisticated look and feel to them (again, if you know him, you are probably rolling right now), so we headed over to Route Glen at Hamilton College, which is an amazingly gorgeous little park with well-groomed, wooded trails – the perfect location.  I knew that Patti would look gorgeous (as she always does) and offer us her best effort, but I had no idea what my father (that rascal) would do in front of a camera. I had to growl at him a few times to keep him on task, but overall, he exceeded my expectations, and the resulting photos speak for themselves!  They both look fantastic, happy, relaxed, and in-love…I couldn’t be more thrilled for them. :)

middle aged and engaged

engagement photos at Route Glen

awesome sun flare

happy couple kissing engagement photo
Patti, you are STUNNING!
beautiful bride to be

Hamilton College engagement photos
I made up this scenario in my head (purely for my own enjoyment) while working on this next photo:

“Ring-ring, ring-ring”
“Hello? Ayres Photography…This is Jenn.”
“Yes, hello, this is VOGUE magazine calling. We have a special edition of VOGUE in the works right now, it’s set to be released this summer under the title VOGUE – The High-Fashion Baby Boomer’s Edition. We happened to come across a photo on your website of a charming high-fashion couple, who absolutely embody everything we’re seeking for this issue. We’d like to offer you a ridiculous amount of money to feature it in our special edition.”
“Well, Mrs. Editor of VOGUE, here at Ayres Photography we specialize in photographing Baby Boomer Fashionistas. We and our fab models would be honored to be featured.”

I crack myself up…but seriously, though, how great is this photo?

older couple high fashion pose

close up photo engaged couple

groom kissing brides forehead photo

wedding photos middle aged couple

engagement photo kissing couple

LOVE these…

engagement photo blue flowers

…soooo much!!
fashionable baby boomers

Hamilton College Clinton NY

wide angle engagement photo

hamilton college arches photography
This darling child is my niece, Lana, who came as our assistant, and did an AMAZING job at holding our reflectors for us!  Thank-you, Lannie!  :)
family portrait photography clinton ny

Dad and Patti, all jokes aside – I am so, so happy for you! Looking through these photos only confirms to me that you have both found your true soul mate. Patti, you and your girls are a welcome addition to our family. We love you so much, and are so grateful to you for loving our dad as much as you do. He is a better man because of you, and I hope he knows it. Dad, you’re a rascal; but you’re the best dad in the world, and we love you so much! Looking forward to being a part of your wedding day!

  • Susan Murphy SAYS...

    Wow glad great photo’s I final got here to see them you know I am far from a comp geek so it took sometime I think they should be in a magazine and they should pay you a ton of money great Job

  • Kathi SAYS...

    These photo are absolutely gorgeous! I am so happy that my sister is marrying Tom. Incredible people. Incredible Family.
    the Big Sister.

  • Patti Murphy SAYS...

    ok…you two….I always thought you had amazing talent, but looking at this preview I can tell you that this is the first time in my life that I loved seeing pictures of me. I have always hated having my picture taken and would be critical of every one.
    Getting your father to do this and be so relaxed is one major accomplishment you can be proud of!

    Thank you so much for this beautiful gift. Being happy and starting a wonderful new life is made even better because I get you, Andrea, Bob, and Lana. (and Ben, Pete and Sally!)

    I love you so much!

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Shannon, they will be thrilled to know that you commented on their gorgeous-ness! I will tell them asap! ;)

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Thanks so much, Ruth Ann! I’m so happy for them! :)

  • Ruth Ann SAYS...

    This whole series of photos is so sweet! Congrats to your dad and Patti!

  • shannon SAYS...

    Awwww…they both look soooo amazing!!! An absolutely gorgeous couple :) These photos are beautiful! Cheers to a sensational pair!