rachel + kenny

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Rachel and Kenny are getting married in June at the Niagara Falls Country Club, but they currently live in Pittsburgh and wanted their engagement session to reflect their “Pittsburgh-ian” lives! So, we packed up and headed out to meet them in Pittsburgh! It had been years since Ben had been there, and it was my first time ever. What a cool city! I loved it…we had an absolutely fabulous time, and Rachel and Kenny were awesome tour guides. We got to spend some time with their adorable doggies, Bailey and Armstrong, which was just one of the many highlights of the trip for me. Everyone who knows me knows that I am one of those “crazy animal people,” so my love of photographing animals seems to be a natural extension of my craziness.  These doggies were loving the camera, and they did an awesome job of holding the Save the Date signs for their mom and dad!  Seriously…how cute is this first photo?!  I love dogs…and “dog people,” so overall, this was a really fun shoot for me!

In spite of the fact that they look perfect in every single photo, I swear that Rachel and Kenny are not professional models – they are just amazing people. :)

See what I mean?  Pure perfection.  All I did was grab a handful of leaves and throw it above my head.  What a gorgeous little family!  :)
Thanks for inviting us out to Pittsburgh, guys! We really had a wonderful time! It was great to hang with you guys and to spend some time in a fantastic city. You two are super cute, and we are PSYCHED to be a part of your wedding day in just a few months!! Much love, J + B :)