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A few weeks ago, we met up with Renee and Dan in Geneva, NY for their engagement session. They chose Geneva for their shoot because it’s Renee’s hometown, and also because, well….it’s ridiculously gorgeous in Geneva. Seriously, the whole town is amazing-looking.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever revealed this piece of information, but I grew up in a rural area, and am a country girl at heart. I love Buffalo and all, but there’s nothing quite like going to visit the family farm. Renee’s family farm reminded me of my family farm, and needless to say, I was smitten with it from the moment we pulled in her driveway.

When I saw this old tractor in the driveway, I knew that we HAD to use it in a few shots! I just LOVE it!

Tractor sale pre-game fun for the lucky couple in Geneva Ny, in the spring of 2010.
This one’s a little quirky, but it makes me smile :)
Sun and shade light with a rich blue and green provided by the perfect light during this couples engagement shoot.
The vintage milk crate that Renee is standing on is a genuine antique, given to me by a genuine dairy farmer who has been in the biz of milking cows since he was just a boy.  I was honored that he entrusted me with such a treasure, and I’ve been so looking forward to the right shoot to bring it to – Renee and Dan’s location was absolutely perfect for it!!
Black and white with a Borden Milk Crate Box to make her slightly taller, yes, she's towering over her stud at this e-shoot.

Quiet moment during this engagement shoot in Geneva NY, she's resting peacefully on his shoulder, ahh...
This shot of Ben’s is SO great – “framed in leaf shadows!”
High F-Stop with strobes used to photograph this couple through some apple tree limbs in Geneva NY this spring.

Ayres Photography often uses side by side portraits to capture a couples love. Here we used fill light at 6pm with F 9 + SP 250 ISO 200 to capture these two lovely people in Geneva NY.
Oh, GOSH, how I love red barns!!  My family farm is complete with a red barn, too!  The first one was begging for a texture.  ;)

I really think these next few images are my absolute favorites from the session…

Barn wall favorite in Geneva NY, to be in love with a cowboy hat and her man!

True love out on the farm with a red barn wall and a cowboy hat, strutting her stuff while he watches.

Shadow Photography on a red barn wall on a farm in Geneva NY.

B&W of an intimate moment in the wild flowers near Seneca Lake in Geneva NY.
This next set isn’t too shabby, either…GREAT shots, Ben!!  ;)
Twirling in the wild flowers on a farm near Seneca Lake in Geneva NY.
And, of course, there was no shortage of old farm equipment to hang out around…this next one is another one of my absolute favorites from the session!
Black & White used with old farm equipment just off the I 90 in Geneva NY.

Vivid sky colors contrast nicely with the rusty farm equipment during this e-shoot.

Oh yes, he loves her and her Geneva farm on a lovely day this spring near Seneca Lake.
The family horses…
Horses feeding on grasses as this couple stops for a smooch!
So, we had a gorgeous couple, walking around in a beautiful field with grazing horses, at sunset…SCORE!!!

After we “horsed” around for a while (pun intended), we headed on over to Taughannonock Falls (in the Ithaca area) for a few shots – an amazing waterfall that is even more amazing in person.

Overlook at Taughannock Falls State Park during Ayres Photography engagement shoot just outside of Ithaca NY.

A spectacular waterfall in a well maintained state park, Taughannock Falls is one of many waterfalls in the park, yet it is easily the most popular. Freefalling 215 feet from a hanging valley, this waterfall roars during spring.
The sky was KILLER that night…we were loving every minute of working with these two!
Strobe lights allow Ayres Photography to light the flowers in the foreground as well as our happy couple during our recent e-shoot in Ithaca NY, near Taughannock Falls.

The Beatles line, "Why don't we do it in the road" captures the essence of this image at sunset near Ithaca NY.
This sunset shadow dip during a recent Engagement Photo Shoot in Taughannock Falls State Park expresses both love and affection.

We love this b+w under a bridge in Taughannock Falls State Park at dusk.
This last image is what I would consider “extreme engagement photography.”  To get this set of shots, I had to basically climb up and plaster myself to a sheer rock face, while Ben ran around clamping lights to branches and twigs…it was a definite challenge!!  But, when I look at the end result, it was totally worth it!  Of course, we could never have made such awesome portraits if it weren’t for Renee and Dan.  They were super-patient with us, fun to work with, easy going, and genuinely in-love:  all of the things that remind us of just how much we love our job!

Don’t they look perfect?

Through the leaves in Taughannock Falls State Park this is one of the last images shot during this e shoot in Taughannock Falls State Park with a Nikon D 700 and nikkor 24 - 70 lens.

Renee and Dan – thanks so much for everything! You guys are SO great, and we honestly had so much fun hanging out with you! You two are perfect together, and we’re totally looking forward to your wedding day! :) See you soon!

  • shannon SAYS...

    I love the sunset pictures, especially the silhouette! Amazing job, once again!

  • Miquel SAYS...

    As the shoot goes on, the pics get better!!! what beautiful pics :)

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    We’re SO glad you like them! It was totally our pleasure – you guys are such a fun couple! Can’t wait for the wedding! ;)

  • renee and dan SAYS...

    Aww they are so cute , we couldn’t be happier with how everything came out. We had a great time with both of you, you guys made it a lot of fun! Thanks for doing such a great job
    renee and dan