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My eight year old niece is staying with us this week, and it’s amazing how much my productivity has slooooowed down since her arrival. I am still trying to crank out fabulous blog posts while she’s here so I don’t fall behind, but HOLY CRAP it’s hard to get anything done with kids around!! Note to self – “You’re not ready to be a parent….yet. There’s still too much to do.”

I’ve been looking forward to this post for a while, now. Sandi and Romie are super fun people, which made their whole shoot super fun! We started out in Allentown, and walked around to see what we could see. One of the most noteworthy and photograph-able spots in Allentown, is the “wall of flames” outside of The Pink. It’s definitely Ben’s favorite old “haunt” from his days of being a pool-shark-bar-fly. Trust me…he has many stories to tell about his days of living on Mariner, just in case anyone is ever interested.

Sandi’s neon pink shoes are bomb-tastic…

a couple hangs out in front of The Pink Flamingo in Allentown Buffalo for their engagement photo shoot

engaged couple leaning against a wall in Buffalo's Allentown for their photo shoot

the painted walls of The Pink Flamingo in Buffalo make an excellent backdrop for engagement photos
A few doors down from The Pink, is this awesome wall mural (I think this is the side of Hardware, if I’m not mistaken).  We stopped here for a few fun shots.  :)
a couples poses for engagement pictures in some wooden folding chairs in front of Hardware Cafe in Allentown

using the side wall of Hardware Cafe in Buffalo as a backdrop for engagement photos
This random parking lot/courtyard is the coolest of its kind I’ve ever seen.  By the way, isn’t this an adorable couple?  They are SO ridiculously cute together…
colorful portrait of engaged couple sitting in a random cool parking lot in downtown Buffalo

a soon to be married couple holds hands for a cute pose against a fence
gorgeous close up of a couple during their engagement session

beautiful black and white close up of soon to be married couple in Buffalo

kissing in Days Park in Allentown Buffalo NY for engagement photos

engaged couple sitting on a stoop along Allen Street in Buffalo NY

engagement photo of a couple sitting on the patio of a bar in Allentown sharing a beer and a kiss
This shop on Allen Street was my favorite out of all the locations we stumbled upon during the shoot…it had the most unique collections of perfectly organized random objects that I’ve ever seen under one roof.

Fun with vinyl…

engaged couple checks out the vinyl in front of The Antique Man's store in Buffalo's Allentown

soon to be married couple poses for an engagement photo inside The Antique Man, a store on Allen Street in Buffalo
Possibly my favorite of the day…
the engagement photo session involved reading vintage Playboy magazines
…but this one is definitely in the running for favorite of the day, as well.
this couple used vintage playboy magazines as props for their engagement photos

a very cool reflection shot taken along Allen Street in Buffalo
So, I didn’t yet mention that Sandi and Romie are both champion bartenders, who can flip/toss/juggle liquor bottles.  Think Tom Cruise in Cocktail, only a little less 1980’s, and a lot more awesome-ness.
this bartender couple brought bottles to flip for their engagement photo session
The main attraction of the bottle-flipping sequence was Romie’s flaming bottles.  I’m pretty sure that this wins the prize for the coolest bartending skills EVER.
juggling flaming bottles is by far the most unique engagement photo session activity we've seen

this groom to be juggled flaming bottles for his bride

close up shot of fire juggler in front of Lake Erie

Sandi and Romie – thanks so much for hanging out with us in Allentown for some engagement photo session fun! You guys are such an amazing couple, and we know like we know like we know that your wedding will be beyond spectacular!!!

  • Miquel SAYS...

    i loveeee the last picture! it really shows the beauty of Buffalo’s waterfront & they look amazing in it!! … & the playboy one’s were a riot!! what a great session! awesome pics :)

  • Marie SAYS...

    You definately captured two unique freespirited souls on this shoot! Love you Sandy….Congrats to you and Romie.
    The pictures are fantastic~

  • chris SAYS...

    Excellent! I especially like the bookstore photos and those by the lake; beautiful.

  • Becki Borowski SAYS...

    Unbelievable!!!!!Just beautiful!

  • Stephen Po-Chedley SAYS...

    The star photos are amazing. Is it real? How did you do that? Good Buffalo shots.

  • Annette SAYS...

    Jen & Ben, you guys did it again! You captured Sandi & Romi’s personalities perfectly! The pictures are AMAZING! I especially love the playboy ones! : )

  • Susan Bieger SAYS...

    These are great and they made me cry, so can’t wait to see the rest! Awesome!

  • Sandra Zygaj SAYS...

    Love Working with Jen and Ben…..honestly…AMAZING…………>;)’