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Ok, winter, you are no longer a novelty, and you’re not even remotely charming…I am so over you.

Sarah and Mike’s engagement session may have been our coldest assignment EVER. It had to have been in the single digits; it was no joke. Luckily, we both have cold weather Under Armour, and the amazing ability to block out whatever is going on around us to get the shots we want to get. We met up with our fabulous couple at the Orchard Park Train Station for a “no nonsense, get amazing shots before we all turn into icicles” photo session. We were so worried about making them stand out in the freezing cold, but when they pulled up, and Mike stepped out of the car with NO coat on (and my partially frozen jaw dropped in disbelief/awe), I knew that we were about to have an awesome shoot; and, of course, that’s exactly what happened!

We started out in front of the train station, and grabbed a few shots with this great OP sign…

orchard park photo

winter wedding photography
Then, we strolled around the grounds of the main building, stopping here and there to use the amazing backdrops it had to offer…I was loving the brick/snow combination!
couple and the snow

another angle photo

the doors are great too
These doors were great, too. :)
kiss is even better
STUNNING!!! Seriously, these two were troopers…they make it look so easy!
black and white photography
The beauty of old train stations … GIANT RUSTY TRAIN PARTS!
professional photography

winter wedding photography
There were two old train cars hanging around that were absolutely perfect for our purposes. Bright colors on a cold winter’s day are a welcome sight!
cold winter's day

buffalo wedding photography

buffalo photography

This one makes me happy every time I see it :)
wedding photography

Sarah and Mike, thanks so much for braving the elements to spend some time with us! In spite of the cold weather, we truly enjoyed ourselves. Looking forward to the wedding! :)

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Thanks so much, you guys! It is truly our pleasure to do what we do, and we’re so very happy that you like them! :)

  • Jacklyn Braniff SAYS...

    I have been one of Sarahs best friends for several years now and I couldn’t believe how beautiful she looks and how much emotion eminates from each photograph. You two truly are talented people. Thanks for making my friend so happy.
    PS I can’t wait for the wedding either :D :)

  • Sarah Williams SAYS...

    I love the pictures! They are great! I can’t stop looking at the last one, I almost cried! We look so in love, the photos show our true love! Just what I wanted our photos to show! Emotion’s of Love :) You guys are great! Can’t wait for the wedding!!!