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The week after Christmas was crazy busy for us. Many of our out-of-town couples were home for the holidays, so between engagement sessions, appointments, and even a wedding on New Year’s Eve, we had something going on everyday!

Shauna and Jay are getting married in Buffalo next summer! They live downstate, but were in town for the holidays; so, we got together on a cold, cold day last week to do their engagement session. We met up in the adorable town of East Aurora, and took a walk around to see what we could see…

Sometimes, when you’re walking around a city/town for a photo session, the best locations can be down the alleyways in between buildings – you just never know what you might find. As it turned out, the back alleys of East Aurora were an absolutely ideal location for engagement photography…who knew???

East Aurora engagement

getting engaged

and loving it

Of course, we had to stop in front of the always-adorable East Aurora theater…
East Aurora theater photo

Then, we found another awesome alleyway!! How cool is this mural?? Love it!
cool mural

whispery kiss

A super-sweet crumbly brick wall that was begging for some kind of vintage processing…I layered several textures to create this effect. Ben’s image + Jenn’s processing = one awesome vintage-y looking photo!!!
super-sweet crumbly brick wall

Oddly enough, the Masonic Lodge in E.A. had a charming look about it, so we used their front steps…I’m sure they won’t mind.
the Masonic Lodge in E.A.

I have been stealing the fish-eye lens from Ben’s bag with increasing frequency, just to see what can be done with it. I have always been anti-distortion, but it’s such a fun lens to use!! I grabbed this shot when no one was looking…
fish-eye lens

We ended our session at Knox Farm State Park. It’s a beautiful place to begin with, but I think it’s beauty is even more pronounced in the winter. And, as an added bonus, the sun decided to come out!!
Knox Farm State Park

This building was so cool…I was loving the white on white. And, if you look very closely, you can see a goat in the window…NICE!!
goat in the window

white photo

winter engagement

We got so many great shots in front of these barns. It was very difficult to choose which ones to post!! This last one, though, is my personal favorite, so I thought it would be a good place to end. ?
barn photo

Shauna and Jay, thanks so much for hanging out with us! We had a great time! Looking forward to your wedding (and much warmer weather)!!!