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I’m sure if I look back through my blog archives, I will have said this every year around the same time, but it’s pretty incredible how quickly the weather changes around here. It seems like just yesterday that we met up with Shelley and Jason at Tift Nature Preserve to shoot their awesome e-session! The weather was GORGEOUS that day, and I can very clearly remember the feeling of being hot and sweaty, running around Tift and having a blast shooting two very fabulous people.  Right now, I am looking out my office window at Ben, who is in the backyard with a hat, gloves, boots, and a winter coat on.  At least there’s not three feet of snow on the ground yet, but like I said, how quickly things change!!  We’re working our way through all of our September weddings and e-shoots right now, so it’ll be nice to keep re-living all of those wonderful, warm, sunny Fall days while I’m sitting here at my desk with ice cold hands.  ;)

Shelley and Jason found us through their friends Evan and Jessie, and we are oh so glad they did.  From the minute we met them, we knew they were exactly the kind of couple we love to work with.  They are both super happy, easy going people, who love life and love to laugh and have fun.  It was awesome to spend some time getting to know them a little bit, and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of their wedding day next June!

This tree had a perfect sitting branch, so we stopped here to do a few lit portraits.  I love what lighting can add to a shot!  It can change the whole mood of the image!  It gave this shot a very dramatic feel.  LOVE it!!
This next set is probably my favorite from the whole session.  I love the way Shelley’s pink shirt looks again the green grass, and of course, I love how happy they look together.
After Tift, we headed downtown for some awesome city sunset shots, and we were lucky enough to be there at just the right moment to catch a train going by.  :)
Then, we headed over to the Old First Ward area to grab some shots on this lift bridge.  I climbed up one of the support beams to take this shot through a small hole in the beam…I was definitely scared for a hot minute, but I love the shot, so that’s all that matters.  :)
I also really love this one, even though I’m in it…I should have technically been shooting from the other side of the street, but that’s where I happened to be standing at the moment.  Ah well…it’s still a really fun image!
Our last stop was the Erie Basin Marina for some waterfront sunset shots.  We got super lucky with the gorgeous sky colors!  After the sun dipped completely below the horizon, we added some colors of our own to really make the orange sky pop.  It takes time to set up crazy-cool-colored lit shots, so we reaaaaaaallly appreciate it when we get couples like Shelley and Jay who are so chill and just let us do our thing.  They were up for anything, and their enthusiasm for awesome photography really kicked our creativity up a notch.  We had so much fun!  

Shelley and JayBad – thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time to create these awesome images with us!! We had such a blast with you guys! We’re so super happy that you found us, and we can’t wait for the wedding! We already know that it’s going to be an amazing day. Much love to you both!! – J + B ;)

  • Jill SAYS...

    That third shot in the Erie Basin Marina set is pure perfection! I mean, they all are, but… Just wow :) Amazing as always!!

  • Kathleen SAYS...

    oooh I love those photos on the rocks! Also the ones in the grass where they are both laughing-super cute :)

  • Krissy SAYS...

    <3 just makes me more impatient lol<3 these are amazing esp the darker ones of u guys!!!

  • Shelley Lang SAYS...

    You two are amazing we love working with you and we can’t believe how great all of the pics turned out! Thank you both so much!