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Stacy and Shane wanted a classic downtown Buffalo e-shoot, so we met up with them on Pearl Street on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, and took a stroll around the city to see what we could see!  The first shots we took were these two, right in front of the Guaranty Building.  We love the ornate detail on this building!  It’s absolutely one of a kind, and we’re so lucky to have it in our city.  We shot around the outside for a while, until the building’s security guard came out and started to stare us down.  Well, we’ve seen that look from many a security guard before, so we started packing up and preparing to be booted from the premises.  Shockingly enough, however, he invited us in!!  He actually asked us if we wanted to take some shots inside the building!  Of course we accepted his invitation immediately, and followed him in.  It’s so incredibly beautiful on the inside, as we knew it would be, and we had such a great time shooting in there.  I have no idea how you would go about making arrangements for it, but what an amazing location this would be for wedding photos!!

This is definitely one of my favorites…LOVE it.
After we left the Guaranty Building, we walked around for a while, stopping at various spots we loved, and took advantage of the beautiful sunshine.  :)
Then, we wound up in another one of our absolute favorite locations in the whole city – The Central Terminal.  If you’ve been following our blog for a while, then you definitely know how much we love this place.  We shoot here pretty frequently, but every single time we do, it’s different.  Somehow, we always manage to find something new and amazing!  Stacy and Shane were so awesome to work with.  They were so natural and happy, and up for anything we wanted to do.    (“Would you mind standing right here, guys?  What?  Oh, that weird dirty sleeping bag in the corner?  I’ll just kick that out of the way…no worries!”)  
Another one of my favorites!
This was the first time we’ve actually shot inside the weird, abandoned conductor’s hut (I honestly have no idea what this building used to be….some kind of control room?!  No idea).  We have always wanted to shoot in here, and we’ve certainly talked about it enough times, but this time we actually did it, and it was AWESOME.  I can’t wait to do it again!!

Stacy and Shane – thanks for being so much fun to work with! We had such a great time capturing these memories for you!! We wish you guys all the very best on your wedding day! Can’t wait to see the photos!! Much love, J + B :)

  • Kim Edel SAYS...

    I absolutely LOVE all of the photos. They are so beautiful, like Shane & Stacy.

  • Jennifer @QueenCityBride SAYS...

    Yay for friendly security guards!!

  • Demi Saleh SAYS...

    Love these! So beautiful!

  • Stacy SAYS...

    Absolutely love these photos! I can see why the central terminal is a favorite of yours because those shots turned out great. Jen & Ben, thank you for making our engagement session memorable!