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We are so lucky to have such awesome clients. As super-human as we may seem sometimes, we do get worn out after shooting double-wedding weekends. Running around like a lunatic for 12 hours while carrying at least 15 lbs of crap the entire time, does eventually take its toll. We LOVE our job, but holy crap, it can be exhausting! We met up with these two fabulous people on a Sunday afternoon, after shooting weddings on both Friday and Saturday, and we were feeling all sorts of run down; but, they were so patient with our tired asses, and so awesome to work with, that we eventually perked right up and busted out some amazing creative lighting!! Seriously, I’m so happy with the out-of-the-box lighting we’ve been using lately…it’s a good thing that I have Ben to keep me from getting stuck in a rut. He’s constantly changing things up. :)

Stephanie and Chris are both HUGE fans of the Bills, so we did our best to incorporate some of good ‘ol Ralph Wilson Stadium into their session!

engagement photo session at Ralph Wilson Stadium
This one is SO fun!
engaged couple having fun and goofing around during their photo session in front of the Bills' Stadium
We did a bunch of different shots at the ticket booths…this was Ben’s take on it, and although I did like the shots I took, I LOVED this one of his so much more.
using the ticket booths at Ralph Wilson Stadium as a natural frame during an engagement photo session
Awesome creative lighting…a wickedly cool shot (if you’re a Bills fan).
get your fiance interested in engagement photos by having them done at the Buffalo Bills' Stadium
Then, we headed over to one of my favorite little parks.  I honestly have no idea what it’s called, but it has this awesome blue bridge, so I just refer to it as “the park with the cool blue bridge…”
a couple shares a loving moment on a cool looking bridge over Green Lake in Orchard Park
What a perfect looking couple…SERIOUSLY!
gorgeous black and white close up of a couple during their engagement photo session
There’s actually a bunch of awesome bridges in this park, which is why I heart it so much.
a couple poses for an engagement photo on one of the bridges in Orchard Park
A different perspective on “the cool blue bridge” – totally in love with this shot!
wide angle shot of the blue bridge over green lake in orchard park ny
AWESOME supernatural looking light blob…
supernatural looking photo effect used during an engagement session
This one made me so happy!  Stephanie, you’re going to be a gorgeous bride!  :)
black and white close up of beautiful bride to be

using creative off camera lighting outside during an engagement session
More fun with creative lighting…
using colored gels to produce different creative effects with off camera lighting

using colored gels make an otherwise boring photo much more interesting
Couldn’t resist using this fence…there’s just something so fab about a gritty chain link fence.
soon to be married bride and groom pose for a photo by a back lit chain link fence

a chain link fence makes a awesome prop during an engagement photo session

Stephanie and Chris – thank-you both SO much for being such awesome people to work with! You guys rock, and we can’t wait for the wedding! :)

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Awww, Kim!!! We’re so glad you like them!! Thanks so much for the comment! :)

  • Kim W SAYS...

    I love these!! They look so adorable! Love the bridge pictures and the close-up in black and white!

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Miquel, your comments make my whole day! Thanks so much for taking the time! ;)

  • Miquel SAYS...

    I love the Bills pics! What a great idea. Me & Paul are big Bills fans too. My fav is the red light, looks amazing… the blue bridge park is beautiful. amazing shots! what a gorgeous couple :)

  • Stephanie SAYS...

    I love them!! Can’t wait to see more :) Thanks again guys.